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DMV: 7 Things That Happened While We Were Having A Baby

As some of you noticed, I’ve been busy not posting anything lately. That’s because my wife had our third child two weeks ago. As it turns out, having a newborn and two children under six isn’t conducive to hobby blogging about D.C. sports!

Alas, here’s most of the big and/or interesting stuff that happened while we brought more Mottram into the world …


1. John Wall won the dunk contest. I was thrilled when he double-pump reversed over G-Wiz, who I never thought would figure prominently in All-Star Weekend. The dunk itself wasn’t that great. Live and in context, though, it was easily the dunk of the night, converted on the first try and shutting down the contest. The Wizards actually won something!

2. The Skins gave D-Hall a four-year deal. Four years is a lot of an old corner, and I’ve been known to dislike DeAngelo Hall quite a bit, but if John Keim thinks it’s a fair deal then it’s probably a fair deal. It’s not that much guaranteed money anyway. Burgundy Blog delves further.

3. Peter Angelos is spending some of that MASN money. Fifty million over four years for Ubaldo Jimenez, and $8 million over one for Nelson Cruz. The former is in line with the going rate for starting pitching, and the latter is pretty much no-risk. Both are nice to see, considering the O’s hadn’t spent a dime despite being on the cusp of playoff contention.

4. Maryland is going out with a whimper. The Terps’ last trip to Durham, as an ACC school at least, provided a great game and ultimate disappointment. Still not sure how Charlie Mitchell’s would-be game-winner didn’t drop.

5. The Wiz traded Jan Vesely for Andre Miller. Goodbye, 23-year-old lottery pick. Hello, 37-year-old journeyman. Mixed feelings here. On one hand, it cements bust status for yet another Wiz draft pick. On the other, they’re making moves to solidify the rotation for a playoff run. I’ll take it, and we’ll always have Jan’s greatest hits.

6. Fred Davis is not doing great. Get right, Sleepy.

7. Sochi was not kind to the Capitals. You’ve got to feel for Alex Ovechkin, and Nick Backstrom too. But not Brooks Laich; he’s fine.

What’d I miss?

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  1. Matt

    February 24, 2014 at 8:48 AM

    Congrats Jamie, also just joined the 3 under 6 club roughly a week ago…. My non existent blog will remain non existent as time no longer exists ha

  2. Jdobs2

    February 24, 2014 at 9:29 AM

    Congrats on the new Mottram… Considering you just did 3 weeks of DMV in one post, you picked the perfect time… NOTHING going on.

  3. TJL

    February 24, 2014 at 10:31 AM

    Congrats, feeling for you and Matt. The 3rd is so much more than 50% more than you had before. Once they outnumber the parents and you can no longer play man-on-man it gets rough

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