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Introducing The ‘KD To DC’ Shirt For Hopeful Wiz Fans

Most Wiz fans fall into one of three categories, all of them sad.

The first is children of the ’80s, myself included, reared on the duo of Jeff and Moses Malone. Those were not good teams, and they never won a playoff series. They’re probably most-remembered for having 7’7″ Manute Bol and 5’3″ Muggsy Bogues.

The second bucket is ’90s kids, who got to enjoy C-Webb and Juwan, for three years at least. They almost took a first-round game off of the Jordan Bulls. It was the only time they made the playoffs all decade.

Those raised on ’00s Wizards basketball were slightly more fortunate. They got Gilbert, who was great, especially during the Agent Zero thing. Then they spiraled into five seasons of 27-55 basketball.

But things are looking up! The Wiz lucked into Wall and Beal, and they’ve been two wins shy of the conference finals each of the past two years. To get over the hump, though, and be a true contender, they need another major piece.

That piece hits the market next summer, and he makes all the difference. Here to commemorate the occasion is a fresh design from our friends at Sneeki’s Tees.


It may be a longshot, but fans should dare to dream about more than 45-win seasons and early playoff exits. Plus, this is just a really good looking shirt. Go get it for $25 in navy or royal blue.

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Introducing A T-Shirt Celebrating The Washington ‘Football Team’

I’m not going to conduct a poll about it, and I’m not going to target-question American Indians, but I will venture to say some Washington football fans are uncomfortable with the team’s name. I know because I’m one of them.

So we partnered with Sneeki’s Tees, which designs awesome D.C. sports stuff, to make a T-shirt that a progressive Redskins fan can wear without having a racial slur across his/her chest. Consider it an act of silent, wearable protest. Plus, it’s a pretty good-looking shirt.

Get the high-quality, super-comfortable tee now in burgundy, black or white for just $24, and wear it with pride. I prefer burgundy myself.

Announcing Our Second Chance Bracket Showdown (Free Shirt!)

Now that popular Final Four picks Missouri and Florida State are out of the tournament, and upstarts Ohio and NC State will play in the Sweet 16, your bracket probably looks worse than Alex Ovechkin’s. No need to worry, you can have all the bracket fun again with the first-ever Mr. Irrelevant Second Chance Bracket Showdown.

Simply follow the link below to our very own Yahoo! Sports group and fill out a bracket. Whoever wins the pool gets to pick a free t-shirt from the Mr. I catalog and submit a guest post on any topic (if they like), not to mention months of bragging rights. Make sure to save your bracket and leave a name or Twitter handle so we can track you down.

Click here to join. Our league name is MR. IRRELEVANT SWEET 16 POOL, and the password is Redskins.

Side bets are encouraged and welcome, and the comments section is your personal sports book. Good luck!

DMV: Get Your ‘Meat and Potatoes’ Shirt

“Meat and Potatoes” is a new slogan of sorts for LaRon Landry and the Skins, so we made a shirt. Of course we did. [Bog, T-Shirt Shop]

Trent Williams may actually play against St. Louis on Sunday. [Redskins Insider]

The Skins are .500, but 25th in the NFL statistically. [DC Landing Strip]

NFL ads starring Dan Snyder, Christy Cooley, Alyssa Milano. [Redskins Blog]

Nats President Stan Kasten is resigning, but not retiring. [Nats Journal]

Stan Kasten was a failure in Washington. [Fire Jim Bowden]

Detwiler gets the W as Morse, Bernadina and Espinosa go deep. [WaPo]

Fire Joe Morgan tears up Rob Dibble and those who support him. [Deadspin]

The Nats bullpen throws 3.4 mph faster than the Nats rotation. [Fangraphs]

Answering all the questions about HBO’s 24/7 Caps-Pens series. [Bog]

Caps players discuss salty language and the upcoming HBO series. [Bog]

Caps enforcer D.J. King teaches a youngster how to fight. [On Frozen Blog]

Gary Williams: College athletes should get paid, at least a bit. [The Dagger]

CAA hoops preview: George Mason to finish 2nd, JMU 8th. [The Dagger]

Nats Give Away Shirts We Came Up With

Last night on Twitter, @SeanMMcNally asked:

“@MrIrrelevantDC Clint handing out “Mr. Walk-Off” shirts for fan appreciation. You getting a cut?”

