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Ten Things from ‘24/7 Pens/Caps’ Ep. 2

Here to recap Episode 2 of HBO’s “24/7 Penguins/Capitals” is Mr. Irrelevant Pittsburgh Sports Correspondent Jason Dailey (aka Mr. Yinzer). Be nice. Also, check out Greg Wyshynski’s stellar recap over at Puck Daddy.

First, a note on the “we want Pittsburgh” chant. Caps fans, let’s not start sucking each others dicks quite yet. Your squad has won two in a row. But let’s dial it down a notch inside the Beltway. Yinz guys are coming off an eight-game skid. You beat the fourth- and fifth-place teams in the Atlantic and Northeast. Great job. We’ll see tonight how bad you want Pittsburgh. Mr. Yinzer predicts a 4-1 victory for the Pens. Now, onto the show …

1. Mike Green gets 70 miles to the gallon on this hog. Has Green not learned anything from Ben Rapethlisberger (alleged) and driving around on motorcycles? I mean scooters? Really, Green? A Vespa? WTF. This series is making it very hard to like yinz guys. I’m trying. But the ending of this episode was a deal breaker. When you guys were beating the beat after a win, I gave up hope. Come on, boys.

2. The refs let ’em go. In how many other sports will the refs make room for the players to fight? You’ve got to love hockey. Referee Stephen Walkom was encouraging and even moved the net for Aaron Asham and Sean Avery to square off.

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DMV: Ovi and Crosby on ‘Price Is Right’

Ovechkin and Crosby on “The Price Is Right” is unintentionally funny. [Bog]

Caps players discuss what it’s like having HBO around. [Caps Insider]

A detailed analysis of Redskins blocking vs. Tampa Bay. [Football Outsider]

LaVar Arrington is not good at discussing non-football matters. [City Desk]

The Skins want an indoor practice facility in Ashburn. [Redskins Insider]

Nats re-sign Chien-Ming Wang for one year, $1 million. [Nats Journal]

A numerical look at new Nat Matt Stairs’ incredible career. [Nats Blog]

The Nats are suddenly a much more athletic team. [Nats Insider]

Nats are down to Adam LaRoche, Derrek Lee or other at 1B. [Nats Insider]

It’s time for JaVale McGee to set aside childish things. [Truth About It]

Rookie bigs Kevin Seraphin and Trevor Booker are getting PT. [Wiz Insider]

Rundown of potential replacements for James Franklin. [Testudo Times]

D.C.’s pro sports teams have been especially awful this December. [Bog]

We made our way into a magazine’s top 10 D.C. blogs list. [Capitol File]

Ten Things from ’24/7 Pens/Caps’ Ep. 1

Here to recap Episode 1 of HBO’s “24/7 Penguins/Capitals” is Mr. Irrelevant Pittsburgh Sports Correspondent Jason Dailey (aka Mr. Yinzer). Be nice. Also, check out Greg Wyshynski’s stellar recap over at Puck Daddy.

1. Bruce Boudreau will be all right. The Caps are mired in the slump of slumps. If they don’t turn it around soon, there may be a change behind the bench. But not to worry, if Boudreau gets sacked, he could have a role in “Casino 2”. He dropped enough F-bombs in two minutes to make Rex Ryan blush. Very entertaining.

2. I’m glad it wasn’t the Crosby-Ovechkin hour. The first episode was a great look into the sport of hockey and the players and their personalities. The banter with the refs, in the locker room, and on the road is what makes 24/7 a great show.

3. “Mustache Boy” is a great tradition. Every month, the Pens have a shootout to see which player will wear a mustache for the month. Then they call him Mustache Boy. (Ed. note: I wish the Caps did this.)

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Winter Classic Tix Are Really Expensive

But, hey, at least they’re going down:

Seeing the Caps and Pens play outdoors in Pittsburgh on New Year’s Day would be pretty cool. $594-per-ticket cool? I don’t know about that.

