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DMV: Nick Young Enjoys Listening to Coldplay, Maroon 5

Quiet down class! The Brothers Mottram have called in sick this morning [ed. note: week], so we, the DC Landing Strip, will be your sub today. We’re new here but we’re not naive; so don’t think you’re getting away with that name-switching shit during roll call.


To start us off this morning, a shameless plug nice light read, as the DC Landing Strip lucks into a Nick Young interview. Continuing a recent trend: local women not doing it for the local athletes. [DC Landing Strip]

The Supreme Court might decide if “Redskins” name is unconstitutional or something. Chief Zee’s get-up is likely still safe. [NBC Washington]

Welcome strategy: no more 30-yard cushions for opposing receivers. [Redskins Insider]

Unwelcome strategy: Zorn does not like too much of the shotgun formation, despite Campbell’s comfort and success with it. I say shotgun 90% of the time, minimum. [RI]

Big Mike Sellers gets paid commensurate with his 89 rating in Madden ’10. Say what you want about Snyder; he takes care of his players. [RI]

Giants fans have a celebration song commensurate with 89 IQ average. Kidding. Maybe. [Stet Sports Blog]

Caps (read: Ovechkin) dominate 6th Annual SneakerBall Awards as hobnobbing “power-broker” types go school-girl bonkers for Ovi. [D.C. Sports Bog]

Bruce Boudreau: never had coffee and won’t touch cheese. Guess he won’t be partying with Steinberg any time soon. [NBC Washington]

Don’t sleep on Calder Cup Champion and AHL Playoff MVP Michal Neuvirth (age 21) in the Caps’ goalie battle. [Washington Post]

The Washington Nationals: unwittingly supporting Palestinian extremism since 2005! [WaPo via Deadspin]

NCAA President Myles Brand has passed away. [CNNSI]

Matt Wieters walk-off home run! The first of thousands. [Camden Chat]

Nats lose, but Ian Desmond keeps hitting. [MASN]

Promising young catcher Jesus Flores’ season is done. [All Nats]

Hold on to your hats, it’s WNBA Playoff time! The Mystics are looking to make a run at the Attendance Championship for the first time since a few years ago, I think. Or was that the Freedom? Didn’t they fold? And then come back to life? The whole thing is upsetting. Go Mystics! [Washington Post]

Finally, Agent Zero breaks his media boycott … [Washington Times]

… and will “never be 100 percent”… [Outlet]

… and philosophizes: “What makes me a point guard or not?” [Outlet]

To help synthesize Agent Zero Speak, please, refer to Agent Steinz for the Cliff’s Notes. And you thought we’d make you read all the homework. [D.C. Sports Bog]

Today: Rays-O’s (7:05), Nats-Phillies (7:05)

Former Managing Editor at UPROXX; former Senior Editor at @SBNation; former ska-zine editor, fan of bad sports teams and good beer.

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