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The D.C. Sports Media Draft, Picks 1-12

If you work in sports media, or are just a keen-eyed observer, then you saw the news of The Athletic’s expansion into new markets as well as its $5.8 million fund raise. If not, here’s the gist.

The Athletic began last year in Chicago with a subscription-based site offering quality coverage of Chicago’s pro teams. The model has since been applied to Toronto, Cleveland and Detroit, and it’s expanding into San Fran and Philly. It’s also taking a national approach to college football and basketball.

How long before it comes to our beloved D.C.? And would it work in D.C.?

That’s what we dug into on Twitter earlier this week and really got into with Dan Steinberg on our podcast yesterday. The pod takes the form of two parts (see below), with the first dedicated to Dan and I discussing this hypothetical subscription-based D.C. site. The second part is when we get to drafting our prospective staffs for said site.

The draft goes six rounds, with Dan picking first, and each squad has a salary cap within the general vicinity of $500,000. Here’s where we net out:

Team Steinz
1. Mike Jones (Skins)
2. Thomas Boswell (general)
3. Grant Paulsen (general)
4. Chelsea Janes (Nats)
5. Peter Hassett (Caps)
6. Andrew Sharp (Wiz/Terps/Hoyas)

Team Mottram
1. Barry Svrluga (general)
2. Ian Oland (Caps)
3. Master Tesfatsion (Skins)
4. Adam Kilgore (Nats/general)
5. @recordsandradio (social)
6. Mike Prada (Wiz)

Who ya got? Who’d we miss? Would you subscribe to this type of site?

Let us know in the comments, or since no one comments on blogs anymore, on Twitter and Facebook.

And listen in to hear our reasoning, along with me mispronouncing the names of 50 percent of Dan’s staff.

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D.C. sports fan and digital media guy that's been doing this since 2004. Once threw a football further than Chris Cooley.

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1 Comment

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