Visit the TiqIQ-powered Mr. Irrelevant ticket shop to see what kind of deals are to be had, but even the cheap seats aren’t cheap, not one bit:

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On the Caps, Bandwagoneering and Me

Growing up I was into whatever my dad was into, and one of the ways that manifested itself was in us attending Caps games together. Some of my most vivid childhood memories are of sitting with him in the Caps Centre, and some of my most cherished possessions are my Rod Langway rookie card, Dale Hunter autographed puck and vintage Caps pennant.

But that was long ago. We stopped going to games, I went off to college and the Caps moved downtown. I stopped caring all that much about the Caps, probably because I cared more about the sports I actually played. I still liked the Caps, sure, but not as much as the Skins, O’s and Wiz.

I’d periodically attend games with friends, but it was mostly just an excuse to get some beers downtown. Beyond Olie or Bondra, I couldn’t name many of the players, let alone care about them. Then Ovi showed up.

My dad and I finally went back to a Caps game in February 2008, before that season’s ungodly run to a division title. Before the whole “Rock the Red” thing. Before the success of this season and last. The Verizon Center was dead that night, and we agreed that there was no reason to go back.

Of course, look at it now. Just two years later Caps games are a full-blown phenomenon, night and day from what they were. And, of course, we’re caught up in it. Dad just got a Langway throwback. I watch games, follow the team, blog about them and take heat for it.

Not once but twice recently I’ve been labeled as a “bandwagon” fan. The first was by Pensblog and the second was by ESPN’s DJ Gallo. I suppose they’re right, as I’m more interested in the team now than before. (Note: WaPo also profiled “die-hard” Caps fans vs. “newcomers” the other day.)

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Skins-Pitt Preseason Winners & Losers

Handing out labels following Skins games. Today: a 17-13 win vs. Pittsburgh.


Running Game. Despite stalling out on the three, the opening 62-yard drive against the Steelers first team defense — one of the best in the league, obviously — was all rushing save for one 10-yard pass to Cooley. For the game, the Skins had 141 rushing yards (4.1/carry), and a handful of big running plays of 10+ yards.

Defensive Line. Haynesworth is an absolute beast. Orakpo (yes, not technically part of the line, I know) is everywhere. Finally, getting some pressure on the QB might be possible.

Offensive Line. QBs had plenty of time to pass, for the most part, and they opened up holes for the aforementioned running attack.

Marko Mitchell. End the competition for the 5th WR spot now: This guy is the winner.

Hunter Smith. Five punts for an avg. of 44 yards.

Dominique Dorsey. Looked decent running the ball, but should make the team for his punt returning. It’s nice to see a guy actually run upfield.

Fred Davis. Forced a fumble on a punt, then caught a TD on the next play. Sorta made up for fumbling twice last week.

daniel.jpgChase Daniel. Basically looked like Colt Brennan circa preseason ’08, but with less doucheface. Perfect fade in the endzone to Marko Mitchell and hit an open Fred Davis off a nice play action for a second TD. Also showed off his running skills.


Colt Brennan. I’m not sure how they keep him on the team over Daniel based on these two preseason games. He was awful vs. Baltimore and even worse against Pitt. Inside the redzone, in position to put the game away with even a chip-shot field goal, he makes a horrible throw for the INT. GTFO, Colt.

Marcus Mason. The perennial preseason MVP actually had a nice game, but he still won’t make the roster. Hopefully he can get a chance elsewhere.

Special Teams. Cute little fake punt that resulted in a first down, but on the stuff that will actually matter in the regular season, like kick coverage, they sucked. The Steelers had over 200 return yards. Somehow, Danny Smith still has a job.

Jason Campbell. His performance doesn’t really worry me, but 1-for-7 for 10 yards lands you in the “loser” column. He missed several targets, and the deep ball to Kelly on the first play was open had he made a better throw.

Joe Theismann & Mike Patrick. The latter is insufferable; no one denies this. The former called Chase Daniel “Daniels” all night despite his name clearly being displayed in block letters across the back of his jersey. Their witty banter of Twitter and Twackle was mind-numbing. Being ignorant shitheads isn’t all that funny, as it turns out. Also could’ve done without hearing about Theismann’s jock strap.

