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DMV: New Details Emerge About Maryland’s New Football Field

Kevin Plank: Byrd Stadium will be cool “figuratively and literally.” [Sun]

Nats win fourth straight, this time at Toronto behind Edwin Jackson. [WaPo]

Nats keep on winning despite a rough stretch in the schedule. [Nats Journal]

F.P. Santangelo made nice grab in the booth on Sunday. [Nats Enquirer]

Gio Gonzalez seeks “sexy single lady” to go to Nats Gala with. [SBNDC]

Kerrigan on RGIII: He’ll “make guys look stupid.” [Homer McFanboy]

Totally gonna make this RGIII paper cube toy for my kids. [Burgundy Blog]

Peyton Manning’s living at Mike Shanahan’s ridiculous Denver home. [SC]

Reed Doughty throws first pitch for P-Nats in error jersey. [Capital Games]

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