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Stephen Strasburg Is Just a Big Pussy Who Needs to Man-Up, Or Something

The Strasburg Shutdown Debate (SSD) has grown out of control the last couple weeks. It’s gone from a local discussion to a national debate, with everyone from Ken Rosenthal to Rudy Giuliani offering worthless, straw man opinions that serve to only make SSD more insufferable.

But even more infuriating are the “baseball people” — former and current players, managers, etc. — issuing quotes from the Rob Dibble School of Man’ing Up about how Strasburg needs to INSIST he keeps pitching through the playoffs. As if this is somehow his decision, or that he somehow doesn’t want to continue playing.

These people are fucking morons.

Just last night we had two more examples. First, there was Chipper Jones, who said, “If I was him, I’d be throwing a fit.” Because Strasburg throwing a tantrum is going to be a productive and successful means of getting the front office to change its mind. This is professional advice from a 40-year-old veteran to a second-year player.

Then there was this from MLB Network’s Mitch “Wild Thing” Williams: “If it was me, it would have to be at gunpoint. There’s zero chance that I’m going to go quietly.”

How does this scenario work? Listen, Mr. Rizzo, I see that Lannan is already out there warming up, but you are going to have to shoot me in the face to stop me from barging onto the field, taking the ball from John and inserting myself into this game as the starting pitcher. So, what’s it gonna be? Seems reasonable.

The thing that everyone who has just now joined the SSD is missing is that Strasburg isn’t kicking and screaming about being shutdown because it was a decision that was made five months ago. That doesn’t make him less of a man, or less passionate, or competitive, or whatever. He’s accepting it. And the rest of us should do the same. Strasburg isn’t going to pitch in the playoffs. That’s that. So try to enjoy the run and be grateful we get to watch him pitch again next April.

DMV: After Telling Strasburg to ‘Suck It Up,’ Dibble Says ‘Don’t Rush [Him] Back’

Stephen Strasburg is making his first post-Tommy John start in Hagerstown on Sunday. [Nats Journal]

Rob Dibble questions the timing of Strasburg’s return, saying the Nats think “that they invented the game of baseball.” [Nats Enquirer, Bog, Nats Inquisition]

Trading Ryan Zimmerman may make sense. [FJB]

Nats lose at Colorado, struggle on the road. [WaPo]

O’s lose their 12th straight road series. [The Sun]

Mr. Glass Ryan Torain to miss 7-10 days w/ a broken hand. [The Insider]

Reed Doughty and Rocky McIntosh are back with new deals. [The Insider]

Skins signed backup-type center/guard Donovan Raiola. [The Insider]

First-hand good, bad and TBD observations from Skins camp. [Hogs Haven]

Reminder: Chris Hanburger is going into the HOF tomorrow. [The Insider]

Trevor Booker is the first Wizard to sign overseas during the lockout. [WI]

Some sturm und drang around Arturs Irbe’s departure. [Caps Insider]

The Fire Dibble Movement Is Complete!

Add this to No. 1 with a bullet on the list of 10 Good Things From the Nats’ 2010: Rob Dibble has been fired by the Nationals. This wonderful news is coming to us from WaPo’s Adam Kilgore, who says the team, nor MASN, had any further comment at this time.

Ray Knight will serve as the color analyst through the rest of this season … and I’d be perfectly happy keeping him around for next year, too. His subdued, straight-forward analysis is a welcome change after two years of screaming, uninformed homerism.

Suck it up, asshole.

Thomas Boswell: What Steve Carlton Was to Lefties, Rob Dibble Is to Idiots

Just stumbled upon this excerpt from yesterday’s Washington Post chat (via Chris Needham):

Tommy John: Can we get that surgery performed on Rob Dibble’s mouth?

Thomas Boswell: One Nats exec, on hearing of the comments, called another Nats executive and just said one word, “Idiot.”

They both knew, with no names mentioned and no other context, what was being discussed and who.

They used to say that you knew how good Steve Carlton was because if you said “Lefty” everybody in baseball knew who you were talking about. Dibble?

That’s probably the best takedown yet of the guy who just keeps digging, and it comes from Washington’s preeminent baseball writer. Well done, Boz.

DMV: Maybe This Will Get Dibble Fired?

Rob Dibble tells Strasburg to “suck it up” and pitch through arm pain in a meaningless mid-August game. You know, man up, like Dibs used to do. [Bog]

Shockingly, Rob Dibble is full of it. [Nats Baseball]

Dibble responds to critics by telling them to “stick to their little blogs.” [Fed. Baseball]

Z-Mann to start for Strassy Thursday; Nats interested in Carlos Pena? [Goessling]

Nats minor league 1B Tyler Moore is on an unbelievable tear. [Nats Journal]

Nats’ downslide continues as they lose to Chicago 9-1. [WaPo]

An interview with Cal Ripken, Jr. upon his 50th birthday. [Peter Schmuck]

Awesome: Ripken’s 8th-grade essay on becoming a ballplayer. [Toy Dept.]

