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Wilson Ramos Hurt His Hand, Which Doesn’t Hurt That Bad


Nats starting catcher and Opening Day cleanup hitter Wilson Ramos reportedly fractured his left hand today on a foul tip, which is a very Wilson Ramos thing to do. (He’s only played more than 78 games in a season just once.)

We don’t know how serious it is or how long he’ll be out, but here’s a quick crack at what it could mean:

*In 231 career games with the Nats, Ramos’ Baseball Reference WAR is 4.9. It’s 5.3 on Fangraphs.

*Assuming Ramos misses two months or about 40 games, that’s a dropoff of about 0.9 WAR, so long as we also assume his replacement plays at replacement level.

*The replacement is Jose Lobaton, who posted a 1.5/1.4 WAR last season in 100 games with Tampa.

Meaning, while it stinks to lose Ramos at all, this shouldn’t hurt the Nats too bad. Maybe a game or less in the standings. And oh yeah, they won in 10 today.

Also, I know very little about WAR specifically and fancy stats in general. We may be doomed.

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Wil Ramos Kidnapping Updates

Our coverage of the Wilson Ramos kidnapping started last night, but we want to freshen it up with a new post. As of right now, 10 a.m. ET, there’s still no word from the kidnappers, but their vehicle has been found one hour from where he was taken. We’ll update this post with more as we have it.

Update: The kidnapping seems to be getting short shrift from ESPN.

Update 2: The kidnappers have still not made contact with the family.

Update 3: MLB Department of Investigation is working with officials in Venezuela.

Update 4: Ramos is still alive, according to Venezuelan police.

Update 5: Nats release a statement on the kidnapping.

Wil Ramos Reportedly Kidnapped

Nationals catcher and top NL rookie Wilson Ramos was reportedly kidnapped in his native Venezuela today. The 24-year-old was spending the offseason there and planned to play ball with Tigres de Aragua.

This sort of kidnapping is a plague in Venezuela, and it’s often motivated by money, of course. In 2011 Ramos earned MLB’s minimum salary, $414,000.

Here’s to him getting released soon. More as we have it.

Update: Nats Insider Mark Zuckerman tweeted additional details:

Acc to El Nacional, 4 gunmen approached Ramos near his home and took him away. Family contacted police, has not heard from kidnappers yet.

Update No. 2: Not really an update so much as background info. The Examiner wrote about Ramos’ offseason plans a month ago. He had this to say about Venezuelan winter ball:

“The fans in the stands, there are a lot of good ones. A lot of them understand that it’s a sport. But during the game when they drink and they get drunk they forget everything — they boo you if you’re not hitting, or make errors. Everybody wants to kill you.”

Update No. 3: Fellow Nats Jesus Flores and Henry Rodriguez are also in Venezuela right now.

Update No. 4: Adam Kilgore has added details, including that the men took Ramos from inside his family’s house before driving off in a green car.

Update No. 5: Still no word out of Venezuela from Ramos’ kidnappers as of 8 a.m. ET Thursday. Here’s Kilgore’s story for the dead-tree edition though.

Update No. 6: I didn’t realize that “Ramos is believed to be the first active major-league player kidnapped.”

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DMV: Nats Win on Batshit-Crazy Suicide

Ryan Zimmerman and Danny Espinosa homered, but the Nats game-winning play came on the strangest suicide squeeze you’ll see. Two pitches after missing the sign and taking a full cut as Mike Morse was barreling down the third-base line, Wil Ramos laid down a perfect bunt to push the go-ahead run across in the bottom of the seventh. Sometimes, according to Davey Johnson, “You’ve got to open up the Cracker Jack box.” [WaPo, Goessling]

Update: Big League Stew has a nice post on the squeeze play, w/ video.

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