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DMV: Sellers Actually Wore Zorn’s Pads

zorn-pads.jpgI thought FOX’s Tim Ryan was joking about this during the broadcast, but Mike Sellers really was wearing Jim Zorn’s old thigh pads in yesterday’s game. [Redskins Blog]

Greg Blache’s emotional Saturday-night speech inspired the D. [WaPo]

Ovi, Green and Backstrom kick some pregame field goals. [Redskins Blog]

The Caps were there covering the game for Cooley’s blog. [D.C. Sports Bog]

Insane: The game story is about pulling JC. [WaPo]

Double-plus insane: An entire column about pulling Campbell. [Mike Wise]

Triple-plus insane: Zorn should’ve pulled Campbell at halftime. [TWT]

A rational blog post about Campbell’s performance and future. [Stet Sports]

Jumping off of a Mike Wise column to compare Leonsis and Snyder. [DCLS]

Nats win seventh straight, this one in 15 innings, to end the season. [TWT]

The Nats dismiss Elijah Dukes’ team-employed babysitter. [All Nats]

Highlight reel of Ryan Zimmerman’s top 2009 defensive plays. [NQ]

A round of applause for Chico Harlan making it through the season. [WaPo]

O’s win fourth straight to finish with less than 100 losses. [Camden Chat]

O’s pay tribute to Melvin Mora during his last game in Baltimore. [The Sun]

O’s set new attendance low for the second straight season. [The Sun]

Scroll down for Nick Young’s D.C. crackhead joke. [Wiz Insider]

Da’Rell Scott out at least five games with a broken wrist. [The Sun]

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  1. Terps77

    October 5, 2009 at 9:55 AM

    “Campbell manages wins despite multipule self inflicted gunshots to foot.”

    Its insane that leaving in a QB with three turn overs in a half was probably the right thing to do. I dont think its unfair or crazy to scrutinize a QB with three turnovers in one half of football. What else was the story of that game?

    Theres no way Campbell is left in the game if Tampa scores off of another one of those turnovers though. Campbell should be taking the entire defense to dinner.

    Im very much a “play the team in front of you” kind of guy, but against an NFC East team or the better teams in the NFL think of how ugly yesterday could have been.

    Again, I ask, does anyone feel good about his play?

  2. Jamie Mottram

    October 5, 2009 at 11:18 AM

    If the line can’t pass protect and the receivers can’t get open and the running backs can’t run, why is Campbell the fall guy, especially when he’s young and improving and putting up good numbers?

    Also, what would putting Collins in have accomplished? Even if he outperformed Campbell, he’s just a short-term fix.

  3. puttsfromtherough

    October 5, 2009 at 11:44 AM

    Campbell had a bad half. A terrible half. But if Zorn had benched him it would have been a panic move. This team isn’t very good. The OL is suspect at best, the WRs aren’t getting open and Zorn’s play calling doesn’t seem to be very aggressive.

  4. trumpyoc

    October 5, 2009 at 12:07 PM

    While Jason did have a tough first half, his timing has been destroyed by terrible line play, again. Stephon Heyer gets blown up the moment he gets out his stance, immediately collapsing the right side of the pocket. The second pick was on a throw to Malcolm Kelly – and the guy ran a terrible route. From a straight route-running perspective, Kelly had his worst game by far.
    I am not a constant apologist for Jason, and people like myself often sound like a broken record, but it is near impossible to put up Peyton Manning numbers with a deficient offensive line and one serviceable wide receiver and a shell of an running game game – love Portis, but his speed in hitting the line has diminished considerably in a year.
    People in this town (I live in Bethesda) are always quick to go after the quarterback, but it ignores the larger picture. 2008 was one of the deepest O-line drafts in recent memory, yet it did not stop the redskins brain-trust from drafting 3 receivers, of which kelly is the only one to have a shot.
    I will still be there every Sunday (Section 240), and Jason’s comeback in the 3rd quarter actually gives me hope in his abilities, and does not seem to be evidence of a regression

  5. Terps77

    October 5, 2009 at 12:20 PM

    I think Campbell is the fall guy mainly because his play does not inspire confidence. It would be one thing if he wasnt fumbling, was putting the ball on the numbers and checking out of absurd play calling from Zorn. Plus touching the ball on every play makes you an easy target.

    As for the numbers, I dont think anyone is satisfied with 5TDs and 5INTs. Not all of those picks are because of line break downs or dropped balls. He’s currently ranked at the number 10 QB according to, which isnt bad at all, especially considering how inept this offense is.

    And what difference would it make if Collins had come in? Unless he suddenly catches fire, I cant see Campbell being anything other than a short-term fix too.

    I dont think theres enough talent around him to help him take the next step.

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