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DMV: Nats, O’s Win In 26 Innings

The Nats win in 12, beating Houston 3-2 on three RBI from Danny Espinosa. They now have baseball’s best record and are four games up on Atlanta. The O’s win in 14, beating Seattle on two HR from Matt Wieters. They’ve now won 12 straight extra-inning games and are tied for the AL Wild Card. This is shaping up to be an okay baseball season. [WaPo, The Sun]

Roger Bernadina seals the win with incredible catch. [Nats Enq., Deadspin]

Ross Detwiler continues to shine, lowers ERA to 2.99. [Nats Journal]

In case you’re wondering why Kurt Suzuki’s fingernails are yellow. [Bog]

Behold the restorative powers of this Nats fan’s chicken soup. [Bog]

O’s are winning thanks to Buck Showalter’s culture change. [Justice4U]

Flamethrowing Pedro Strop is having a fine season. [Steve Melewski]

Collector finds game-worn Earl Weaver jersey for $3. [Big League Stew]

RGIII wrote “Seize the Moment” on his cleats because of course he did. [Bog]

Gaping asshole Colin Cowherd is still talking about John Wall. [Bog]

Stony Brook and Albany are coming to CAA football. [JMUSB]

Roger Bernadina Isn’t Doing Steroids …

… that I know of, but he did get “jacked” this winter.

And good for Bernadina. He was having a decent 2010 through August (.760 OPS) until his numbers fell off of a cliff (.458 OPS after August). He says it was because he wasn’t in very good shape.

I don’t know about that, because he looked pretty fit to me. He certainly looks more fit now, and he figures to get plenty of time in left field, so I’m all for his newfound [colloquialism for arms].

I’m also for following the SEO Rapper’s advice, hence the headline and url. Google juicing aside (Google juice? Get it?), the Shark has like 18-inch biceps. Mine are only six.

More power to him, we hope.