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DMV: Jack Kent Cooke Book Reveals The Squire Was Eccentrically Cheap

Someone got around to reading that new Jack Kent Cooke book, and it sounds like it’s not good. It does, however, include some amusing anecdotes about his cheapness, like when he regifted a worn tie. [Reliable Source]

Grossman’ll play w/ the 1st team tonight. John Beck’ll play if able. [WaPo]

For fantasy purposes, the Redskins are the NFL’s worst team. [Roto Arcade]

Jordan Zimmermann’s strong outing gets spoiled at Wrigley. [WaPo]

Zimmermann is a competitor, esp. when playing Ultimate. [Nats Journal]

O’s lose as Chris Tillman gets pounded, sent back to AAA. [The Sun]

The O’s are hitting a lot of HR for such a bad team. [Steve Melewski]

J.J. Hardy is hitting HR at a pretty incredible rate. [Steve Melewski]

More video of John Wall summer league action, this time in NC. [Bog, BF]

VT’s Allan Chaney won’t play due to heart condition. [The Dagger]

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