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The Top 10 #strasburgissogood Tweets

If you’ve been following the Nats twitosphere this week, you know that #strasburgissogood is a meme of sorts. Kind of like Matt Wieters Facts before it, it’s basically a way of mocking how ridiculously high expectations really are for Stephen Strasburg. For example, #strasburgissogood he can make a goatee look reasonable.


As you can tell, I’m not very good at this. But other people seem to be. So here, on the day he was introduced to our organization in need, the top 10 #strasburgissogood tweets from the week that was. Strasburg is so good …

10. … Obama might actually attend a Nats game. [@tradepolicyguy]

9. … Ben’s Chili Bowl will be renamed Strasburg’s Chili Bowl. [@NatsEnquirer]

8. … Mark Teixeira wants to be a National. [@illumiNats]

7. … Bob Carpenter can’t come up with enough sunny adjectives. [@needham_chris]

6. … Dibble will actually start to make sense. [@DCyetti]

5. … he’s allowed to tweet from Redskins practices. [@kevin_reiss]

4. … he knows who Wil Nieves is. [@DCyetti]

3. … the Nats could re-hire Bowden and reel off 6 straight world series. [@needham_chris]

2. … Wilbon will go to a Nats game next year. [@buckwheaton]

1. … Nats will change name from Nationals to Strasionals. Dunn will take the field wearing a “Strasinals” jersey. [@NatsEnquirer]

The Strasburg Signing in T-Shirt Form

strasburg-tee-blue.jpgSo it is commented, so it is done: the Strasburg signing tee!

For those that don’t get it, the record-setting deal was agreed upon exactly 77 seconds before the deadline, or precisely 11:58:43 p.m. ET.

For those that do, order now for $17.90 in either white-on-blue, red-on-blue or white-on-red. Small price to pay to always remember the night when our sphincters puckered up real tight.

That, or the night Nats Fail ended and the Strasburg Era began. Whichever.

Strasburg Deadline Mania: Rob Dibble Is Nasty, and By ‘Nasty’ I Mean Not Smart

rob-dibble-reds.jpgSteinz already covered Rob Dibble and Bob Carpenter’s ripping of Scott Boras and Stephen Strasburg. I didn’t hear it myself, and Chris tells me it wasn’t that bad, so I’ll let it be. But this blog post from Dibble, well, let’s look at that.

Before that though, I want to preface this with a disclaimer that this is unaffected by whether the deal is done by midnight or not. Dibs’ post was written pre-deal (or pre-deal falling through), as is my own. Basically, this is just for the record, because it really grinds my gears.

“Nationals President Stan Kasten and owners Ted and Mark Lerner have offered the 21-year-old more than the record amount given to then Cubs 1st round pick Mark Prior back in 2001.”

Also, stamps cost 34 cents then but now they cost 44 cents. Grrr.

“We are talking about $10.5 million. Not only is that more money then 99.9 percent of the rest of the world, but we are talking about wanting to play professional baseball.”

This line of thinking leads to every player making the league minimum.

“Jose Contreras, Kei Igawa and Daisuke Matsuzaka were for the most part over-hyped busts that have really done nothing to even come close to what they were signed for.”

Igawa was a bust. Contreras had good seasons and bad seasons and won Game 1 of the World Series. Matsuzaka went 33-15 his first two years.

“Why isn’t Scott Boras comparing Strasburg to Tim Lincecum, Tommy Hanson, Matt Cain or Rick Porcello?”

Probably because they were drafted 10th, 677th, 25th and 27th overall.

“He can’t even touch them talent wise and guys like Hanson that signed for $325,000 are the real deal.”

This line of thinking leads to no pitchers getting drafted or signed ever.

“Kid, if you want respect you have to earn it, if you want to be hated as much as your agent Scott Boras, hold out and go pitch in independent league baseball.”

You just got served Nasty Boy-style, kid.

“Good luck.”

Go fuck yourself.

DMV: Sign on the Line Which Is Dotted

DMV is a daily roundup of District-Maryland-Virginia (mostly) sporting links.

Follow the Strasburg countdown until a deal is done … or not. [Nats Blog]

Sources say the Nats have offered $17-20 million. [Roch Kubatko]

Boz says the Nats shouldn’t offer more than $16 million and Boras/Strasburg shouldn’t accept less than $22 million. [Thomas Boswell]

Math suggests Strasburg is worth six years, $30 million. [Biz of Baseball]

I share Chris Needham’s take on the Strasburg/Nats situation:

“The time for standing up for their principles was back in June.  If they didn’t want to shell out that kind of money, they should’ve taken a different player.”

Basically, don’t hold it against the kid for taking what he can get. [NBC D.C.]

