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DMV: Bryce Harper Thrown Out By Trolling Ump In Nats Win

VIDEO: “Hirschbeck was just dying to throw Harper out there.” [NE]

Hirschbeck might have made right call, but is still a raging DB. [FB]

Nats win two in a row, sit just 2 games back of Atlanta in NL East. [CSNW]

Caps head to MSG for Game 3, but scary history up 2-0 in a series. [WP]

“Casual Mike” Green plays it cool, wins games, drives Lamborghini. [RMNB]

Verizon Center crowd messes with the ever-hateable John Tortorella. [Bog]

Orioles win 7 of 11 out west, Manny Machado emerging as star. [CSNB]

Nats, O’s say nice things in public, but strained relationship in reality. [BS]

Skins could have two interchangeable guys playing at safety. [RR]

Dutch video game changes name at hint of racism, parallels to Skins. [KT]

RGIII takes in Kentucky Derby w the 1%, watches boxing at BW3. [Bog]

Got a few minutes? Read Hunter S. Thompson on the Derby. [Grantland]

Melee in OTT-MTL playoff game, reminiscent of Anchorman brawl. [FTW]

Bully for oysters and Chesapeake Bay; also “poop” used as verb. [WP]



  1. Shameless

    May 6, 2013 at 1:23 PM

    Hell yeah the eastern shore getting some love

  2. Wcked Pixels

    May 6, 2013 at 3:02 PM

    As a Pirate fan I can say with 100% conviction, “The ump was being a dick.”

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