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DMV: Carlos Rogers Would Like One Of Those ‘Snyder Sucks’ T-Shirts, Please


In context, this quote isn’t bad, but it goes so well with this photo of Mr. Rogers with our “Snyder Sucks” t-shirt that I couldn’t resist: “[The Redskins’ problems] start with the ownership.” Indeed. [Redskins Insider]

Sources: Gruden tops Snyder’s wish list. Whatever. [The Examiner]

Zorn admits he only knew “most” of the fair-catch rule. [D.C. Sports Bog]

Sam Huff continues to mock Haynesworth’s fat ass. [D.C. Sports Bog]

Samuels is out, so Heyer moves to LT, Williams RT and Rinehart RG. [WaPo]

The Skins are favored by 6.5 on Sunday. Does not compute. [Hogs Haven]

Skins are facing their sixth consecutive winless team. [Joe Posnanski]

Phillip Daniels has a torn biceps, will continue to play. [Redskins Blog]

Jim Bowden says the Nats manager search includes Riggleman, Mattingly, Valentine, Duncan and Yost. [Federal Baseball]

Nats TV audience is MLB’s biggest gainer, also it’s smallest. [Sports Bog]

Nats scouting director leaves for a better job with Toronto. [Nats Journal]

Caps lose fourth straight, this time to the Devils. [WaPo]

Ten notes from the Caps shootout loss to New Jersey. [Japers’ Rink]

The best take on the Wiz and hypnotism you’ll ever see. [Wizznutzz]

Words and pics from the Dodos’ Rock and Roll Hotel show. [DCist]

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  1. Walking Deadman

    October 13, 2009 at 6:57 PM

    I am now a proud owner of the Fire Vinny shirt and will be proudly wearing said shirt at the game on Sunday in protest.

    Thanks again Mottram Bros.

  2. Terps77

    October 13, 2009 at 11:35 PM

    Is it time to trade Mike Green yet?

  3. Julz

    October 14, 2009 at 9:56 AM

    As if Zorn wasn’t getting beat up already now he’s getting fantasy bitch slapped by Mike Singletary.

  4. dustinmfox

    October 14, 2009 at 10:33 AM

    Give us the winners and losers already! And you better not put Hall in the medium category either. Even though he did a decent job returning that gimmie INT, his vagtastic tackle on Delhomme will go down as a microcosm of the entire Snyder era.

    I know you guys were probably too loaded to remember it (lucky for you), but I dare you to watch that play again.

    Watch the 4:15 mark and then the celebration. It took me back to Delhomme’s wink against the Skins years ago.

    I hate this team.

  5. ben

    October 14, 2009 at 10:42 AM

    For the six years prior to Snyder owning the team, the Redskins averaged 6 wins. Under him, they’ve averaged a game and a half better at 7.6. In those prior six years, their average Offensive ranking was 16, their average Defensive ranking 20 (both points, not yards — I personally think yards deceive). In ten years under Snyder, their average Offensive ranking was 21, their average Defensive rating 15.

    In other words, all that’s happened is that the units have flipped. One side got better, the other side worse. The six years prior to Snyder’s arrival had a better offense than we remember — at least an average offense — and the past ten years they’ve had a defense ranked in the top ten half of the years he’s owned the team (six times if you measure it by yards).

    This year, the Redskins have an Offense ranked 27th in points scored, 15th in yards. They have a Defense ranked 9th in points allowed, 15th in yards.

    In other words, this is an average team. Above average defense, terrible offense. This is all the more frustrating when you consider that the defense is primarily composed of free agents, while a majority of the offense was drafted by the team (read: Mr. Vinny Cerrato).

    Under Snyder, they are in desperate need of someone who can build, run, and sustain an offense. That means adopting a mentality, drafting players who fit that mentality, and going from there.

    Which brings us to the question: What was Gruden’s average offensive output in Tampa Bay over seven years, where he had plenty of time to build, run, and sustain an offensive scheme?

    The answer: 21st in points scored.

    In his entire career, Gruden only has one period — three years with the Raiders and Rich Gannon — where he has offenses in the top ten. And he had plenty of help on the other side of the ball: only one of those seven years in Tampa did he have a defense ranked outside the top ten in either points or yards. Only twice in seven years there did he win more than 9 games.

    Gruden is famously weird about quarterbacks. There’s no question Campbell is gone if he comes here. He’s almost Spurrier-like, goes with the hot hand, and has zero loyalty. I personally think he’s been chasing another Gannon — a little used veteran with a weak arm but a fantastic brain for systems and a quick release — and that’s one reason for his tendency. But Jeff Garcia is gonna be 40.

    I frankly think if he comes here next season, you’re immediately going to see a push to land an aging West Coast Offense QB on the market, or do a mega trade for a younger talent, perhaps a disgruntled QB somewhere. Gruden will want a toy to play with. He’s also spoken loudly in favor of Tim Tebow.

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