Exhibit A in why MASN’s Nats announcers are awful. [D.C. Sports Bog]

An endorsement for Jed Hoyer as the Nats next GM. [Past Vidro]

Nats win 11th of 14 thanks to Willingham’s heady play. [Nats Journal]

O’s come back only to lose badly in the 13th. [The Sun]

O’s acquire 1B prospect for Zaun in a waiver wire deal. [Camden Chat]

Brad Bergesen is third in the AL Rookie of the Year running. [FanGraphs]

The 10 worst Orioles jerseys of all time. [DC Landing Strip]

Redskins enact a new, short-sighted Twitter policy. [Redskins Insider]

Colt Brennan denies the Jessica Simpson rumors. [Redskins Insider]

Cooley shares with Maxim that Andre Carter bowled a 33. [Chris Cooley]

Words, video and a pic from Gil’s appearance at Barry Farms. [Outlet]

Michael Lee with more words on Gil’s pick-up game. [Wizards Insider]

A local sports blogger interviews LeBron and company. [Gheorge: The Blog]

Want: Alex Ovechkin inks a deal with Upper Deck. [Puck Daddy]

Deadspin picks on WaPo’s Terps reporter Steve Yanda. Boo. [Deadspin]

Today: Angels-O’s (7:05)

For more links, DMV-related or otherwise, follow me on Twitter. Chris too.

DMV: Strasburg Ushers in New Media Era

 DMV is a daily roundup of District-Maryland-Virginia (mostly) sporting links.


Because I broke our 9-month-old’s no-television rule to watch the Nats draft Stephen Strasburg, I had to explain to Mrs. Relevant why, despite not caring about the MLB Draft, this was must-see TV. I don’t know who most of the picks are, nor will I for years to come, if ever. Plus, Bud Selig is the MC. But, still, these Nats are awful, and Strasburg is awesome. Hence an actual Nats draft party, and reporters quoting a TV of their own. [Nats320]

Nats take you-know-who No. 1, Stanford closer Drew Storen No. 10. [WaPo]

Strasburg resembles a “Return of the Living Dead” character, and there was a Nats jersey fail on MLB Network. [Nationals Inquisition]

O’s take big Cali HS pitcher/”bulldog” Matt Hobgood at No. 5. [The Sun]

Despite a decent outing from Ross Detwiler, the Nats lose again. [TWT]

O’s win thanks to Bergensen’s great start and Reimold’s HR. [Camden Chat]

Landry crisis update: “We’re getting more with him not being here because it gives other guys a chance to get reps, to grow, to play.” [WaPo]

A fantastic fake Tony Romo Facebook page. [Hogs Haven]

A terrific look at the evolution and importance of OTAs. [D.C. Sports Bog]

A wonderful account of the Skins team bowling activity. [Chris Cooley]

Fred Smoot would like to become a professional bowler. [D.C. Sports Bog]

Smoot the bowler, in action. [Redskins Blog]

Gilbert Arenas has lost 20 pounds in the past month. [Wizards Insider]

The Army-Navy game is coming to FedEx for the first time. [WaPo]

Mike Wise and LaVar may get hosting gigs on the new WJFK. [WaPo]

TV on the Radio and Dirty Projectors at 9:30 sounds like a scorcher. [DCist]

Hear Passion Pit’s D.C. concert from last night. [All Songs Considered]

Today: Reds-Nats (7:05), Mariners-O’s (7:05)

Stephen Strasburg Already on Nationals, According to CBS Sports

While we’re here just adding prospects to the Nationals on a whim, can we get a player page for Bryce Harper, too? It would be nice if we could get them both out there for this weekend’s series against the Mets. Can’t do that, huh? Well then let’s just go with addition by subtraction and fire Joel Hanrahan. His 6.66 ERA is no coincidence.

(P.S. Sorry for the lack of a DMV post this morning. I’m looking at you, guy who emailed me upset about it. Sometimes our lives get in the way of blogging for funzies.)

DMV: Will Strasburg Demand $50 Million?

stephen-strasburg.jpgDMV is a daily roundup of District-Maryland-Virginia (mostly) sporting links. 

The Nats have an epic (EPIC!) negotiating battle on their hands upon taking Stephen Strasburg No. 1 overall, and Scott Boras has all the leverage on Stan Kasten. [Nationals Journal]

Nats beat writer says he “can’t wait to stop” doing his job … [We’ve Got Heart]

… and publicly apologizes for doing so. [Nationals Journal]

Adam Dunn looks awful as US gets eliminated. [NBC DC]

Anderson Hernandez, who can’t hit, may be the Nats starting 2B. [TWT]

The O’s unsettled rotation is nightmarish. [The Sun]

Leonsis takes offense to the Caps getting roughed up. [Ted’s Take]

Boz nails his take on Ovi’s hot-stick celebration. [Thomas Boswell]

Is Mike Green the real Caps MVP? [Japers’ Rink]

Lastings Milledge to bat leadoff, get on base 33 percent of the time. [WaPo]

In the optimal Nats lineup, Milledge bats third. [Fire Jim Bowden]

Caron, NY and Blatche discuss the tournament, crack me up. [FanHouse]

Pecherov, in his 25th game, gets his first assist. [Bullets Forever]

“Blind Side” LT Michael Oher is Skins’ pick in many mocks. [DCPSR]

Lady Terps destroy Dartmouth in the first round. [Wapo]

United tie Galaxy in season opener. [WaPo]

Mr. I wins its first Sports Blog Name tourney matchup. [Zoner Sports]

Tonight: JMU at Liberty (7 p.m.), Bulls at Wizards (7)