DMV: Caps Get Capped, and That’s Okay

ovi-and-sid.jpgDMV is a daily roundup of District-Maryland-Virginia (mostly) sporting links.

Here’s El-Brashir’s gamer on the awful Game 7 that was. Before that, though, a moment to appreciate the season that was, highlighted by a franchise-best record, possibly a second straight MVP for Ovi, the emergence of Backstrom, Green and Semin, the discovery of Varlamov and advancement to the second round of the playoffs, which the Caps hadn’t done since ’98. You know, that’s a very good year. [WaPo]

Steinberg wraps this classic series, and it’s really good. [D.C. Sports Bog]

As does Wyshynski, who covered this as well as it was played. [Puck Daddy]

Z-Man goes hitless but walks twice and Nats win. Martis is now 5-0. [WaPo]

Zimmerman does ESPN, “is the worst quote in a 75-mile radius.” [Bog]

New approach is key to Dunn’s success. Dunn key to Zim’s. [Buster Olney]

Nats have 10 blown saves, are on pace for a record 58. [Roto Arcade]

More on the Nats’ blown-save phenomenon. [NBC Washington]

Not sure if this is really him or not, but I think it is. [@Jbowdeniv]

O’s lose and Adam Jones tweaks a hammy in the process. [The Sun]

O’s prospect Nolan Reimold, batting .394, gets a call-up. [Roch Kubatko]

Jason Taylor joins Miami this year for $7 million less than he played for Washington. Also, Miami gets to keep our 2nd-rounder. H8 U, Vinny! [ESPN]

Dirk’s crazy fiancee dated ex-Skins QB Tony Banks. [Sports by Brooks]

Want: Rod Strickland, Washington Bullets jersey. [Straight Cash Homie]

Lebowskifest comes to D.C. this September. [We Love D.C.]

Today: O’s-Royals (8:05)

Video: Ovechkin and Crosby Get Into It

The talk of today’s DMV is the back-and-forth between Ovie and the Kid during and after Washington’s nationally televised 5-2 win over Pittsburgh, so let’s have a look at their on-ice altercation, shall we:

That was rather lightweight, but these are the two biggest stars in hockey and the sentiment remains: Crosby seems like a bitch. Or, as Ovechkin put it, “What, I can’t play hard against him? What is he going to do, cry?”

This Is Not the Answer

terribletowel.jpgMuch was made last week — too much, in fact (looking in Steinz’s general direction) — about the large number of Steelers fans at FedEx during the Monday Nighter. Some say it was 15%, some say 30%, some say 50/50, I say who gives a shit … whatever the fuck, it was a lot. We already laid out the reasons why that was the case.

But that will have been two weeks ago by the time the Skins play Dallas this week, so it’s over and done with, right? Nah, not for Cerrato and Co., who announced that they shall retroactively counterbalance the number of Terrible Towels in FedEx by handing out towels of their own on Sunday night. Genius:

Yeah, in a move startling both for its timeliness and its originality, 50,000 burgundy ESPN980 will be handed out on Sunday night, 50,000 apparently being the estimated number of Redskins fans who will be on hand. […]

“I can’t get tickets,” one caller said Inside the Red Zone today.

“Everybody else could,” Vinny Cerrato replied. “All the Pittsburgh people could. You must have been calling the wrong people….We’re going to have nice towels so we won’t have the yellow Pittsburgh towels in the stadium. We’re going to have burgundy Redskins towels. So buy tickets so they don’t sell them to Cowboys fans.”

I’d imagine the fact that the Skins aren’t playing a team from Pittsburgh this week would help eliminate the yellow towels on its own. Also, the last time the Skins gave out towels should’ve been the final time. You might recall they had the number “21” on them and actually meant something, unlike this ridiculous gimmick from the brilliant minds at Redskins Park.