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The Wizards Are Over .500 And Twitter Is Fun Again

Actually, come to think of it, I’m not even sure I was using Twitter all that much the last time the Wiz were over .500, which was all the way back in 2009. But, with a win over Portland, they’re over .500 now! A couple fun tweets that make the accomplishment that much richer:

Both tweets via FTW. And one more, for good measure:

The 27 Best Tweets About The Last Time JMU Went Dancing

I was 18 months shy of enrolling at James Madison University in March 1994, which was the last time the Dukes made the NCAA Tournament, so you know this hashtag, perpetuated by JMU Sports Blog, is relevant to my interests.



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DMV: It’s Carriker vs. Strahan!

Adam Carriker made a funny and deleted it when Strahan got weird. [Bog]

London Fletcher won Defensive Player of the Month. At 37. [The Insider]

This was the Skins’ first 5-0 December ever. How ’bout that. [Redskins Blog]

On Kyle Shanahan and Jim Haslett becoming head coaches. [The Insider]

Vincent Gray has made a friendly wager with the mayor of Seattle. [Bog]

This woman spent 141-plus hours on this digital portrait of RGIII. [Bog]

Just a bunch of renditions of “HTTR” by kids and dogs and stuff. [Bog]

Hey look, John Wall is practicing for real now. Super. [Bullets Forever]

Here’s a long thing about Jan Vesely I haven’t read yet. [Bullets Forever]

The Nats are scouting veteran starter Javier Vazquez. [Nats Journal]

On how and why Anthony Rendon is not Bryce Harper. [Nats Baseball]

Saber-minded pitching projections for Nats pitchers. [Nats Insider]

DMV: Evan Longoria’s Message To You, Rude O’s Fans

Evan Longoria tweets an obnoxious, excessive message for O’s fans. [BSR]

O’s take two of three from the Rays, remain in first place. [Camden Chat]

The O’s are hitting home runs at an incredible pace. [Steve Melewski]

Henry Rodriguez blows it in Cincy as Nats fall out of first place. [WaPo]

Wilson Ramos is out with a torn ACL, which is unbelievable. [Nats Journal]

Minor league catcher Sandy Leon gets the callup as a result. [Nats Journal]

George McPhee’s reaction to Caps’ failure is a mirror. [Russian Machine]

So did the Caps’ Dale Hunter experiment work or not? [Puck Daddy]

Big questions for the Caps’ offseason. [Russian Machine, WaPo, OFB]

Versatile RB Tim Hightower is returning to the Redskins. [The Insider]

Dave McKenna on legendary Elgin vs. Wilt D.C. pickup games. [Grantland]

Nats PR Says America’s Most Beautiful City Is … Pittsburgh

As tweeted by @NationalsPR, which is “the official Twitter page of the Washington Nationals Baseball Media Relations Department,” during last night’s Nats-Pirates game at PNC Park (via D.C. Sports Bog):

Now, PNC Park is a beautiful ballpark, and I don’t find Pittsburgh itself to be particularly ugly, but really? You’re the PR arm of the Nationals and you’re hailing Pittsburgh as “America’s most beautiful city”? Seems “off-message,” which is a thing PR people say.

We tweeted this from @MrIrrelevantDC and are having some fun with it over there, but it seems right for the website too, so kick it around a little. Can’t wait to see what the Nats tweet when visiting Philly.

‘Renowned Phenomenon’ Robert Griffin III (@RGIII) Joins Twitter

Robert Griffin III joined Twitter today and attracted 5x the followers in an hour that it took us two years to accumulate, probably because he’s RGIII* and we’re an underground regional sports blog. Anyway, here’s his first tweet, which inspired the above illustration from @matthewbrown:

Well… My name is Robert Griffin III and yes I have finally joined the renowned phenomenon known as Twitter

Renowned phenomenon. I love that. But how would it look on a t-shirt?

* RGIII going with @RGIII means our style is now RGIII (not RG3).

Twas Twitter That Killed The Caps

Caps Correspondent Brad Parker returns with a new conspiracy theory.

We all know that the Caps are sitting outside the playoff picture right now. A season with so much hope hangs in the balance. So what went wrong? There are many theories:

• Ovie’s slump
• Injuries to Green and Backstrom
• A lack of secondary scoring
• Less than stellar goaltending
• Another season without a true second-line center
The fired coach that’s now leading the not-so-mighty Ducks on a charge

Each of these things probably plays a role, but are we missing the obvious reason? Is it the bane of modern sports? Has a Twitter jinx killed the Caps? There are other examples of Washington players and coaches using this sinister form of social media and suddenly faltering, but here are the five most egregious.

Nicklas Backstrom — @backstrom19

Sample Tweet: “Hey everyone! I never thought I would be on twitter but I guess some people can convince me!Maybe @kbackstrom85 will shut up now! Haha”

There was no doubt Backstrom was the best player on the team this season. And then he sent that fateful Tweet. At the time he was already injured, but he was expected back any day. He hasn’t stepped on the ice since.

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Stefon Diggs Is The Latest Jeremy Lin Race Baiter

This isn’t news yet, but it will be. Maryland football super recruit/program savior Stefon Diggs had this to tweet (via Larry Brown Sports):

Everybody need to get off Jeremy Lin egg roll and dumplings he’s good though.

Pretty sure that’s enough to get an ESPN headline writer fired. Thankfully, Diggs isn’t a journalist. He’s a receiver, and a kid. He should know better, though, and may want to read the Lin and racism FAQ.

Update: Diggs apologized for the tweet and shut down his account.

A Brief, Spirited, And Passive-Aggressive Beef With Chad Dukes

This was probably ill-advised, but it happened, so whatever. Here, via the magic of Storify, is last night’s Dan Steinberg-fueled shenanigans starring yours truly, 106.7 the Fan’s Chad Dukes and assorted ringside spectators.

Update: We couldn’t get the Storify embed working right on our site, so visit Mr. Irrelevant on Tumblr to go down the douche hole. Thanks.