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DMV: Caps Come Back To Take Points On Hostile Island

We interrupt Skins Free Agency to celebrate Caps’ comeback win. [RMNB]

Video of sick game-winning shootout goal from Matt Hendricks. [SBNDC]

Since the Caps won, we can laugh at this awful Orlov penalty shot. [KK]

Back to Skins: Eddie Royal news, and Brandon Meriweather to visit. [HH]

Skins go bargain hunting, even if Capgate forced their hand. [NYTimes]

More positive reviews of Skins WR moves and RG3 trade. [SI]

Garcon was guilty of butterfingers early in career, but no more. [CSNW]

Sally Jenx says NFL laying the hammer to Skins was no accident. [WaPo]

Wiz still exist, lose to Dallas. [Wash. Times]

Wiz also face trade deadline, w/ bonus pic of JaVale & Wall. [WizInsider]

Hoyas mascot suffers knee injury before NCAAs, could need surgery. [Bog]

A bracket How To Guide from DMV’s College Hoops Ace. [Wash. Times]

Boz on the collision of smart decisions and good luck in Nats town. [WaPo]

Rumors and speculation surround John Lannan and Ian Desmond. [FB]

Beast Mode Mike Morse still recovering from muscle strain. [Nats Insider]

D.C. Metro boss makes more $$ than NYC Subway boss. [WaPo]



  1. ThisGuy

    March 14, 2012 at 12:53 PM

    Goddamn that win was awesome. AND Backstrom is skating again and feeling fine.

    Goddamn these Caps for making me hopeful again.

  2. Me

    March 14, 2012 at 2:24 PM

    More links about public transportation JP!!!

  3. Mike Bradley

    March 15, 2012 at 12:44 AM

    then there is this little tid bit:

    But the most-asked question about the Redskins is where they stand with free-agent linebacker London Fletcher, who was called a “top priority” in December by Mike Shanahan but remains unsigned. It’s possible that this is where the salary cap sanctions hurt the Redskins. Having lost $18 million in cap room this year (and $18 million next year) for violating the other owners’ sense of spending propriety during the uncapped 2010 season, the Redskins might find a Fletcher signing trickier than, say, a Pierre Garcon signing. Garcon is 25, and they can spread out his contract and the resulting cap hit over five years. Fletcher is 36, and any deal with him is much more likely to be front-loaded. That doesn’t mean they can’t bring him back, but it could make it a little more difficult


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