Shanahan and Haynesworth spoke after Fat Al’s Saturday-night rant. [RI]

Beamer’s No. 10 Va. Tech readies for No. 3 Boise State. [Tracee Hamilton]

Maryland and Texas home-and-home series set for 2017-18. [DCist]

DMV: Rob Dibble’s Message for You, Judy

Rob Dibble said some insensitive, unfunny things about women. [Bog]

Dibble apologized for what he said, both online and on-air. [SBN D.C.]

Apology not accepted. [Camden Chat, CP, We Love DC, Edge of Brooklyn]

Immigration protesters streaked the field at Nats Park. [D.C. Sports Bog]

Jordan Z-Mann’s 2nd-to-last minor league start goes well. [Nats Journal]

Jason Marquis has been awful. Like, really awful. [Nats Blog]

Nats have two of baseball’s top catching prospects. [Beyond the Boxscore]

Assessing Bryce Harper, who needs to be signed by midnight. [Nats Journal]

O’s also have ’til midnight to sign No. 3 pick Manny Machado. [O’s Insider]

Nats win as Stras returns to form; O’s lose 1st series in 4 tries. [WaPo, Sun]

Buck Showalter wasn’t a fan of the O’s all-orange throwbacks. [BLS]

Twelve observations from the Redskins-Bills game. [Fatpickled]

Brandon Banks took a punt to the house, did the John Wall dance. [Bog]

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Introducing the Bob & Rob Drinking Game

This isn’t the place to debate the merits of MASN’s Nats broadcasting duo of Bob Carpenter and Rob Dibble. Just know that we don’t like them, nor do a lot of D.C. sports fans, nor does GQ, apparently.

Here’s the thing though: We do like the Nats, and MASN has the games, so we’ll keep watching. And if we can’t get Dibble fired, we can at least try to kick back and enjoy it.

With that, here’s the Bob & Rob Drinking Game, which, as you can see, was tested by our brother Beef, Da Meathook bobblehead and I last Friday night to the tune of 14 Amstel Lights in nine innings. Your mileage may vary.

Drink when …

Rob says “we,” “our” or “us.”
Bob cracks a corny joke.
Rob refers to his playing career.
Bob refers to the Cardinals.
Bob or Rob spouts a cliché (e.g. “you have to be strong up the middle”).
Bob or Rob is just plain wrong (e.g. “Juan Pierre is an excellent player.”).
Bob or Rob uses one of the following nicknames: “Gentleman Zim, “The Goozer,” The Capper,” “The Hammer,” “The Body” or “Big Bad Dunn.”

Drink twice when …

Bob or Rob praises Ivan Rodriguez for intangibles such as leadership.
Rob complains about pitchers throwing too many offspeed pitches.
Bob or Rob complains about Adam Dunn taking too many pitches.
Rob is shown wearing bitchin’ transition eyeglass lenses.
Sideline reporter extraordinaire Debbie Taylor appears.
Debbie talks to you like you’re 2 years old.

Drink three times when …

Rob yells, grunts, claps and/or laughs maniacally.
Rob’s tattoos are visible on the broadcast.
Rob suggests the Nats throw at someone.
Rob complains about balls and strikes.
Rob complains about and/or mocks those who use the Internet.

Chug when …

Debbie asks a tough question. (Note: This will not occur.)
Bob says, “See. You. Later.” (Note: This means the Nats have hit a home run, and Rob is probably yelling as well, so just finish your drink.)

(Our thanks to those who contributed to the rules and regulations here, including Chris Needham and Dan Steinberg as well as numerous Mr. Irrelevant commenters and @MrIrrelevantDC followers.)

9 Observations From Strassy’s 2nd Start

1. We get to do this every fifth day. This is just setting in now, and it is awesome. Case in point, this was the first time I’ve recorded a Nats game. Appointment programming! Let’s do it again Friday!

2. He didn’t have the good stuff. The fastball wasn’t hitting triple-digits, the curveball wasn’t falling off the table and the location wasn’t there. He still held Cleveland to two hits and one run in five-and-a-third. (Update: Despite what MASN’s gun was saying, Strasburg actually hit 100 nine times.)

3. He showed human emotion. The Strasbot 2010 kicked some dirt after issuing his fourth walk, prompting the grounds crew to come out and fix the mound, which was really irritating Strasburg.

4. Drew Storen saved his ass. Strasburg’s fellow 2009 first-rounder inherited and escaped a bases loaded, one-out jam. After 11.2 major league innings, Storen’s ERA is actually lower than St. Stephen’s.

5. Strasburg “is definitely a road show.” That was Rob Dibble’s quote, and it was a good one. I’m not sure what the announced attendance was, but Bob Carpenter said the Indians usually draw half that.

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