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Trent Williams Got Cut In Hawaii (Update: And Also Tasered)

Two weeks ago I wrote, “This Richard Sherman video reveals Trent Williams is insane.” Turns out that may’ve been foreshadowing (via @granthpaulsen):

Sources: Trent Williams was involved in altercation last night resulting in him needing stitches, being pulled out of Pro Bowl.

Considering the season he’d just had, that’s a damn shame. He’d bounced back from drug suspension in 2011 to emerge as a team leader and one of the best left tackles in football. Yet here he is closing out the campaign by shoving a dude in the face after a playoff game and reportedly getting cut up before the Pro Bowl game.

And who gets in a fight in Hawaii? That’s only allowed if you’re trying to surf North Shore and some locals treat you like a haole.

Either way, it’s not what you want to hear about the second-most valuable player on your roster. Get right, Silverback.

Update: Adam Schefter shares info from Honolulu PD of “a large affray at a night club,” including that “Williams is not a suspect” and “he got stitches in his head and was tasered.” The NFL says he’s a victim of assault.

Update No. 2: Schefter story for has this incredible passage:

Trent Williams […] was Tasered in the back and cracked over the head with a champagne bottle during the melee yet still did not fall to the ground, sources say.

“It was like he was Jason on ‘Friday the 13th’ — man just wouldn’t go down,” one source said of the 6-foot-5, 318-pound Williams.

Trent Williams’ Gargantuan Silverback Gorilla Tattoo (PHOTO)

You may recall Redskins left tackle/noted marijuana enthusiast Trent Williams telling the D.C. Sports Bog that he got a a gorilla tattoo on his back. Well, he certainly did (via TMZ):

That’s really something. TMZ says it cost $3,000, which sounds like the going rate for the world’s biggest silverback gorilla tattoo. And I love how the big fella isn’t scary or intimidating in any way. He’s just kind of sitting there, lost in thought. Must be the herb.

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DMV: Trent Williams’ $150K ‘Silverback’ Chain Is the Best ‘Silverback’ Chain

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‘I’m Happy the Redskins Drafted Williams’

Here to eat crow is local musician/blogger Mr. Irrelevant Trent Williams correspondent Steve Andricos. (Related: Williams has “wrist game.”)

So I’ve got a couple of second degree burns, but I’m surprised my pre-draft post has not been flamed to ashes at this point. I felt like I would go ahead and check back in with my general reaction to the draft. So here it is … after all is said and done, I am happy the Redskins drafted Trent Williams.

The bottom line is that neither Williams nor Russell Okung look like bonafide can’t-miss blue chip franchise left tackles. And when you are picking at #4, it would be nice to think you are getting a sure thing. But I have been screaming for the offensive line to be addressed in the draft for years, and I am glad they finally took a step in that direction. If they are choosing between Williams and Okung, I will defer to the paid professionals to determine which one best fits their scheme. But I still don’t think anyone should expect Williams to step in and be Orlando Pace or Jonathan Ogden or Tony Boselli.

Now of course, here I am giving my amateur bloggy opinion earlier in the week and Rick Maese has to come in post-draft and get all professional with his journalistic integrity and start throwing around statistics in the Washington Post! I did see the statement in his article that Williams was penalized only 5 times this season. Like I said, I didn’t dig through all of the stats. But I did watch every Oklahoma game this season, and it sure felt like more than 5 penalties to me over the course of the season.

Looking at the Nebraska game stats alone, Williams racked up 2 false starts and 1 personal foul. So if he truly only got flagged two other times all season, that is awesome and I will happily eat my words. The offensive line was a weak point for Oklahoma this season, and maybe I unfairly targeted Williams more than I should. He had seemed like a rock at right tackle for years and just was not at the same level on the left side.

The point I was trying to make was that I don’t think he is a guaranteed plug-and-play franchise left tackle. I think you would find that most other Oklahoma fans or people who watched most of the Oklahoma games this season would agree with that. Boswell’s column today says that the Redskins plan to pencil him in at left tackle “in the beginning,” which suggests that his versatility was a consideration. Which is great if he doesn’t work out at left tackle or needs to get his feet wet at another spot on the line.

As I stated in the original post, I will be happy to root for Williams. I do not dislike Williams. He has gone from my favorite college team to my favorite pro team. And I firmly believe in building from the inside out. So if Shanahan thinks he was the best offensive lineman available in this draft for the zone blocking scheme, so be it. I sincerely hope that all of the concerns I had are thoroughly invalidated.

In the end, the Redskins made an attempt to address their most glaring need and took the offensive lineman that they had rated the highest on their board. I am not going to complain about that. I think they had to go offensive line. As awesome as Berry looks, it is hard to imagine using another top-10 pick on a safety right now.

Flame on.

BREAKING: Skins Draft Trent Williams

See what we did there? We mocked ourselves with the headline, because the Skins actually drafted Trent Williams about 16 hours ago. I could give you the reasons why we haven’t posted about this until now, but you don’t give a shit. So away we go …

What to like:

Trent Williams isn’t a quarterback. Despite all the rumors post-McNabb trade centering around the Skins going with a lineman, there was still that lingering fear that Jimmy Clausen’s name would be announced at No. 4. Thankfully,  it was not.

Trent Williams is an offensive lineman. I won’t pretend to know enough about Williams or Okung to say if either will be a franchise-type LT in the NFL, but this much I know: The Skins had to go with one or the other at No. 4, even if neither is necessarily a fourth-overall caliber player. Based on things I’ve heard and read from people who actually know stuff, I would have preferred Okung. But let’s not get too greedy: The Skins drafted one of the two best left tackles available, and that’s really as much as we could ask for.

His nickname is Silverback. We may have to alert the t-shirt shop employees.

What not to like:

Trent Williams may not actually be a left tackle. He played the majority of his career at Oklahoma at right tackle.

Okung was probably the safer pick. By most accounts, Okung seems to be the more polished left tackle, but Williams has more athleticism, which equals the proverbial “upside”. The problem with “upside” is that it is a hypothetical measure of effectiveness, which may never come true.

Eric Berry. I’m only speaking for myself, but I’ll admit it: I kinda developed an affinity for Eric Berry. Aside from o-line, safety is probably the Skins biggest need, and Berry is not only the best safety in this year’s draft, but possibly the most NFL-ready, sure-fire player, overall. In other words, needs aside, if it was Berry vs. Williams vs. Okung, I’d take Berry.

Again, apologies for the delay. But please feel free to discuss your thoughts on Williams below.