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Not All Redskins Fans Were Sean Taylor Fans (GUEST POST)

Publishing this five-year old-piece by guest blogger Mathew Brown for three reasons: 1) It seems forgotten that Sean Taylor wasn’t the universally beloved Redskins fan favorite he’s made out to be. 2) It allows me to link to that time my brother torched Wilbon. 3) Taylor’s quote in the ninth paragraph raises the hair right up off my arms.

Redskins safety Sean Taylor died early Tuesday morning of a gunshot wound he suffered the previous night. He was shot in his Miami home, underwent seven hours of surgery, but eventually succumbed to the wounds he suffered. Doctors said he lost too much blood, the bullet having severed his femoral artery.

There isn’t a lot you can do when you hear that someone you care about died. You can try to console those closest to the deceased, and you can seek consolation. If you are one of the closest, you just try to cope the best you can. You remember the good times, and you try to think of funny stories, and pleasant memories. The more you like someone, the more you love them, the harder it is to deal with the loss.

But what if you hated the person? Or at least, what if you thought you did? It gets even more confusing. I was one of Sean Taylor’s harshest critics during his career, attacking the flaws in his game and the flaws in his character.

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DMV: November 26th, 2007

The great Sean Taylor died five years ago. RIP, Boom King. [Mike Wise]

Skins RT Jammal Brown is headed to the Injured Reserve. [The Insider]

Chris Cooley doesn’t have a catch in his four games back. [The Insider]

RGIII went to a Baylor game, stormed the field with his ex-mates. [Bog]

Wiz lost badly again, this time at home to the Spurs. [Bullets Forever]

TNT’s Inside the NBA has more fun with the Generals Wizards. [Bog]

Moves the Wiz could’ve made instead of the Okafor-Ariza trade. [BF]

Some fancy stats about Brad Beal’s middling NBA start. [Truth About It]

A counterpoint to Boswell’s column about standing pat. [Nats Baseball]

All-ACC team honors Joe Vellano, snubs Stefon Diggs. [Testudo Times]

Our bro Jack Kogod wrote a DMV college hoops preview. [Washingtonian]

Terps face Northwestern in ACC-B1G Challenge tonight. [Testudo Times]

Georgetown looks like a top-25 team in the early going. [Casual Hoya]

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Sean Taylor’s Locker Will Be Displayed at FedEx, But Only For Rich People to See

So, here’s a really great idea the Redskins had:

Two and a half years after Sean Taylor’s death, the locker room memorial for one of the Redskins’ most beloved players is being removed from Redskins Park. The locker will reappear before the start of the season at FedEx Field […]

But, of course, this is the Redskins. Naturally, they had to fuck it up:

[T]he locker will be moved to the Club A tower of FedEx Field. Only club-level ticketholders will be able to view the locker on gamedays, but team officials say fans will be able to visit the locker during other events and during stadium tours.

You know, because the real fans who will appreciate this are in the club level, with the free tickets they scored from the VP of [inset company name here], who will walk past it, ask “who was No. 21?” and then find a TV at the cigar bar to watch the team they actually are a fan of play. I’m sure those are the people Portis is referring to here:

“I think the true fans, the people who’ve really been down with the Redskins from Day 1, win, lose or draw — I think they’ll have a great appreciation,” Portis said. “I think it’s really gonna hit home with a lot of ’em. I think it’s gonna bring tears to a lot of eyes for the people who really can appreciate the work that Sean put in. That people have an opportunity to share and continue to be a part of his legacy … it’s gonna be great.”

Rick Maese argues that the concrete jungle that is the concourse wouldn’t be an appropriate setting for such a memorial. Fair enough, I guess. But how hard is it to fancy-up a space in the regular concourse for the locker to reside? Put down some woods floors, slap some Taylor images on the walls as a backdrop and put the encased locker in the middle of it. Presto.

Mr. I’s Top 10 D.C. Sports People of 2008

The past couple of years I’ve posted the Top 40 Sports Figures, but this year I was too lazy, so what we have here is the Top 10 D.C. Sports People, based on how much they were blogged about on Mr. Irrelevant in ’08.


10. Nick Young — I’m not sure what The City has done to warrant inclusion other than being the subject of two dunk campaigns, smelling Andray Blatche’s ass, rocking a mohawk and a fade and appearing on Blog Show. Somewhere, Caron Butler and Antawn Jamison hold each other, weep.

9. Alexander Ovechkin — Considering how little we write about the best team in town, it’s amazing he makes it here, and it’s thanks more to his online girlfriend and fancy sweatpants than his MVP (or whatever it’s called).

8. Elijah Dukes — One of the few bright spots on baseball’s worst team, he not only played well but also treated an ump like a bitch, mixed it up with Manager Acta, hit a sweet walk-off, played Tecmo Bowl, fucked with the Mets and beat medicine. Despite injury and perhaps because of the constant presence of a babysitter, it was a very good year. Dawg.

7. Sean Taylor — Died in ’07, cast a shadow over ’08 and inspired a tribute for all times, as well as this guy.

6. Dmitri Young — Like NY, he didn’t actually do anything this year, other than showing up at 291, painting his fingernails, carrying a briefcase, getting bobbleheaded, and inspiring the quote of the year:

“All of a sudden, he felt instant release,” [Jim] Bowden said. “She found the spot.”

5. Dan Snyder/Vinny Cerrato — /braces for another terrible offseason

4. Gilbert Arenas — Played in two games (this one being most notable) and hardly blogs anymore, but still sets the agenda for D.C. hoops and will continue doing so for the duration of his six-year, $111 million contract. Also, “me and my penis love Gilbert Arenas.” Also pt. 2, nice ink.

