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DMV: Chris Davis, Not On Steroids

With incredible season bringing out PED-theories, Davis shuts it down. [OU]

Jason Hammel can’t finish strong in Chicago, O’s win streak snapped. [CC]

Brian Roberts appreciates Camden Yards support despite injuries. [CSNB]

Strasburg throws a gem, makes Brew Crew lose helmets, still loses. [NE]

Not pointing blame at team, Stras sick of talking about run support. [NE]

Drew Storen got smacked around in a 4-run eighth, not pretty. [WP]

Mike Ribeiro’s wife #pissedbeyondbelief at Caps for letting hubby go. [FTW]

Donte Stallworth explains his past hate gave fuel to LGBT support. [Bog]

Kevin Durant is unequivocally one of the good guys. [Bog]

John Wall and Dwight Howard travel to China, hilarity ensues. [CSNW]

We all knew MJ was up to no good at times, but Kennedy?!?!? [Deadspin]

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. A Fine Messi

    July 3, 2013 at 6:42 PM

    not to pile on but my girlfriend was obsessed with Ribeiro’s personal life this past season. Like, Kim Kardashian obsessed. Can’t find the reddits or links now but apparantly, Ribeiro has banged half the women in DC.

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