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Dez Wells

This Season’s Maryland Basketball Team Just Got A Whole Lot Better

Hey, big-time dunker and reigning A-10 Freshman of the Year Dez Wells is eligible to play for Maryland after all. That’s pretty nifty news, and it vaults the Terps into the realm of top-25 teams. They’ll need to play like one, too, if they want to hang with Kentucky in Brooklyn on Friday night.

Click through for more, enjoy the highlight reel above, and check out what Maryland sports correspondent Andy Peden had to say:

Huge news! I’ve told myself he wouldn’t be eligible this year so I hadn’t really thought about his impact. This is a game-changer for this year. Having watched this guy last year a lot, I think he puts MD into the top 25 and a likely NCAA team as opposed to a bubble team.

When you throw him on the court with Faust, you have two dynamic wing players. It takes the pressure off the freshman to score and lets Turge mix and match a lot. I’m pretty excited about a lineup of Allen, Dez, Faust, Layman and Len. Thats not going to be the starting lineup and might not get too much run, but it’s dynamic.

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  1. JDP

    November 7, 2012 at 2:39 PM

    Meanwhile Ken Pomeroy weighed in with an opinion on Reddit. Thinks that this obviously improves the team but still not in top-25 range. I’d have to agree with him. The starting lineup will still probably have Howard over Allen at first, though Allen is quicker and probably a better passer than Peshon.

    Still, the athleticism that Dez has will have an immediate and game altering effect.

  2. JDP

    November 7, 2012 at 2:43 PM

    Also I think the most intriguing lineup becomes Allen, Faust, Wells, Mitchell, Len. Mitchell giving the size and rebounding ability that Layman doesn’t have. Layman would be in for 3’s and deeper shots but Wells can give you those also.

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