3. Chris Cooley — He was No. 4 on our list last year, but then he started a blog and it’s crazy how much things have changed. I mean, look at him now: up to No. 3. The work we did on Shutdown Corner is, for my money, the best athlete blogging ever. He also caught a career-high 83 passes for a career-high 849 yards and actually showed his penis on the Internet.

2. Jim Zorn — If you’d asked me a year ago what Jim Zorn does for a living, I’d have had no idea. Working the card show circuit, I may have guessed. Yet here he is, head coach of THE team in D.C.  and originator of so many memes: “Maroon & Black”, “Stay Medium”, “Hip Hip Hooray” and “Zorn Star” among them. All of which we slapped onto t-shirts, btw.

1. Clinton Portis — He debuted new characters, battled with Brian Mitchell, insulted his head coach, modeled for us and strengthened his standing as one of the best RBs ever. He was No. 1 last year, is No. 1 this year and will remain No. 1 so long as he’s leading the Sons of Washington.

Honorable mentions: Ryan Zimmerman, Art Monk, Lastings Milledge, Caron Butler, Fred Smoot, Jason Campbell, JaVale McGee, Dan Steinberg

Apologies to: D.C. United, every single college team in the area

Greatest Sean Taylor Tribute Ever

There are plenty of amateur tributes to No. 21 around the YouTubes, most of them feature a montage of photos/videos and are set to some song that both rocks your face, yet is sentimental at the same time. Like “My Hero” by Foo Fighters. Yeah, that’s it. Anyway, all of those tributes suck compared to the one put together by 93.9, which features several DC hip hop up-and-comers. Or so I’ve been told. The only person I know in the bunch is Anwan Glover from The Wire. That doesn’t make it any less awesome, however.

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Don’t Worry, Redskins: Sean Taylor Didn’t See You Play Like Shit on Sunday


This would’ve been posted yesterday, but I was too busy being sodomized — against my will, mind you — by U.S. Airways. I do not recommend flying, unless you’re a person who loves pain and you have absolutely no other options because, for example, gouging your eyeball with a rusty nail just doesn’t do it for you anymore.

But before U.S. Air leapfrogged Chelsea Handler, the state of Pennsylvania and a certain question-prone blogger to take the top spot on my list of most hated things ever, I was at FedEx Field enjoying the fine accommodations Dan Snyder provides in his luxury boxes. It was a perfect day to have my first non-400 level experience seeing as there was a frozen shitstorm pouring down on Landover Sunday.

The box also gave me a nice view of the Sean Taylor pregame ceremony, which was MC’ed by George Michael. There was a fine little tribute going on, which featured some pre-written words from Sean’s father Pedro. It was all good, heartfelt, and can be seen in its entirety here, but then Michael decided to veer off the script, pull Pedro back in front of the mic and ask him this: “What do you think Sean is doing today?”

Now, Michael certainly asked this question expecting a response that would fire everyone up. Something along the lines of, “Well, he’s probably up in heaven, wearing his jersey, watching the Skins whoop up on the Giants today.” Or, “He’s starting at free safety today, in spirit.” Or, to the contrary, something like, “Fuck, George, why the fuck you goin’ off the script, puttin’ me on the spot like this and shit? Fuck if I know what the hell Sean’s doin’.”

Instead, this was the response Michael got:

“Fishin’? Did he say ‘fishin’?” Yes. Yes he did. Although I guess it was a good thing Sean wasn’t watching the game. I certainly wish I hadn’t.

ST ‘Becomes the James Dean of the NFL’

Sean Taylor passed a year ago today, and his awesome legend only grows.


The Washington Post has you covered, especially with its Redskins Insider blog, which posts a poignant tribute from Mike Wise:

“I remember writing of the funeral how sad it was that we knew him better in death than in life. I still feel that way today. He lives bigger in memoriam than he did when he was alive. In another decade, Sean Taylor becomes the James Dean or Jim Morrison of the NFL – a great, young talent who was taken much too soon, a doting father who didn’t get to see his baby girl grow up.

A year later, that’s still pretty damn sad.”

R.I.P., Boom King. May your afterlife be overrun with ball-carrying punters.

I’m Not Sure How the NFL Sleeps at Night

Ryan Clark’s story is a good one. Undrafted out of LSU, he latched on as a special teamer with the Giants and worked his way into their defensive backfield before coming to Washington via free agency. He spent two seasons with the Skins, starting 24 games at safety, 22 of them alongside Sean Taylor. In 2006, Washington failed to make Clark an offer, so he accepted a starting job with the Super Bowl champion Steelers. Despite having his spleen removed last year and losing 30 pounds, he remains the starting safety for them now as they come to D.C., where the Burgundy & Gold faithful remember him well.


And he remembers his time with the Burgundy & Gold, especially his time spent as a friend and mentor to Sean Taylor. As Jason La Canfora reported a year ago, “Ryan Clark was probably Sean Taylor’s closest friend during their two years together on the Washington Redskins.” Clark’s loss must have been profound last November, and likely remains so now. To wit, he wears a 21 jersey in practice and last Sunday wrote a Shockey-esque “21” on his eye black to honor Taylor. And the NFL fined him five stacks for it.

Clark says he’ll continue wearing the 21 eye black, as he should if he damn well pleases. And the NFL may continue fining him for it, as it should if it wants to die of gonorrhea and rot in hell.

(Story found via FanHouse. Sports by Brooks has a good take on it as well.)