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Ten Questions About the Wizards With Kissing Suzy Kolber’s Unsilent Majority

As an out-of-towner without League Pass, I’m wondering how the Wizards, expected to be contenders, have started 7-11. Here to figure that out is KSK cofounder and Mr. Irrelevant Wiz correspondent Jack Kogod (@Unsilent).


1. How has Flip affected this team? Is he better than Eddie?

Obviously the transition hasn’t been quite as smooth as some of us had hoped. The difference between Flip Saunders and Eddie Jordan is vast, and that’s not a comment on either coach’s abilities. Flip has a different approach to game, and they expect different things from their players. What we’ve learned is that it’s going to take a fair amount of time and patience (this season’s de facto motto) for players and coaches to get comfortable with one another.

As for the second question, I’m much more confident with Flip on the bench. It’s going to take time to work out the wrinkles, but the team will be better for it in the long run. Eddie was far too deferential to Gilbert, and that’s one of the (many) reasons why the team’s biggest star has struggled in the new system.

2. How far back is Gil right now? Do you see him becoming what he once was?

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Get to Know the Newest Wizard: Oberto!

oberto.jpgHere to help us figure out the Fabricio Oberto signing is KSK cofounder and Mr. Irrelevant Wizards correspondent Jack Kogod (@Unsilent).

After weeks of rumors and speculation, the Wizards have finally locked up a veteran big to shore up their undersized bench. While it hasn’t yet been made official, Fabricio Oberto is set to join the team after being waived by Detroit following a succession of trades. The 34-year-old Argentinian has spent his four NBA seasons with the Spurs where he averaged 15 minutes per game as an occasional starter.

While Oberto’s acquisition is not all that flashy, it serves the team’s needs perfectly. The Wizards get a capable big man to play about 10 minutes per game and provide rebounding and defense with the occasional basket thrown in for good measure. He can play either power forward or center, and unlike a rookie with a higher upside he won’t need a lot of time on the court to develop his game. For a team built to contend immediately this is a perfect use of the $1.99 million bi-annual exception.

And now for the pertinent information …

Oberto appears to maintain his own bi-lingual Twitter feed that shows off his love for the guitar. Clearly Oberto is a big music fan, with leanings towards bands like Pear Jam, Nirvana and U2 (for some reason), assuming his NBA bio is to be believed. He also has his own website, although there isn’t a whole lot going on over there at the moment.

All told it looks like Oberto will be a solid addition to Washington’s talented and versatile rotation. If only we could get him to drop an “I get buckets, son” on Steinberg we’d be all set.

BDL’s Oberto Photoshop FTW

Wiz Draft Primer: Ranking the Prospects

tyreke-evans-mics.jpgHere to break down the draft is KSK cofounder and Mr. Irrelevant Wiz correspondent Jack Kogod (@Unsilent).

Trying to predict how the NBA draft will play out is a useless endeavor, so everybody just sit down and shut up while we evaluate all of the potential scenarios floating around.

Potential Draft Targets

Forget about all the trade talk for the moment, because most of it is crap. We’ll get to all of those rumors later, but first we need to look at the players the team could conceivably select with the fifth pick assuming they keep it. For the sake of argument let’s consider everybody except for Blake Griffin as a possibility. The prospects are listed in order based on how I’d draft them for the Wizards.

1. Tyreke Evans — This is where things get interesting. The more that I think about this draft and the current Wizards roster the more I think Evans is the ideal pick. Evans can play on or off the ball, and he has a more complete all-around game than DeShawn Stevenson or Nick Young at this point in their careers.

2. Jordan Hill — Ever since the night of the lottery I picked Hill out as the most likely candidate for the Wizards to draft. The team’s biggest need is a true rebounding power forward (read: not Andray Blatche) who can play a significant role off the bench until Antawn Jamison’s time in DC is up. Hill could provide the strength and athleticism that the Wizards desperately need, although concerns about his seemingly limited offensive repertoire are warranted.

3. Brandon Jennings — Excuse me while I attempt to hide my boner. I’ve been in the tank for Young Money for quite some time now, and nothing about his European excursion did anything to change that. He’s a great distributor at the point guard spot and he’d keep everyone on the floor happy. Yet as much as I’d love Jennings to come to Washington it would mean playing Gil off the ball a whole lot more, and nobody really knows how/if that would work out. New coach Flip Saunders would likely bring him off the bench in support of their superstar, but at some point in his development Jennings would need to break out of the backup roll. While a backcourt of Jennings and Arenas would be fun to watch, it’s not exactly practical.

4. Stephen Curry — If it were up to Caron Butler the decision would already be made. Curry would immediately improve the team’s outside shooting, filling the void left by Roger Mason Jr. I’m still not convinced that drafting a guy top five simply because he’s a lights out shooter is a good idea.

