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Redskins-Cowboys Winners & Losers

Handing out labels following Skins games, this time a 34-23 win at Dallas.

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Kirk Cousins — Threw three TDs in the first quarter to cap off a dream season, breaking Jay Schroeder’s 29-year-old single-season passing record in the process.

Colt McCoy — Relieved Cousins for his first action in 2015, showed that he’s still a quality backup.

Alfred Morris — First 100-yard game since Week 1.

Jamison Crowder — Five catches for 107 yards and a TD. Finishes with 59 catches in his rookie season, breaking Art Monk’s 35-year-old mark. Not bad for a fourth-rounder.

Will Blackmon — Created two turnovers on the goal line today, one of which was a brilliant strip.

Chris Baker — Picked up a sack and flopped on a loose ball to cap off a bit of a breakout season.

Rashad Ross — Was wide open for a 71-yard TD from McCoy, the first receiving TD of his NFL career.

Pierre Garcon — Tied a career high with his sixth TD catch of the year. Also made an unbelievable one-handed catch, but was out of bounds.

Jordan Reed — Four catches on four targets, making that 31 catches on 33 targets over the past four games, I believe.

Will Compton — First career INT. Fast becoming a fan fave.

Preston Smith — Finishes with five sacks in the final three games. Leads all rookies with eight on the season.

Ryan Kerrigan — After starting the season with 3.5 sacks in the first nine games, he finished with six in the final seven.

Ryan Grant — Nice to see him produce (three catches, one TD) in DeSean Jackson’s absence.

Tress Way — Four punts, 50 yards per, three inside the 20.

Jay Gruden — It was a good problem to have but a tough spot to be in. Rest the starters? Play them for a bit and then pull them out? Go for regular-season records? Go for the win? Whatever. The starters looked great, thus maintaining momentum (for what it’s worth), and the backups got in a good run too, plus they buried Dallas in Dallas. Delicate, and delicious.


Kysheon Jarrett — Was tough to see him come off the field with tears in his eyes after suffering what we hope was a minor injury. He’d be a big loss in the Wild Card game.

Dashaun Phillips — Carted off the field as Cowboys fans did the wave.

(Ed. note: We’re not calling these guys “losers.” We’re just saying the game didn’t go well for them. That’s all.)


Packers, Seahawks or Vikings — Who we got?! (Update: It’s Green Bay, next Sunday at 4:30.)

(Top image taken with love from @Redskins.)

Redskins-Eagles Winners & Losers

Handing out labels following Skins games, this time a 38-24 division-clinching win at Philly.

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Kirk Cousins — Second straight 300-yard game with four TDs and zero INTs. And it was all on him, too. He threw it 46 times, and they only had 57 yards rushing. The only time his rating has dipped below 100 in the past nine games was vs. New England and Carolina. That’s no empty stat, either; the Skins were 6-3 during that stretch.

Jordan Reed — Not sure I’ve seen another Redskins receiver, let alone a tight end, in the zone that Reed is now. His last three games: 26 catches on 28 targets for 333 yards and five TDs. FEED REED.

Preston Smith — Three-sack game for the rook, who lost his cousin to cancer earlier in the day. Now has seven sacks on the year and looks like a solid second-round pick for our one true GM.

Scot McCloughan — Give this man the Executive of the Year Award right now, if that is in fact an actual award.

Jay Gruden — Coach of the Year? Probably not, but to turn this team around from 7-25 in 2013-14 to 8-7 and an NFC East championship this year is a near-miracle.

Dashon Goldson — Made 10 tackles on a cracked rib. Was in for all 81 defensive plays too.

Will Compton — Nine tackles and his first career sack.

DeAngelo Hall — I don’t think the scoop-six was such a difficult play, but I don’t doubt his nose for the ball either. That was his 10th career defensive TD.

Ricky Jean Francois — Picked up a sack in Star Wars cleats. Also tweeted the nerd-boss McCloughan image you see up top.

Pierre Thomas — From the waiver wire to seven catches on eight targets, including a first down on 3rd-and-14, in two weeks flat.

The diehardsFans showed up in the middle of the night to welcome the team back to D.C. Ashburn. Not my cup of tea, but I respect it.

Tress Way — Averaged 50 yards on seven punts.

DeSean Jackson — That must’ve felt so good.


The kneeldown — Did not like that.

Alfred Morris — Should they even play a back that runs the ball?

Will Blackmon — He was getting targeted/used out there.

Dustin Hopkins — Missed XP and his kickoffs seem to be coming up short too. Not sure if that’s by design.


The offensive line — There’s no run game, but there is time to pass. It’s enough to win the division, but is it enough to beat Seattle?

NFC East champs got me like.

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Redskins-Bills Winners & Losers

Handing out labels following Skins games, this time a 35-25 win over Buffalo to move to 7-7 and stay in first place.


