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DMV: Rick Reilly Is Pro-‘Redskins’

Rick Reilly wrote about Redskins name change. (He’s against it.) [ESPN]

And then Reilly’s column got absolutely eviscerated. [KSK, Dave Zirin]

Peter Berg said Theismann said the Hogs used to smoke at halftime. [Bog]

The Skins’ 0-2 start isn’t that bad. 0-3 is, though. [Staying Medium]

Jordan Reed got more snaps than Fred Davis in Week 2. [Real Redskins]

Brandon Meriweather fined $42k for his hit on Eddie Lacy. [The Insider]

O’s win in 12 on Crush Davis two-out single. One back. [Camden Chat]

Nats lose to Braves. Cincy wins in 13. 5.5 back. 10 to play. [Nats Insider]

Kilgore subtly takes Olbmermann behind the woodshed. [Nats Journal]

Strasburg scratched again due to lingering forearm issues. [Nats Insider]

The Caps played in Baltimore and someone threw a crab on the ice. [Bog]

Diggs has the best odds of any WR to win the Heisman. [Testudo Times]

Terps to wear new red Maryland Pride uniforms Saturday. [Terps Insider]

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  1. Jim Ed

    September 19, 2013 at 11:31 AM

    Between Wise’s hatchet job on Chief Zee the other day that left me feeling like I needed a hot shower to scrub away the sickness in my soul and this new paean to stupidity from Reilly, I’m convinced its a race to the bottom between both pro and anti Redskins camps.

    I liked this debate much better when it was easily ignored pretentious finger wagging from Benjamin Freed or ham-fisted PR vignettes from Larry Michael.

    Now everyone feels the need to forgo their intelligence and launch into poorly thought out diatribes. Its exhausting to read, and its clearly not going to stop anytime soon.

  2. Dan but not Dan Snyder

    September 19, 2013 at 11:54 AM

    Wow. Whatever your take on the underlying issue, that Reilly column may be one of the most poorly written and poorly reasoned things I have read in a long time. I can’t believe this guy has a national perch at ESPN.

    I always read the Tuesday column on Grantland making fun of poor sportswriting, but no matter how hard you try to be intentionally bad, you can’t touch this clown.

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