5. Ricky “Pistola” Rubio — The Spanish teen sensation probably won’t make it out of the top four, and even if he does, it’s clearly not the best fit for either party. Rubio could be every bit as good as his highlight reel would seem to indicate, but his weaknesses mirror those of the Wizards. He is not a particularly adept shooter, he will be a defensive liability, and he’s probably not ready to come in and contribute meaningful minutes immediately. So yeah, probably not happening.

6. Hasheem Thabeet — Again, he’s unlikely to slip to the fifth spot. Even if he did the team is much better off at the center position than most draft prognosticators would have you believe. Yes, Brendan Haywood is a perfectly good center. I just said that. Let it marinate awhile. While Thabeet would make an excellent protege, the team is already quite high on JaVale McGee. Kill Mode Cheese (AKA Epic Vale) would languish on the bench behind Thabeet, and none of us want to see that, right? Right.

7. James Harden — Everyone outside of Washington seems eager to pencil in Harden to the Wizards and I still don’t see it. His all around game is pretty solid, especially offensively, yet I don’t see why the team would value him over Evans.

8. Other Point Guards — I doubt the Wiz will give serious consideration to the other point guards (Lawson, Holliday and Flynn), so let’s not even bother. I personally have a lot of faith in Javaris Crittendon (lack of a jump shot and all) as a backup PG, so I’m not high on drafting another one.

9. DeJuan Blair — Okay fine, so there’s no chance that they actually take Blair with the fifth pick in the draft, but man, having him would kick ass. Now if only there was somebody at the back end of the lottery looking to make a trade …

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UPDATE: The Wiz strike a deal with Minnesota, packaging the fifth pick, Etan, Songalia and Pecherov for Randy Foye and Mike Miller. Seems in line with Washington’s win-now approach, and here’s to hoping Foye is another Caron-esque steal for Ernie Grunfeld.

Kogod Q&A: Eddie Jordan Is Nevermore

Eddie Jordan got canned this morning, so we turn to resident Wiz fan/expert Jack Kogod A.K.A. Unsilent Majority for answers …


1. After making the playoffs four straight seasons, why’d Eddie get canned 11 games into this one?

The team was regressing before our very eyes and it was becoming apparent that Coach Jordan was losing the locker room. It was apparent in the way he coached and spoke publicly during the losing stretch. Jordan seemed to have run out of ideas for what to do with this roster. People will point to the injuries and Gilbert’s contracts as reasons why the team was losing, but there is way too much talent on the roster for the team to be this bad, and plenty of the 10 losses have been winnable. At some point you just have to ask what the hell the coach is thinking when he’s playing a lineup with no shooting guard and no center* during crucial minutes.

*The famed Dixon-Butler-Jamison-Blatche-Songaila lineup that ushered in a new era of confusion.

2. Should Ernie Grunfeld shoulder the blame, or is it all on Eddie? Continue reading Kogod Q&A: Eddie Jordan Is Nevermore

Things Maj Learned at the Wiz-Nets Game

Here with a report on the Wizards’ season-opening loss is KSK co-founder, Deadspin weekend editor and our friend Jack Kogod a.k.a. Unsilent Majority.


Eddie Jordan still has his head up his ass. Don’t get me wrong, I like Eddie quite a bit, but his in-game coaching is indefensible. Eddie came into the season basically admitting that he had no fucking clue what he was going to do with his seven-man bench, which is pretty ridiculous considering the roster at his disposal. Instead of putting together a basic rotation Eddie chose to play everybody for at least five minutes. During one stretch of starter-less basketball the 11th and 12th men, Dee Brown and JaVale McGee, shared the floor. And that was in the second quarter. I was thrilled to see Baby Face McGee get on the court in his first game, but there is no reason that he and the team’s fifth guard should be racking up over eight minutes of playing time a piece in the season opener. Oh, and if anyone can give me a reasonable explanation as to why Etan never returned to the floor after being subbed out with four minutes remaining in the third quarter I am all fucking ears.

Swagga Like Us. Just as I’d hoped (and Pradamaster predicted) the team’s new intro music is Swagga Like Us by TI (along with Jay Z, Kanye, and Weezy). I just hope half of the other teams aren’t using the song as we saw last year with Kanye’s Stronger. Unfortunately they stopped playing Jeezy’s Go Getta during warmups, meaning I need a new ring tone for my phone. They should really start playing MIA’s Paper Planes during warmups to coincide with the intro music, then my ringtone could be gunfire! And hell, as long as I’m going on about stadium music, Big Tigger needs to start playing Welcome to DC before warmups. I’ll shut up now.
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