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Mike Wise, You Can Do Better Than This

mike-wise.jpgI usually enjoy Washington Post columnist Mike Wise’s work, but, when it comes to writing about blogs, he must be stopped. Case in point, today’s column about the Redskins’ injury situation titled ‘Chicken Little, Alive and Blogging.’ Aside from the headline, here’s the part I take issue with:

It may not be DEFCON 1 in Ashburn, but don’t tell a few worried and neurotic folks in the blogosphere, where one poster writes: “What’s the point of waiting to panic in October? The gray skies descend upon us and the chill of autumn lingers like a used bathrobe.” Or this from DCSween: “Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, what did you think of the play?”

And my personal favorite, from groundhogdayguy: “Don’t worry. The Skins have a 3rd round pick next year, so we can trade for a backup running back to beef up the inactive list.”

Sad and subversive as it is, I usually like to stoke such fears. I have no problem contributing to the insecurity of any team’s core fan base. But on this note I have to say: People, it’s the first of August, not the Ides of March. Breathe deeply.

My response after the jump …

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Jason Campbell’s TV Spot

Another reason, aside from the return of vertical passing, to be thankful for the demise of Mark Brunell: JC-17 commercials! First was his Eastern’s ad, and now this one for fantasy football, which comes very highly recommended (Hogs Haven via FanHouse).


What is his fantasy value, you ask? He’s a solid No. 2 who’ll throw for over 3,000 yards, 20 TD and 10 INT and run not at all. I love round numbers.

And, yes, we desperately need to figure out how to post video around here.

Redskins Report: The Year of Sellers?

sellers.gifTraining camp has begun, which means the Washington Post dedicates two pages per day to the Skins. That would be overkill, except a hefty bit of said real estate goes to Bog Man Dan Steinberg and the uncovering of gems like the New Hair Report.

The star of this piece is fan favorite Mike Sellers, our starting H-Back who’s now 12 pounds lighter with three new tattoos and a two-tone beard (follow the link for a pic). So, really, in some ways, 2007 is already the year of Sellers and we needn’t go any further.

Fortunately, there’s more. He’s got a new nickname — “T-Pain” — to go along with his old nickname — “Dat Boy” — and is poised for a breakout campaign, or at least as much of a breakout campaign as an offensive player who hardly touches the ball can have. Superfan Jack Kogod stumped for Sellers Pro Bowl candidacy last season on the strength of his blocking ability, and Pro Football Prospectus says, “Sellers might be the most underrated player in Joe Gibbs’s offense.”

So, yeah, it may be July, but I’m prepared for a small measure of some football, especially after watching that animated gif of Sellers plowing through Correll Buckhalter (courtesy of Extreme Skins) about a dozen times.

Jason Campbell Is an Outstanding Actor

Anyone who lives in the D.C.-area has long since be familiar with the Eastern Motors commercials. They feature, or have featured, a long list of athletes who either play in the area (ex. Clinton Ports, etc.), or are from the area (ex. Carmelo Anthony). The real key to their success is their amazingly infectious, and highly annoying, jingle, which is actually from a Shaggy song (read that in the City Paper once).

Apparently, a new batch of these commercials has hit the airwaves, and in this one Jason Campbell makes his small screen debut with a very convincing acting job:


Doesn’t he kind of talk like the “crackhead” who shows up at Peter’s door selling magazine subscriptions in Office Space? I know he’s got some personality in there somewhere.

There is also a new one with Jamal Lewis replacement Willis McGahee, among others.

Note: I apologize for the back-to-back YouTubes, but I’m slightly hungover from our blogger-fest last night, and moving pictures can do the work for me.

Is That Bill Dudley Next to the Back Zit?

Meet Redskins superfan Kevin McCarthy, who you will certainly not be shocked to learn lives in southern Maryland. He has quite the mosaic (see it larger than you ever would want to) on his rather expansive back, and a custom sleeveless and backless shirt to accommodate it:


I hope he has enough room down there near his ass crack for Art Monk, and eventually, Jason Campbell and Clinton Portis (a brother can dream, no?).

Note: Bill Dudley was apparently an American football player in the 40’s and 50’s. Quite versatile, I must say. He was a halfback, punter, kicker, and WWII vet.

Beware When Dating Girls Who Like NFL

I used to think the idea of dating a girl who was a die-hard Redskins fan sounded so great. But as I’ve grown to the ripe old age of 25, I realize that being around girls who think they know anything about football (or even worse, actually do know anything about football) is just really, really annoying. It’s best if she simply understands that Sunday is sacred, unless the ‘Skins are playing on MNF or Thursday, and to please allow me to go to the home of whichever friend happens to have the biggest HDTV and the most beer and let me be miserable when they inevitably lose.

Having said all that, it’s good to know what I’m getting into if I end up dating a girl who isn’t a ‘Skins fan at all. Some site called Datehole (I wasn’t previously familiar with it) has put together a nice little PSA based on which NFC team your potential girlfriend roots for. An example:


“Explain that should she get pregnant during your time together it’s almost certainly not your child and she should stop watching Rextasy lest she get knocked up again.”

So, you get the idea. It’s not the greatest thing ever posted on the internet, but it did give me an excuse to point to my all-time favorite KSK post.

Hopefully Snyder Paid This Lovely Couple

I really have to tip my cap to this classy local couple who decided to have a Redskins wedding. Sure, it’s probably not the route I’d go on my most specialist day in the whole wide world, but then again, I’m never getting married so it’s really a moot point. Please follow the link and enjoy:


A couple of notes worth mentioning here:

  • This is definitely a So. Maryland wedding (Waldorf, perhaps?), not Manassas, as suggested by a Bog commenter.
  • There’s a No. 84 Gary Clark jersey in there. Good form, young lady.
  • Somehow the most obnoxious person isn’t wearing a jersey at all; it’s the dude in the suit who dances his way across the floor with Lavar.
  • What the hell is T.O. circa 1997 doing there (24-second mark)?
  • Over/under on the happy couples’ years spent in holy matrimony: six.

And yes, we stole two items from the Bog today. It’s just that good. I’m sure Dan won’t mind.

(Ed. note: As previously noted by Jamie, we cannot embed video… yet. Someone smarter than us is working on it).

The American Mustache Institute vs. Jason Campbell

Steinz and I discuss the American Mustache Institute’s best sports ‘staches of all time on Blog Show XVI, with Bog Man Dan charging AMI with unfairly including only one black athlete (Clyde Frazier) on the ballot. Fortunately for African-American mustaches everywhere, Skins blog Hogs Haven tells the AMI to stick it and stumps for Washington QB Jason Campbell’s inclusion in the proceedings.

Jason Campbell Mustache

Much to their credit, AMI responds:

“Campbell, as Billy Dee Williams-smooth as he may be, would never be considered as he also sports hair on his chin thus nullifying his candidacy. A true ‘stache – a delicious ‘stache – is one that needs no complimenting chin hair.”

“A delicious ‘stache” you say? Thanks for the laugh (and the Billy Dee comparison), but JC has honest-to-goodness lip fur that should be recognized as such. Fortunately, there’s a write-in option on AMI’s ballot, so we can rock the vote in an attempt to right the wrongs of oppressed facial hair everywhere. And, you know, white man or not, I wouldn’t mind it if you nominated Jeff Reboulet while you’re at it.

Update: Seems that AMI saw us on Blog Show and responds via email to Steinz (after the jump):

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