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Countdown to Epic Fail Pt. 2: T-Minus 2

As we did with the Nationals’ 100-loss season, we’re counting down to the momentous occasion when the Wizards become historically bad.


The Wiz lost to Orlando 112-103 on Friday, but that’s not what’s concerning. What’s concerning is that Washington is now 0-14 in the Southeast, two wins away from being the very first NBA team to go winless in its own division. Even more concerning still is this insight from Ivan Carter:

The vision that always comes to my mind when I think about [Darius] Songaila is walking into [the Wiz] locker room before a game and seeing him sitting at his stall calmly watching a tape of that night’s opponent while reading over a scouting report. Meantime, some of the team’s young guys are usually bouncing off the walls goofing off. (It’s Romper Room folks, pure and simple.)

I’ve always maintained that if [Andray] Blatche and JaVale McGee really wanted to learn how to play the game, they’d study Songaila. Another thing that I respect about Songaila is that losing still hurts the guy. I can’t say that about many of the players on this team. In fact, if you walk in that room after most games, you wouldn’t know whether they won or lost.

Ouch. That’s the kind of burning-down-the-house statement a beat reporter makes on his way out the door, which is exactly where Carter is headed. He’s slated to become the new host of “Washington Post Live”, displacing the show’s former host, Russ Thaler.

This seems like the right move for Carter, given that he’s a natural on TV. Plus, covering a dreadful Wizards team is no way to live. I’d be surprised if he doesn’t jump to the Worldwide Leader in two years or less.

And, while we’re here, a word for Thaler, who was always good to us on “Blog Show” (which aired on Comcast SportsNet as part of “WPL” for 16 months from March 2007-June ’08).  We may have called him “Rusty” and joked about him being “highly professional”, but it was in good fun and came from a place of love. I wish him all the best. Ivan too.

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