The answer, of course, is no, but it’s an interesting question, especially when you look at our Mr. Walk-Off shirt vs. the Nats’ version:

The shirt on the left is the one we designed with 289 two-plus years ago, after Ryan Zimmerman’s walk-off homer on Opening Night at Nats Park. The name, which I’d like to think we’ve helped popularize, originated that night, as evidenced by this comment from William F. Yurasko:

“From now on Zimmerman’s nickname is Mr. Walkoff. In a little more than two seasons how many walkoff home runs does he have? Father’s Day, July 4 and now Opening Night of Nationals Park. Great stuff.”

Like Agent Zero before it, the Mr. Walk-Off moniker came from bloggers, specifically Mr. Yurasko, and I’m happy to see the franchise spreading the good word. What I’m not happy about is seeing the obvious similarities between our shirt and theirs, 10,000 of which were to be handed out:

1. The name across the chest.
2. The use of the Curly W.
3. The silhouette of Zim.

That’s only three things, but the entire design is only three things, really.

Of course, ours is in navy blue and theirs is in white, ours is short-sleeved and theirs is long, and ours doesn’t have “Zimmerman” down the left arm. But still. If the Nats were going to blatantly rip off our idea, taking 10,000 potential customers off the market in the process, the least they could’ve done is print “” down the other arm.

Introducing the ‘Gym Tan Landry’ T-Shirt

I’m not sure what the overlap is between Redskins fans and “Jersey Shore” fans, but our latest t-shirt — “G.T.L. (Gym Tan Landry)” — is right in the crosshairs of that:

Get yours now for only $22.90 (fronts and backs are expensive, y’all) just in time for next Sunday night’s season opener. Our apologies for not offering it in LaRon’s signature sleeveless tassles. Feel free to make your own though.

(Thanks to Stephen Vallimarescu from All Things Go for the concept/design.)

Semi-related: The bestest JWoww thing of the moment.

Buges Retires; There’s a Shirt for That

bosshogshirt.jpgThe day it was announced that Joe Gibbs would be coming back to coach the Redskins, I was almost as excited by the news that Joe Bugel would be coming back to coach the offensive line.

That’s just about as fine a tribute as I can pay the man upon his expected retirement after 32 years of coaching in the NFL, 15 with the Skins.

Well, that and making this shirt, which honors the Boss Hog of them all, he who coached history’s greatest offensive line. Not that I’m biased or anything. I just have a Hogs hat and recently bought my 1-year-old a stuffed pig.

So here’s to Buges. He did it his way, and he did it the best. That’s what we all want, and it was fun to watch it happen to his old ass.

Related: Hogs Haven also has a fine tribute.

DMV: ‘Snyder Sucks’ Movement Spreads Worldwide, or at Least Southeast-Wide

We’re back from hiatus with the daily DMV, leading today with this photo submitted by Adam Brimer from Birmingham, Al., who was there for Skins-Falcons. Keep on keepin’ on, Adam. Also, nice Joe Jacoby jersey, guy.


Steinz was also there, as was the Burgundy Revolution. [D.C. Sports Bog]

The Skins made at least six dumb plays against Atlanta. [Real Redskins]

Zorn and Campbell showed professionalism in Atlanta. [Sally Jenkins]

Skins may not win again all season; Oakland is our Super Bowl. [Mike Wise]

Ovechkin says he’ll be out 4-5 weeks. Caps disagree. [Puck Daddy]

Caps road whites among the top-5 jerseys of the decade. [Puck Daddy]

Wiz lose 4th straight thanks to a lack of ball movement. [Bullets Forever]

The struggling Wiz miss Antawn, who may return Sunday. [Wiz Insider]

Caron Butler gives a shout out to Ball Don’t Lie. [The Real Juice]

Maryland LB Alex Wujciak rocked corn rows against State. [Testudo Times]

Rumblings: Adam Jones will win the Gold Glove. [Roch Kubatko]

A bizarre Eddie Murray commercial for Fila in 1996. [Camden Chat]

Video of a deer in the lion den at the D.C. Zoo. Really. [We Love DC]

A Couple Shiny Happy Redskins T-Shirts


With the proliferation of anti-Redskins fashion (see: our T-shop, see also: Trade Snyder and F#ck Snyder), it’s high time to share some pro-Redskins cotton. First, from twoeightnine design, Hay Hay Hay, It’s Fat Albert.

The problem is I’m not sure who’s going to wear, let alone buy, an Albert Haynesworth t-shirt. On the other hand, I can get down with Mothering Hut’s ORAKPWND!, especially with this product description:

Brian Orakpo: Sackpro, pocket hatchet, backfield bereaver. If you’re an NFL QB lining up across from no. 98, your game is about to be changed. A flash of burgundy and gold, then the black, then the turf, then the pain. You haven’t just been owned, you’ve been pwned: Orakpwned!

Good stuff, folks, and a brief respite from our joyless existence.