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Redskins-Panthers Winners and Losers

calvin-redksins.jpgNote: I turned this off at 41-0.

Loser: Me — For missing the first half-hour due to FOX’s MLB game going too long. Great service FOX did here in North Carolina, which is Panthers and Redskins territory. Back home, Comcast SportsNet had problems of their own, and I don’t mean Patrick & Theismann.

Winner: You — If you share anything positive from that first half-hour. Lord knows no good ensued thereafter.

Loser: Jason Taylor — Started 130 straight games as a Dolphin, sprains his knee and gets carted off before starting one as a Redskin. (Update: Taylor is out 10 to 14 days, and may not miss a start after all.)

Loser: The trenches — At the half the Skins had 46 yards on 14 carries while the Panthers had 185 on 15. U-G-L-Y.

Winner: Derrick Frost — 65-yard punt? Game on! (Not really.)

Loser: Chris Samuels — Julius Peppers pancaked him on the way to blindsiding Campbell and recovering the fumble. Peppers is a stud, but All-Pro left tackles shouldn’t let that happen.

Winner: Kareem Moore — Picked one off and broke up a pass intended for Steve Smith in the endzone on 3rd-and-goal, though he did take bad angles on Jonathan Stewart and DeAngelo Williams’ long TD runs. Looking forward to getting LaRon back.

Loser: Matteral Richardson — Got absolutely burned by Smith on the WR screen that turned into a long TD.

Skins-Jets Favrepalooza Winners, Losers

favre-madden-wedding.jpgLoser: Brett Favre — When he wakes up in the morning, he’s still a Jet.

Winner: Rock Cartwright — Broke off a 73-yard run.

Loser: NFL Network — Played a Joe Namath interview about Favre over said 73-yard run.

Winner: The starters — No one hurt, and Ladell Betts will be OK.

Loser: Devin Thomas — Was on the field a lot, but I didn’t see one ball thrown his way.

Winner: Durant Brooks — Boomed a 59-yarder in his second preseason game. Incumbent Derrick Frost has topped that twice in three full seasons.

Loser: Daniel Snyder — Was hanging out with Tom Cruise. Again.

Winner: Marcus Mason — Is averaging 5.4 yards/rush on 43 carries through three games. If there were a preseason All-Pro team, he’d be on it.

Loser: The sport of football — This game was flat-out ugly.

Winner: Brennan-to-Goode — Game-winning TD in the 59th minute!

Loser: The Skins’ third-team defense — For doing their best to turn that game-winning TD into just a TD.

Bigger loser: The Jets — For going for a game-tying FG on 4th-and-goal rather than a game-winning TD of their own. In the preseason.

Biggest loser: Mike Nugent — For banging said FG off the goalpost.

Winner: My girl — She watched with me, feigning indifference all the while.

Redskins-Bills Winners and Losers

hogs-head.jpgLoser: Anyone in a Redskins foamhead

Winners: The Starters — No injuries, except for maybe Randle El: “right forearm injury, taken … for X-rays.”

Losers: Mike Patrick and Joe Theismann — At one point Patrick asked Theismann if Derek Devine could beat Colt Brennan for the third QB spot. Theismann said no, so Patrick asked if Brennan could unseat Todd Collins for No. 2. Again Theismann said no, and proceeded to bludgeon Patrick, using his Super Bowl rings as brass knuckles.

Winner: Jim ZornFirst game at FedEx, and he walks with a victory.

Winner: Jason Campbell — Seems increasingly comfortable as The Guy.

Loser: Todd Collins — Still not comfy in Zorn’s offense; threw a bad pick.

Loser: Colt Brennan — Got an ovation upon taking the field, and Comcast SportsNet reporter Kelli Johnson asked both Jason Campbell and Shawn Springs for their thoughts on the rookie in back-to-back interviews. Never has a 6th-round third-stringer been so overhyped.

Winner: Ladell Betts — Forty on the ground and 40 through the air in just one quarter of play. It looked like the second half of ’06 out there.

Winner: Shaun Suisham — Nailed a 46-yarder with room to spare.

Losers: Every single Redskin — Because they’re all about to be asked what it’s like to play Brett Favre this week.

Update: Forgot to include Marcus Mason, winner and Derrick Frost, loser, so thanks to Redskins Insider and Player Hater’s Ball for the reminders.

HOF Game Winners and More Winners

zorn-debut.jpgWinner: Jim Zorn — The offense looked nice. Real nice. It looked liked Peyton Manning actually showed up, switched teams and played four quarters to the tune of 19-for-22, 216 yards, 3 TD and 0 INT.

And, sure, even Steve Spurrier won his first preseason game in Japan six years ago, but at least he had some head coaching experience. This was Zorn’s first game in charge on any level, and he played the part — donning the Motorola headset, covering his mouth with the white sheet … the whole nine. Hell, I’m impressed he just remembered to wear his big-boy pants.

Winner: The starters — No injuries. They didn’t play much, but Jon Jansen did go down for the season in the first series of the ’04 HOF game.

Winner: The Dirtbags — The passing game was sharp and the two-headed run game of Rock Cartwright and Marcus Mason gained five yards a clip. Developing depth in this group would be nice, and seeing third-round tackle/guard Chad Rinehart pave the way is a good thing, especially with fellow backups Stephon Heyer and Todd Wade tweaking their shit.

Winner: Marcus Mason
— Spent last season on the practice squad and gained 109 total yards and scored a TD on national television last night.

Winner: Durant Brooks — If you spend a draft pick on a punter, you expect him to start. Brooks lived up to expectations, averaging 46 yards per and pinning two inside the 20.

Winner: Colt Brennan — If you spend a draft pick on a quarterback, you expect him to make the roster. That didn’t happen last year with Carson Palmer’s brother, but Brennan was awesome (9-10, 123 yards, 2 TD) and a quantum leap away from his miserable Sugar Bowl experience.

Winner: Quinn Gray — Not a Redskin, but looked impressive in his first game as a Colt, as he did in four starts last year as a Jaguar. I’m not sure why Jax let him go, but Jim Sorgi may not be Manning’s caddy for long.

Winner: Chris Horton — The seventh-round, long-haired safety from UCLA recovered an onside kick and recorded two sacks.

Loser: Shaun Suisham — Missed a 39-yarder, makes me hate kickers.

Loser: Me — Actually watched a full preseason game and blogged about it.

(Photo taken with love from the Washington Post’s game gallery.)