Kirk Cousins — Another perfect game for the Sundance Kid. Was serenaded after putting five total TDs on the board, and probably $5 million-plus on his free-agent deal.

DeSean Jackson — Six catches on eight targets for 153 yards, including a 77-yard score. DeSean is now tied for second in NFL history with 20 career touchdowns of 60 yards or more (Jerry Rice holds the record with 23). Doubt there will be any “keep him or cut him?” D.C. sports talk radio segments this week, as there were just two weeks ago.

Jordan Reed — Blew a block to lose eight on a first-and-goal rush, but c’mon, seven catches on seven targets for 84 yards and two TDs. His next score will be his 10th of the season, and he missed two games.

Pierre Garcon — It was nice to see him get a score. I guess there was enough to go around.

The Hogs — Just one sack allowed and very few penalties (the entire team was only penalized for five yards today).

Preston Smith, Jason Hatcher, Ryan Kerrigan, Ricky Jean-Francois and Will Blackmon — All these dudes sacked Tyrod Taylor. Bonus: Kerrigan’s was a strip-sack on third down inside Buffalo’s 10.

Terrance Knighton — His big ass was largely to thank for that first-half goal line stand, which ended with Buffalo going for it out of the shotgun on fourth-down from the one-foot line, attempting a fade that ended up out of bounds.

Jay Gruden — Two consecutive wins! First time this season.

The Carolina Panthers — Thank you for beating the Giants. Keep pounding, at least until you meet Washington in the NFC Championship of our dreams.


Replay review — The play shown above was not overturned, giving Jack Nicklaus’ grandson Nick O’Leary a 37-yard gain on his first NFL catch.

Jamison Crowder — Muffed a PR in Buffalo territory, up 21 in the first half. This is the first bad thing I’ve ever said about him, other than that he went to Duke.

The Buffalo Bills — Haven’t made the playoffs since 1999, and they’re not making it this year either.


Bashaud Breeland — Hopefully Sammy Watkins getting behind him for a 48-yard TD is fuel for fire.

Alfred Morris — Was great seeing him break off a 48-yarder near the end of the first, but I have no idea why he stayed in bounds, hurting the Skins chances of putting more points on the board. I’m just nitpicking now.

Redskins-Bears Winners & Losers

Handing out labels following Skins games, this time a 24-21 win at Chicago that I watched about half of.

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 1.14.39 PM


Kirk Cousins — The Skins won on the road, and Cousins posted a decent game away from home too! The 104 rating and 300 yards are nice, but he threw two of the worst passes you’re ever going to see, one of which was picked and one of which was a miracle. He still comes away smelling like a rose.

Jordan Reed — Nine catches on nine targets for 120 yards and what should’ve been two touchdowns. Didn’t commit a penalty either, which is progress. Has officially put together one of the best TE seasons in franchise history.

Matt Jones — Eighty-six total yards, and he could be excused for that weird fumble.

Ryan Kerrigan — Picked up another sack, his fourth in four games.

Terrance Knighton — Got his first sack of the season. Just seemed to be tearing shit up.

Trent Murphy — Second straight week with a sack. Forced a fumble this time, too.

Jay Gruden — Six wins. They could lose out, which would suck, and this season would still qualify as a success. Win two of the last three, though, and we’re talking about a smash hit.


Alfred Morris — Twenty-four yards on 11 carries. Is now averaging a pitiful 3.4 yards/carry this season. Did score his first TD, though.

The offense after turnovers — HOLY SHIT IT’S FREE MONEY JUST PICK IT UP

The Redskins social media dept.Oops.


Pierre Thomas — Nice to see a midweek pickup contribute right away, even if it was just one catch. My favorite part about the acquisition? He had 4.9 yards/carry and an 82% catch rate with New Orleans last year. My second favorite part? The Redskins offense now has two guys named Pierre.

Redskins-Giants Winners & Losers

Handing out labels following Skins games, this time a 20-14 win over NY.

Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 8.30.17 AM


Kirk Cousins — On the first drive, Cousins floated an out to the left sideline. Watching live, it appeared the Giants CB cut on the ball and caught it going the other way for a pick-six. In that moment, things had gone to pot real quick, just like the last Giants game. Fortunately, he dropped the ball. Cousins went on to complete 69% of his passes for 302 yards and a 114 QB rating. Wish he’d play like this on the road. (His rating at home is a Brady-esque 111; on the road it’s a Foles-esque 71.)

Quinton DunbarThe undrafted WR-turned-CB made a big INT in the end zone, then shrugged off a finger injury in which the bone was sticking out. NO BIG DEAL.

Alfred Morris — Nothing spectacular, but he was well-fed (23 carries). It’s good when he’s well-fed.

Matt Jones — No fumbles! Also took a screen pass 45 yards.

