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DMV: Skins Won’t Help the Fantasy Team

DMV is a daily roundup of District-Maryland-Virginia (mostly) sporting links.

Honestly baseball season, get bent. I’m reaching my breaking point with this shit. I need football. We are currently trapped in the taint of Redskins coverage — the rank area between OTAs and training camp, where the best thing we can hope for is Chris Cooley setting an animal ablaze.

In the meantime, here’s a link breaking down the Redskins roster from a fantasy prospective, which is more interesting at this point than anything the Nats or O’s did last night. If you’re in a keeper league with nothing but white males from Loudoun County, expect Colt Brennan to go early. [Roto Arcade]

(Image from the Redskins shop, my daily stop for unintentional comedy.)

Hogs Haven takes the Cooley sandwich — ham, peanut butter and mustard — to the streets for some D.C. taste-testing. [Hogs Haven]

In his first post for WaPo’s The League, Josh Zerkle, better known as PUNTE, goes after ESPN’s decision to ignore the civil case against Roethlisberger. [The League]

The Fridge has managed to save his job at Maryland by winning just enough games to cover up the team’s lack of production. That will probably change this season. [Dr. Saturday]

One day after Lannan throws a shutout, Craig Stammen gives up one run over 7 1/3. THE FUTURE IS NOW! Stammen, btw, has been awesome in four starts this month: 2.15 ERA, 0.99 WHIP, .222 BAA. [Washington Post]

Meanwhile, Jordan Zimmermann has been placed on the DL. [Nats Journal]

Baseballs are beginning to fight back against the Mets. [The Sports Hernia]

Attending a Nats game more favorable than going indoors in Cali to watch a bad basketball team or visiting Long Island. Yay, us. [DCist]

Orioles apparently unaware that it is no longer the All-Star Break, continue to be awful. [Baltimore Sun]

But hey, they found a new Spring Training home! [Baltimore Sun]

Today: St. Louis-Nats (7:05); Spencer Hall at SEC Media Days: @edsbs

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