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Gameday Tip: When You Leave Your Tailgate, Make Sure Nothing Is on Fire

skinsfirefinal.jpgThis would be a horrible way to end an already miserable evening at FedEx Field last night:

Eight cars were heavily damaged by fire last night in a parking lot at FedEx field, Prince George’s County fire officials said.

One car began burning, and the blaze then spread to seven others said Maj. Dennis Wood of the county fire and emergency services department.

The article goes on to say that Maj. Wood (not to be confused with The Maj) does not suspect foul play. In other words, somebody dumped their still-burning coals a little too close to an automobile, or put a hot grill in the bed of their pickup. But here’s the good news: With the reported percentage of Steelers fans in attendance last night ranging anywhere from 15-33%, there’s a good chance at least a couple of those eight cars burned belonged to Yinzers. The best way to calculate just how many Steeler fan automobiles were touched is to count up the number of Firebirds and/or IROCs that were damaged in the blaze.

Unfortunately, this bus made it out intact.

Redskins-Steelers Winners & Losers

Handing out labels following Skins games. Tonight: a 23-6 loss to Pittsburgh.

LOSING: Carlos Rogers — He’s battled back from injury and performed well but has now dropped at least four interceptions this season, and tonight’s was the worst. He also committed a 43-yard pass interference and gave Santonio Holmes too much space on a quick-hitting touchdown, but at least Kornheiser likes his gold shoes!

Zorn’s offense —  Mustered only six points on the first four drives despite starting all four in Pittsburgh territory. Only gained 71 net yards in the first half and 221 for the game. Campbell was getting killed. Timeouts were being burned. It was the season opener at New York all over again.

The Dirtbags — Gave up seven sacks, not to mention multiple holding calls.

Danny Smith — I’m not sure who to blame for the blocked punt, so let’s blame the shitty special teams coach.

Antwaan Randle El — Tirico described a punt in mid-air as “very returnable.” Randle El returned it four yards.

Santana Moss — Wasn’t a factor. Let’s hope the hamstring doesn’t linger.

ESPN — Their ballyhooed presidential halftime interviews with Chris Berman were pre-taped, three-question satellite jobs. (Mini-Winners & Losers: Winner — Obama for suggesting an eight-team college football playoff, Loser — McCain for proposing to ban all performance-enhancers forever.)

Tony Kornheiser — Maybe some people like him on MNF. I’ve never met one of those people.

apebag.jpgWINNING: Steelers fans — Steinz estimated 15% in attendance were donning Black & Gold. Terl and La Canfora both said they saw more Steelers fans than those of any other previous visiting team’s fans. Way to go, Ape.

Ron Jaworski — We were going to post about Rabach’s quote in La Canfora’s story, but Jaws summed up the Skins offense beautifully: “In the passing game, it’s the West Coast offense. In the running game, it’s the Midwest Coast offense.” And his breakdown of the Redskins’ use of stunts in their pass rush was masterful. I wish this guy provided color for all Skins games.

Chris Horton — Got props from Jaws as a playmaker. Has his own t-shirt. Recorded a third quarter sack and a backfield tackle.

Demetric Evans — Recorded two sacks and caused a big loss on a reverse.

Chris Cooley — Eight more catches, 78 more yards. The guy’s having a helluva year.

Shaun Suisham — Nailed two 40-plus yarders.

The all-Burgundy Unis — A rare, striking commodity.

STAYING MEDIUM: Blache’s defense — Finally put pressure on the QB (four sacks) and shutdown Pittsburgh’s offense in the first half, but then Leftwich replaced an injured Roethlisberger and went off. Go figure.

Jason Campbell — Managed to not get hurt. Finally threw an INT (or two).

Clinton Portis — Didn’t get much on the ground, but still totaled 124 yards.

Ryan Plackemeier Muffin Top – I didn’t know a pear-shaped man could be upended, but he sure was on that blocked punt. Didn’t kick bad though.

NEXT: Dallas at Washington Sunday 11/16, 8:15 p.m. ET

Skins-Steelers Matinee Winners & Losers


I’ve been searching and digging and dying for something to write about tonight’s game, but really, there’s not much left to be said. It’s obviously a big game, I’m incredibly excited for it, and god dammit, I hope Santana is able to go, but with the outcome of an event much, much larger looming about 24 hours from kick-off, this game has taken on a different feel. Maybe that’s what people call “perspective.” I don’t know. I do know I’m thankful for the temporary distraction from the race to 270, (save for Berman’s hard-hitting halftime interviews).

Oh, and I’m thankful for this:

Has it finally happened? Word has it that the Redskins are expected to wear burgundy pants and burgundy jerseys for Monday night’s game against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

It would be the first time–at least in recent memory–that the team would wear burgundy on burgundy uniforms.

Players have talked about wearing burgundy on burgundy for years, and earlier this season Jim Zorn indicated it would be a possibility for cold weather games.

That’s from, so you’d think they could, like, walk down the hall and ask someone if it has “finally happened.” But I guess we shall find out soon enough. In the meantime, please feel free to pepper the comments with your thoughts before, during and after the game. We’ll be back with the real Winners & Losers post sometime tomorrow morning.

Go Skins.

UPDATE: It’s official, they will wear the all burgundy.