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DMV: John Thompson III Is Pitching Soap

JT3 and his pops show up in some new Dove commercials. [Casual Hoya]

Catching up with George Mason’s Final Four team today. [The Dagger]

More info on Maryland’s new football uniforms emerges. [The Sun]

This is why you don’t read WaPo’s blog “by and for fans.” [Box Seats]

The guy who Snyder ran out of Six Flags is sticking it to Snyder. [City Desk]

Advocating for Mike Neuvirth to be the Caps No. 1 goalie … [Caps Insider]

… even if Braden Holtby is the NHL’s first star of the week. [Caps Insider]

More from DJ Pauly D’s trip to the Caps-Blackhawks game. [Bog]

A look at Bryce Harper’s lonely arrival at Minors Camp. [Nats Inquisition]

Jayson Werth isn’t “feeling so sexy up there” at the dish. [Nats Journal]

This is the most Boz spring training column of all time. [Thomas Boswell]

This is the most JaVale McGee video clip of all time. [Truth About It]

The Wiz got hammered at home yet again, this time by OKC. [WaPo]

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  1. Terps77

    March 16, 2011 at 8:52 AM

    The fire Gary sentiment is hysterical. That guy puts his players in positions to win ball games. Im not sure how closely anyone watched Terps basketball this season, but Gary had his guys ready to play, and even had them in position to make a layup, knock down an open jumper or make one or two defensive stands. How many open lay ups did Adrian Bowie blow this season? How many wide open mid range jump shots did Mosley fail to knock down? Where was Cliff Tucker?

    Ultimately Williams bears the responsibility for wins and losses with this program but if youre going to bitch about something, dont bitch about how recruiting is bad, bitch about him still failing to recognize he needs to teach better fundamentals to his guys. How many games were thrown away at the foul line? Or with forcing passes to players who werent ready or capable to catching the pass?

    Also, the call that really got Duke to snowball things against Maryland was the Singler “steal” where he reached in and rolled/traveled/kicked the ball down 1/4 of the court. Last time I checked rolling with the ball is a travel, kicking the ball is a turnover and having three different sets of hands on the ball isnt possession. Just fing typical.

  2. Terps77

    March 16, 2011 at 8:53 AM

    Correction, Gary had those guys ready to play most of the time. Id be interested in someone writing a story about the atmosphere between the freshman and seniors on this team.

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