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Ted Leonsis Is Very Concerned About ‘The Bloggers’

Ted Leonsis, who probably didn’t read our “Eight Reasons This Year’s Wizards Are Already So Depressing” blog post, had this to blog about his 0-3 team:

It is all within. It all depends on the point of view of the writer. It is all fair game. We must be accountable and we must win some games to calm down the bloggers – tonight would be a good time to start.

The Wizards host the Bucks tonight, you see, and Mr. Leonsis is concerned about the bloggers, it seems. I’d suggest he also be concerned about the fans, and the rest of the media, and his own organization, as well as the players, oh yeah and the NHL lockout, but whatever. I’m hoping for a win too.

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Some Tough Love For Ted Leonsis

Here with a guest post is our Redskins-Giants Predictions winner JDP.

Ted Leonsis is either fraudulent or incompetent.

His constant “be patient” mantra to fans and media on the Capitals’ lack of postseason success is getting old. Ted loves pumping his own tires and telling everyone how great the Caps are. He loves promoting the image that the Caps are great because they are built from within through their strong AHL affiliate. But that is a joke.

The team is dwelling in mediocrity. And they are mediocre because they were built that way. Ted continues to tell everyone to be patient though. It’s been six years — time to show up or shut up. In any other “hockey city” (Boston, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh) that would not stand.* The Stanley Cup window is closing and he does nothing to remedy the problem because he is making money.

* You could say, “Oh, well this isn’t really a hockey city. You should be happy with what you get.” No! Leonsis specifically markets Washington as “America’s Hockey Capital.” We are a glorified San Jose.

Leonsis is a businessman first and foremost. And that is perfectly fine. I wouldn’t want to own a team that is constantly losing money. But hold this guy to the same accountability that Dan Snyder is slammed with.** Leonsis won’t risk anything until the team loses money.

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The Washington Capitals, Alex Ovechkin, and the Other F-Word

Caps Correspondent Brad Parker returns to address this important issue.

So, we’ve all seen it by now. Benched late in a game last week Ovi called Bruce Boudreau a “fat fuck.” Two words launched a billion tweets.

It was not the first time that the Caps have been associated with that hurtful f-word. Here’s a brief history of the Capitals and that most derogatory of terms, fat.

The Overweight 8

Last season Ovechkin was a mere mortal. As the year wore on, and his numbers stayed low, the drumbeat grew louder. Ovi was out of shape. No, he wasn’t just out of shape, he was fat.

Of course, if you were a millionaire in your early 20s that spent the summer at Russian discos and on 100-foot yachts with countless young ladies of ill repute, I assume that your cardiovascular endurance would suffer too.

But was the Great 8 truly fat?

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Sports Blogging 101 With Ted Leonsis

In our second installment of Tweak the Ted we take a look at Leonsis’ blog post chiding Puck Daddy and Capitals Insider for reporting that Semyon Varlamov was going to the KHL and that Leonsis had deleted a blog post, respectively. Note that the source for the former was Varly’s agent and the latter is a thing that actually happened.

134,000 results in 0.13 seconds. Type in “Varlamov signs with KHL”.

Type in “Ted Leonsis buys Facebook,” and you’ll get 166,000 results.

This is how media works today. Instant- fast – unaccountable.

A Tweet is generated and recycled.

It leaps to become a story. The story is then recirculated.

It goes from online sources to great and established media entities; to newspapers, to cable to local television newscasts. The headlines morph from rumor to fact.

It thus must be true. Just look at the headlines and see how rumor morphs to facts.

Let me follow this logic: Online media outlets are “instant” and “fast,” and the information they provide then spreads to “great and established media properties” that then morph “rumor to fact.” Got it.

The media gets manipulated by an overseas agent; and a freelance media rep. That was too easy wasn’t it?

“An overseas agent,” or the player in question’s agent. “A freelance media rep,” or a reporter for the No. 1 NHL blog. Potato, potahto.

