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Redskins 2016 Offseason Grade: B?

Old friend of the site Bill Barnwell is handing out offseason grades over at ESPN, and his NFC East batch gives the Skins a B. Solid.

The highlights? Franchising Cousins and swapping Culliver for Norman. The lowlight? Not improving the backfield, unless you think cutting FroMo is addition by subtraction.

I thought it was a good offseason, though so much of it comes down to the draft. And at least Dallas got a C.

The 10 Most Disappointing Redskins Of The Past 20 Years Or So


Brian Orakpo’s season ended this week, another torn pectoral muscle ending another underwhelming campaign. That likely ends his time with the Redskins, too.

He had some decent seasons — including a few Pro Bowl campaigns — but I’ll always think of him as somewhat disappointing, because he wasn’t supposed to be decent. He was supposed to be a dominating sack machine, the missing piece to the pass rush, and somehow there was always some excuse why that never happened.

So this depressing news got me thinking about disappointing Redskins players. I immediately convened an emergency meeting of the Mr. Irrelevant Redskins brain-trust to determine who the MOST disappointing Redskins player was.

(Note: This is not to be confused with Dan Snyder’s top 10 offseason champs. That is a different but related thing.)

This turned out to be a very long meeting. There has been a LOT of disappointment in the last 20+ years.

We briefly considered dividing the disappointments into various subsets — draft busts separate from free agent disasters, or failed wide receivers separate from failed defensive superstars — but in the end decided that one consolidated list was the way to go. Here’s the top 10, along with others receiving votes.

(Note: There was some talk given to including RG3 pretty high up on this list, but I … I just can’t. Not yet. I’m unilaterally moving him back to others receiving votes for at least a little while longer.)

When you get to the end, you can vote for your own biggest disappointment, or write in someone we missed in the comments.

10. Patrick Ramsey

Arrived as the 32nd overall pick in the draft. Started 24 games in a four-year Redskins career. Somehow signed with seven other teams over the next five seasons but never started another game. Continue reading The 10 Most Disappointing Redskins Of The Past 20 Years Or So

The Wizards Fan’s Guide To The 2012 Final Four (BONUS POLL)

As you know by now, unless you tuned out sometime in 2008, the Wizards have the second-worst record in the NBA. This is because they are the dregs, you see.

But with great losing comes great draft positioning, which hasn’t meant a whole hell of a lot for the Wiz these past few years. In 2009, it meant trading the No. 5/Ricky Rubio pick for Randy Foye and Mike Miller. In ’10, it meant hitting the jackpot and landing John Wall. And in ’11, it meant Jan Vesely at No. 6. So, yeah, don’t get your hopes up too high, Wiz fans.

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Should The Redskins Trade Up For Robert Griffin III? (POLL)

Conventional wisdom is that trading with the Rams to get the second pick will cost the Redskins this year’s first-, second- and third-round picks as well as next year’s first- and second-rounders. You know, give or take some picks, but let’s not dicker around with the details.

In my opinion, if Robert Griffin III is the quarterback the Shanaclan really, truly wants, I don’t have a problem with them trading up to get him. When I asked this on Twitter most people agreed with me.

But that was a small sample size. I’d like to get a larger response here, and to have a better idea of what Redskins fans think about giving up all those picks for RG3. So please do vote in the poll and expound in the comments.

Previously: Are you for/against the Skins signing Peyton?

Peyton Manning Skins Roundtable (With Bonus Peyton-Skins Poll!)

The hype machine is out full-force on the Peyton Manning to the Redskins rumors. Any major news outlet you look at is reporting on the possibility, and the Shanahans remain mum on the topic. There are plenty of questions on Peyton’s health and what it will take to sign him, but the bigger question for Skins fans is if Peyton is the right fit. Some folks say they should, others say no way. We opened the Peyton issue up to our team of “semi-rational homers” for analysis and want your take in the comments.

Andy Peden: I guess it’s 20 years of shit that has me believing that this would only go badly. If healthy we could get Peyton for three or four years without giving up any draft picks. We could also use the No. 6 pick for a playmaker on offense. And hopefully spend an early-round pick this year or next on the QB of the future. But this is the Redskins so I’m guessing if we were to sign him he would immediately tear his ACL.

Jack Kogod: Signing Peyton Manning would be a step backwards. Even if he is healthy (hard to believe) bringing him in would go against everything they’ve done to rebuild the roster over the past two years. The team still needs a lot of pieces. Most important among them is a young quarterback.

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Prince Fielder Nats Roundtable (With Bonus Prince Fielder Poll!)

Jamie Mottram: It’s been months, and “the Nats look like Prince Fielder favorites,” but I’m still not sure I want him on the Nats, nor do I have a good sense of what it’ll take to get him. I’m pretty sure I’m against it, though, mostly because I don’t want to sink big money into a big first baseman, even one who’s relatively young and can really rake. How about you?

Jack Kogod: Important question: Is he still a vegetarian? (Ed. note: Reportedly not.)

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Should WaPo Stop Covering National Sports and Start Covering Baltimore?

Just the other day the honorable Smokin’ Al Koken complained about the Washington Post paying short shrift to the Stanley Cup with its lack of coverage. Considering all of the ink WaPo spilled on the NBA Finals and other national sporting events du jour, it was a fair point.

And then yesterday Dan Steinberg, in a longer post about D.C. United TV ratings being up, shared the WaPo ombudsman’s findings that readers are more interested in the Baltimore Ravens than they are in the Washington Wizards. The Orioles also ranked ahead of the Mystics and United.

Which leads us to two questions, both of which I have opinions on, but I’m curious to hear from the collective. Please place your votes and explain your reasoning in the comments if you’d be so kind.

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