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‘Strasburg Shouldn’t Be Shut Down,’ Says Bad ESPN Logic

This ESPN Stats & Info blog post (“a must-read for everyone at ESPN”!) is too much to bear, so off we go, Fire Joe Morgan-style …

In all likelihood, 24-year-old Stephen Strasburg’s season will end within weeks with the Washington Nationals likely in a fierce pennant race.

If the Nationals were to reverse course and allow Strasburg to pitch, would the workload hurt his performance? History suggests it wouldn’t.

No one is asking or even wondering this, because the question isn’t if Strasburg would struggle in September-October; the question is if he’ll eventually suffer another major injury from throwing too much too soon.

What the Numbers Say

Since 2001, 20 pitchers fit the profile of a young arm with a considerable workload. The criteria:

• The pitcher needed to be 23 years old or younger.

• It was the pitcher’s first season throwing 150 innings.

• The pitcher had not previously thrown 150 innings in his pro career.

There’s kind of an important bullet point missing here. Can’t quite put my finger on it, though. Something to do with elbow ligaments.

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On Lannan Replacing Strasburg

One of my favorite baseball happenings of 2012 occurred yesterday, when John Lannan returned from minor-league exile to stop the Nats’ two-game skid and extend their NL East lead to 2.5 games. It was a big game, as far as July goes, both for the team and the man, who was demoted this spring in favor of Ross Detwiler and Chien-Ming Wang after being the rotation’s bedrock through four very long seasons.

Though this was just a spot start, it foretells what’s likely to happen in September, when Stephen Strasburg hits his fast-approaching innings limit and a new starter is needed. If/when that occurs, it doesn’t necessarily mean that Lannan replaces Strasburg in the rotation; it means Gio Gonzalez replaces Stras, Jordan Zimmermann replaces Gio, Edwin Jackson replaces ZNN, Detwiler replaces Jackson and, finally, Lannan replaces Detwiler. But really, what we’re talking about is Strasburg leaving and Lannan entering a pennant race.

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8 Nats Things From A Natitude-Filled 2012 MLB All-Star Game

1. Pregame Intros

Bryce Harper and Stephen Strasburg each got above-average-sounding ovations, with Harper’s being louder. Gio Gonzalez’ was probably below-average, but he was still smiling, of course.

2. Facial Hair

It seems a lot of baseball players shave their beards up too high on the neck, Gio being one of them. (Nice 1-2-3 inning, BTW.)

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DMV: Stephen Strasburg Gets Hot Stuff In ‘Uncomfortable’ Place

Nats lose despite Strasburg on the bump and Harper’s second HR. [WaPo]

Davey Johnson: Strasburg had Hot Stuff on his private parts. [Nats Journal]

Rob Dibble’s reaction to Strasburg’s Hot Stuff is so dumb. [Nats Enquirer]

Boz on these Nats losing ~500 games to injuries. [Thomas Boswell]

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DMV: Watch Strasburg Strike Out Mike Stanton With 99-MPH Heat

This is a rather well-shot fan video of Stras pumping gas. [Nats Enquirer]

Assessing the Nats’ starting rotation situation for 2012. [Nats Insider]

Good news, O’s fans: Matt Wieters is becoming Matt Wieters. [Fangraphs]

Camden Yards attendance has dropped 41% since 2000. 41%! [Y! Sports]

Watch Vlad Guerrero hit a highly improbable triple. [Baseball Nation]

If you liked Winners & Losers, you’ll love these. [Bog, Armchair Linebacker]

This Brandon Banks-on-Twitter-inspired artwork is funny. [Redskins Blog]

In case you were wondering, Carlos Rogers still can’t catch. [SB Nation]

Alex Semin speaks for the first time since Matt Bradley-gate. [Puck Daddy]

Photos: Alex Ovechkin got pied for this 26th birthday. [RMNB]

The Caps will wear their throwbacks for 16 away games. [On Frozen Blog]

Five things learned from Maryland’s crazy loss to West Va. [Testudo Times]

If Pitt is ACC-bound they should be rivals with Maryland. [Testudo Times]

One man’s predicted order of finish for CAA hoops. [UNCW Basketball]

DMV: Strasburg As Papa Smurf, Wil Ramos As Smurfette

The Nats made their young bucks dress up like Smurfs. Strasburg was Papa Smurf, but Wil Ramos stole the show as Smurfette. [Bog, @NationalsPR]

Strasburg allowed one R over three IP in a Nats win. [CSN Washington]

Jayson Werth isn’t even close to being the worst $100M player. [Nats Blog]

Lombardozzi, Peacock are the Nats’ top minor leaguers of 2011. [Nats Blog]

Dan Snyder dropped that stupid City Paper lawsuit, finally. [City Desk]

This story about Snyder’s courtship of Shanahan is amazing. [Mike Wise]

Five observations from the Redskins’ victory over NY. [The Insider]

Rex Grossman leapfrogged Anthony Armstrong in the end zone. [Bog]

The Skins are practicing today because the players wanted to. [The Insider]

Seventh-round NT Chris Neild had an awesome NFL debut. [The Insider]

Cooley set a new Redskins team record for catches by a TE. [The Insider]

Andray Blatche stars in a kids book about being healthy. [Bullets Forever]

Weird, shirtless pics from John Wall’s b-day part. [Fuck Yeah John Wall]

Words and pics from JMU’s first game at its expanded stadium. [JMUSB]

DMV: Maryland Wins In Fashion

The helmets are one thing, but I like the arm band.

Terps beat a suspension-depleted Miami team in exciting fashion, 32-24. [Baltimore Sun]

SI’s Andy Staples on the Terp victory, Miami’s troubles, and the unis. []

The MD unis were a hot button topic, trending on Twitter, and largely abused. [USA Today]

Sheinin with a great piece on Strasburg’s scheduled return tonight. [WaPo]

Nats fan optimism looks to be at an all-time high, and I say rightly so. [FJB]

Are the Nats rushing Stras, I say no. [MASN]

Weather looks nasty in DC tonight, so let’s not be surprised if Strasmas gets pushed back. []

In the end, Rex proves to be sexier than Becks. [Shutdown Corner]

Jason Reid continues to contradict himself, make little sense. [WaPo]

Niles Paul is related to Ahman Green. [Skins Blog]

Keiland Williams catches on with Lions, might be better off. [Bleacher Report]

For recruitniks, Terps hoops get verbal from highly-regarded Jake Layman. [ESPN]

Terps may add another, Dematha’s Jerami Grant. [Testudo Times]

DMV: Strasburg’s Back, Pretty Much

Stephen Strasburg’s first post-Tommy John action lasted eight batters and 31 pitches. It also featured four strikeouts and a 98-mph heater. [WaPo]

Video of Strasburg’s 2011 debut. [Nats Enquirer, Bog]

Why the Nats’ timeline for Strasburg’s return makes sense. [Nats Insider]

Video of Bryce Harper’s wild dash on an inside-the-parker. [Nats Enquirer]

Nats win on Jayson Werth’s game-winning hit, split with Colorado. [WaPo]

O’s lose to Toronto, haven’t won a series since late June. [The Sun]

The Redskins’ new punter, Sav Rocca, has finally arrived. [The Insider]

Behind the scenes of last week’s Redskins free-agent frenzy. [WaPo]

LaRon Landry still hasn’t recovered from his Achilles injury. [Burgundy Blog]

Skins sign 2010 Pittsburgh 7th-rounder/DT Doug Worthington. [The Insider]

Skins release their 2009 6th-rounder/LB Robert Henson. [The Insider]

Three big questions as JMU football practice begins. [JMU Sports Blog]