The O-line — Did you see the blocking on that 45-yard screen? Also gave up no sacks and got the run game going a little bit.

Bashaud Breeland — Odell Beckham Jr. got his, but Breeland went toe-to-toe with the NFL’s best.

The whole dang secondary — Not sure how this patchwork bunch did it, but they picked Eli Manning three times, holding him scoreless through three.

Ryan Kerrigan — Looked great and picked up two sacks. Now on pace for 9.5, exactly in line with his 2011-14 average.

DeSean JacksonScored a 63-yard TD, after backpedaling across the goal line, as one does.

ODBSuch a bad man.

Jay Gruden — It’s December, and the Redskins are in first place. Holy shit.



Jordan Reed — Three penalties in the first quarter. Also eight catches on nine targets for 98 yards. Now has a career high in yards (541) and is catching 73% of balls thrown his way.

Special teams — Allowed a blocked FG. It’s been awhile since they gave us much to complain about.

Redskins-Saints Winners & Losers

Handing out labels following Skins games, this time a 47-14 (!) win over New Orleans.



Kirk CousinsThe perfect game.

Jay Gruden — That first half was incredible. Washington had eight plays of 20 yards or more, matching their total from the first eight games of the season. The second half wasn’t bad either. Biggest win of Gruden’s 25-game career? Maybe, and it maintains the Redskins’ relevance in the mediocre NFC East for at least two more weeks.

Joe Barry — The defense has been terrible for weeks. The Saints scored easy touchdowns on their first two drives. Then they got shutout the rest of the way while Washington put 33 straight points on the board. Unbelievable.

Jamison Crowder — Scored the first touchdown of a long and very good career that I’ve already imagined for him.

Matt Jones — Fourteen touches for 187 yards, one touchdown and plenty of reminders that Matt Jones is a beast in space.

Jordan Reed — Two TDs today, six TDs in seven games this year.

DeSean Jackson — Only two catches on five targets, but one of them was for 42 yards on the opening drive. Set things up nicely.

Alfred Morris — First good game in two months (118 total yards).

Chris Thompson — Got in on the action with 77 yards on just three touches. New Orleans’ defense is real shitty.

Perry Riley Jr. — You know it’s a good day when 56 makes a play in coverage.

Chris Baker — Brought more “YOU LIKE THAT” into our lives.


Dashon Goldson — Failed to wrap up Mark Ingram, who proceeded to run down the sideline for 70 yards.

Rashad Ross — Fielded the opening kickoff (from Kai Forbath!) at the 5, then ran around back and forth for like 10 seconds before getting tackled at the 8, but their was holding on the play, so the Redskins started at the 4. Impressive!

The Eagles, the Cowboys and the Giants — All three lost today by a grand total of six points. The Skins are tied with Philly, a half-game back from New York. Dallas is basically out of it.


Sean PaytonDidn’t know what down it was when Drew Brees waved the punt unit off of the field and went for it on 4th-and-4, but whatever.

Redskins-Patriots Winners & Losers

Handing out labels following Skins games, this time a 27-10 loss at New England.

Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 9.40.58 PM


Will BlackmonHe played well, so there’s that.

Bill Belichick — An onside kick, up 7-0 in the first quarter as a 14-point favorite? What a spectacular asshole. (And it worked.)

The Panthers — No one would blame a couple of lifelong Skins fans who moved to North Carolina years ago and started supporting the now 8-0 Panthers, who beat Green Bay at home today. We’re talking about me and my brother here.


Jay Gruden — Early in the first half, down 7-0 I think, the Redskins went for it on 4th-and-11 from the New England 37. Then, at the end of the first half, down 17-0, they kicked a FG on 4th-and-goal from the 6. Now, I understand that each call is borderline, but context matters. I don’t see the logic in going for it in the first circumstance but not the second.

Most of the defense — I was going to go “medium” on them for creating some turnovers and holding New England to 27 points, which is well below their average, but let’s be honest: The Patriots could’ve gotten whatever they wanted on offense.

Pierre Garcon — Washington’s first play from scrimmage was an on-target throw that bounced off of Garcon’s shoulderpads, high into the air and then the waiting arms of a Patriots defender. It was a terrible drop, and the moment at which this game was pretty much over.

Actually, all of the receivers — So many drops. The broadcast counted seven, two from Garcon and one each from Jordan Reed, Derek Carrier (also terrible), Jamison Crowder, Matt Jones and Chris Thompson.

And DeSean Jackson, tooKeep it down, DeSean.

Matt Jones — The early second half fumble was a killer.

Morgan Moses — WTF was this?

Alfred Morris — Four carries for 10 yards. Woof.


Keenan Robinson — Only the second man to intercept Tom Brady this season. Managed to get tackled by a diving Brady on the return.