Isn’t the player’s agent a primary source for such a story? And, since that was clearly stated on Puck Daddy, doesn’t that mean the misdirection wasn’t so much the media’s fault as it was the agent’s fault, or maybe the player’s for choosing said agent?

But news moves so quickly. The media is off to the next story and rumor. So who cares?

You know what really grinds my gears? THE SPEED OF NEWS. Slow down, you guys.

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Looks Like Ted Leonsis Forgot to Pay the Bills …

… for his sweet personal blog, Ted’s Take:

Don’t worry, Ted fans, this sort of thing happens now and again for us blog folk. It usually means you forgot to pay your domain hosting bill, which is something like $100 a year, or .000001% of Alex Ovechkin’s salary.

Meaning, his site should be back in no time. Pretty backpack girl, though.

Also, Ted Leo and the Pharmacists!

Update: Ted’s Take is back (and Ted seems pretty excited about it).

DMV: The Wiz Have a New ‘Big Three’, You Guys

Ted Leonsis: “A new big three has announced its arrival – Wall, Crawford and Blatche.” What a triptych! [Ted’s Take]

To be fair, a lot’s happened since the Wizards last won 3 in a row. [TBJ]

Don’t get too excited about Jordan Crawford, though, Wiz fans. [SB Nation]

What’s up with Andray Blatche sudden, late-season improvement? [TAI]

Firing up the John Wall-for-Rookie of the Year campaign. [Capital Games]

Oh, and the Wiz lost by 24 to Indiana last night. [Wiz Insider]

Caps win fourth straight in final regular-season home game. [WaPo]

Nats blow four-run lead at Florida, fall to 1-4. [WaPo]

O’s lose for the first time in 2011, falling 7-3 to Detroit. [The Sun]

Only 12,451 showed up for the O’s 2nd home game. [B’more Sports Report]

The 2011 Orioles have a song, “Oh Oh Orioles.” [B’more Sports Report]

Both Kiper and McShay have the Skins going QB in the 2nd. [Redskins Blog]

After bashing Gary for ducking interviews, Doyel ducks interviews. [Bog]

An Arlington resident/VCU grad nearly won ESPN’s bracket pool. [Bog]

Ted Leonsis Would Like You to Know the Washington Post Isn’t What It Used to Be

On Friday, Dan Steinberg posted about Ted Leonsis’ proclivity for blogging about the Caps’ injury woes. He told the story through Leonsis’ words and debunked it with data showing the Caps’ health to be league-average.

On Saturday, Leonsis posted about Steinberg’s post, tearing the Washington Post sports department a new asshole:

Even though court stenographer Dan Steinberg disagrees, losing key players is tough on a team and its offense. I, too, am shocked at how many shutouts we have experienced this season. The Washington Post lost George Solomon, Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon to retirement and free agency and the sports department hasn’t been the same since – not as many points on the board – but they have lost about the same amount of people as most newspapers these days. Rim shot.

Kornheiser and Wilbon haven’t put “points on the board” for the Post since the Caps moved away from Landover. Using Leonsis’ pretzel logic, you could rejigger his statement to read: Continue reading Ted Leonsis Would Like You to Know the Washington Post Isn’t What It Used to Be

Verizon Center to Use Really Cool New Gadget to Sell Same Old Shitty Beer

The Phone Booth’s new Bottom’s Up beer dispenser (via We Love DC) is a neat novelty, and I’m sure it’ll help Uncle Ted move more units of beer, but polishing a turd (or a Bud Light) only goes so far.

You know what I’d really like instead of a quickly-poured-but-still-expensive beer? Dogfish Head. Or something from Highland. Or Victory. And so on. But the Verizon Center beer list has none of that (though it does have Starr Hill).

Still, I’m sure the Bottom’s Up will blow your freaking skull the first time you see the magic happen in-person, so there’s that. Here’s how it works.