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Manny Machado Has An Arm He’d Like To Show Off

On Wednesday night, Manny Machado did this to Albert Pujols:

It was an amazing play, and one we’ve come to expect from Manny. But just to prove it was no fluke, he did it again last night. And again, it was against Albert Pujols:

Both were incredible, and both throws came from about 10 feet into foul territory:



But what really made the second one special was Manny doing this:


There’s a man running to first base with no outs in a tie game in the 11th inning, and Manny Machado, about half a football field away from first base, is gonna take a moment to check out the baseball, gather himself, get his grip right, and then throw the runner out. I can’t wait to watch him do this for the next 15 years.

(GIF via @cjzero)

The Nats And O’s Just Made Themselves Better


A quick post to share my thoughts and gather your own …

The Nats got 28-year-old shortstop/2B (and two-time All-Star!) Asdrubal Cabrera from Cleveland for middling infield prospect Zach Walters, who’s almost 25 himself. He’s a slight-but-clear upgrade over Espinosa at second until Zimmerman comes back, if Zim comes back. He’s also a rental, seeing as how he’ll hit free agency this fall.

The O’s got 29-year-old badass lefty reliever Andrew Miller from Boston for decent lefty SP prospect Eduardo Rodriguez. Miller’s ERA has been below 3.00 and his K/9 IP above 14 each of the past two seasons. Yes, please. Like Cabrera, his contract is up at the end of the year. Fangraphs has a good breakdown.

Walters and Rodriguez may pan out elsewhere, but it’s not worth fretting over. It’s July 31st, the Nats and O’s are in first place, and they’re now at least marginally better for a World Series run. Carpe diem.

Camden Yards Food Porn

The Orioles Twitter account made my timeline a little filthier this afternoon, introducing new foodstuffs for 2014 at Camden Yards. Here they are ranked in order of how badly I want to eat them.

Of course, I’d also have to get Boog’s too, so this would be quite a day at the Park.

DMV: Johan Santana Is On The Orioles Now

Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 2.03.57 PM

O’s sign rehabbing Johan Santana to minor league deal. [O’s Insider]

Good for the O’s. Why not take a flyer on Johan? [Sweet Spot]

Nats sign LHRP Michael Gonzalez to minor league deal. [Nats Insider]

A quick look at the payroll challenge facing Rizzo. [Nats Journal]

Hey, Otto Porter actually did something. Anything. [Bog]

Evgeny Kuznetsov and wife will live with Ovechkin. [Caps Insider]

“So how do we feel about ‘Redskins Nation’?” Not great! [Bog]

Why The O’s Traded Their 50-Save Closer For A Replacement-Level Second Baseman

Baltimore pulled a bit of a head-scratcher, sending Jim Johnson to Oakland for Jemile Weeks and a player to be named. As we did with Washington’s Doug Fister deal, let’s turn to Fangraphs to make sense of it:

t’s easy to explain from the Orioles’ perspective. Weeks, probably, won’t turn into anything for them, given his statistical decline and increasing age. And Johnson, for years, has been a pretty good late-inning reliever. But the Orioles aren’t a team that can afford to spend $11 million on a closer, not when there are other holes around the roster of a potential contender. This is a salary dump for the purpose of gaining flexibility, and while the Orioles are said to be looking for a closer replacement, that guy shouldn’t cost as much as Johnson will. There’ll be other money to put in other places. The Orioles will spread that $11 million around, in the hopes of being the better team for it. It’s that simple.

It’s not sexy, but I suppose it is that simple. So long, Jim Johnson. you did (mostly) good.

Up next for the O’s closer spot? Maybe big boy/flamethrower Tommy Hunter. Or fringe starter Bud Norris. Or maybe somebody else altogether. What’s Gregg Olson doing these days?

As for Weeks, I don’t know. He’ll be 27 this year and has a .258/.319/.367 line in 957 Major League plate appearances. He does play second base, though, which is bad news for Brian Roberts. And now I’m kinda bummed.

DMV: Adam Jones Is A Really Observant And Funny Caps Fan

Two power play goals for Ovi while Caps beat the tar of the Isles. [RMNB]

Tom Wilson gets first career goal, followed by shaving cream pie. [CSNW]

Watch the Caps 6-2 beat down of the Islanders in pictures. [Japers Rink]

Darrell Green says the Skins need to re-sign DeAngelo Hall. He’s right. [WP]

Lot of hazing talk lately, but for Skins, it’s been mostly fun. [Bog]

Forbath wants to move on from two blocked kicks vs. San Diego. [WP]

Balanced run/pass game delivers win for Redskins against Chargers. [WT]

Q&A with the director of Bernie & Ernie, which was pretty good. [BF]

Crush Davis a finalist for AL MVP w Mike Trout, Miggy Cabrera. [Balt. Sun]

Nats might be in the mix for David Price and/or Max Scherzer. [CSNW]

Terps hoops gets ready for Friday opener with one goal in place. [WP]

Watch this lady lose her wig on Price is Right. Just watch it. [FTW]