Kirk Cousins — If all of the drops were completions, he would’ve been 29-40 with maybe 300 yards and no picks. Meaning, at least he wasn’t Bad Kirk today.

Redskins-Buccaneers Winners & Losers

Handing out labels following Skins games, this time a 31-30 win over Tampa Bay.



Kirk Cousins — The Redskins didn’t get a first down for most of the first half, and he turned a front-side sack into a fumble-six to go down 24-0. The next two-plus quarters were a showcase of the best Cousins could be, leading a DeSean Jackson-less offense to four touchdowns and a field goal, with the game-winning score coming in the final minute to cap off an 80-yard drive and the biggest comeback in franchise history.

This is the third time in four weeks Cousins has led a late drive to either win or tie a game, and it was the first where he put up huge numbers in the process (33-40, 317 yards, four total TD). He was a winner today, is what I’m saying.

Jordan Reed — Eleven catches on 13 targets for 72 yards and two scores. A total game-changer for the Redskins. Now averaging nine catches per game.

Jay Gruden — It wouldn’t have been much of a surprise to see the Redskins win three games this entire season, but here they are heading into the Week 8 bye, on pace for 7-9. I think we’d all be thrilled with that. Bonus points for calling for that dope-ass onside kick, down 24-14 in the third.

Dustin Hopkins — More touchbacks, another made FG, and a perfect onside kick to help turn the tide. I’m developing strong feelings for this man.

The wideouts — Neither Pierre Garcon, Ryan Grant, Andre Roberts and Jamison Crowder had a standout game, but the four combined for 16 catches on 20 targets, 206 yards and a score. Uncommon production from that crew.



The run D — Made Doug Martin look very 2012 Muscle Hamster-ish. Charles Sims too.

The pass D — I guess we should give these guys a break, given half of them are broken, but Jameis Winston had a better passer rating than Cousins.

Alfred Morris — Five yards on six carries. Woof.

Ryan Kerrigan — Broke his fuckin’ hand.



Matt Jones — Fifty-one yards on 12 total touches. Nice to see him back on the field, in the mix.

Redskins-Jets Winners & Losers

Handing out labels following Skins games, this time a 34-20 loss in New York.

Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 8.36.04 AM


Bashaud Breeland — Two fumble recoveries and one awesome interception in the first half alone. Chris says he’s getting a Breeland jersey. He should just modify his Portis; it’s best not to commit.

Dustin Hopkins — I love this man and his touchbacks and 50-plus-yard field goals.


Kirk Cousins — Quarterbacks of mediocre teams with decent defenses and nominally run-focused offenses aren’t asked to do very much. Just “manage the game,” really, meaning don’t turn it over. But Cousins has four multi-interception games already this season, all Redskins losses. Today’s performance was so poor it won’t be much of a surprise if Jay Gruden, acting president of the Kirk Cousins Fan Club, turns to Colt McCoy next week.


Pierre Garcon — Only 25 yards, but at least he shook Revis Island to its very core.

Redskins-Falcons Winners & Losers

Handing out labels following Skins games, this time a 25-19 loss at Atlanta.

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 8.41.15 AM


The defense — To be without two of their top three corners and still hold Atlanta, which was averaging 34 points per game, to just 19 is damn good, especially after they were so damn bad the past couple of years. Joe Barry may be some sort of wizard.

Jamison Crowder — He was their top receiver on the day (eight catches on eight targets for 87 yards), and that first-down pickup on the third-and-10 screen was so nice. Now has 21 catches on 26 targets over the past three games.

Chris Baker — I love that this dude is emerging this season as a real factor. Two forced fumbles on the game.

Bashaud Breeland — A big INT and return, continues to be a secondary boss.

Trenton Robinson — It’s always startling when a Redskins player makes a nice catch on an interception. We’re also glad he was okay after that missed-FG celebration mishap.

Ryan Kerrigan — Two sacks, pushing his season total to 3.5.

Dustin Hopkins — Touchbacks galore, and now a 52-yarder to tie it at the end of regulation? Yessssss.

Derek Carrier — Congratulations to him on his first career TD.

Tress Way — Four punts averaging a net of 46.8 per, with two of them inside the 20.


Kirk Cousins — The game-tying drive in regulation was nice, but he was inaccurate throughout, and that pick-six at the end was a killer, even if Ryan Grant fell down on the route. Season to date, statistically speaking, he hasn’t shown improvement over his work of the past three seasons.

The run game — Making Cousins’ ineffectiveness worse is that Atlanta focused on stopping the run, and stop the run they did, holding both Alfred Morris and Matt Jones to less than two yards per carry.

Pierre Garcon — Just three catches on eight targets, with a few borderline drops strewn in.


The offensive line — Couldn’t run, but did keep Cousins off his ass.

(Pic of Kyle Shanahan and RGIII taken with love from @ScottSmithFOX5.)