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Spotted: Redskins Crotch Rocket

This showed up in my Facebook feed the other day thanks to the DIE HARD REDSKINS FAMILY group, which I guess I’m a member of. Without knowing anything about sports bikes, I asked our brother Beef, who used to own one, what we’re looking at here. His reply:

Pretty sure that’s just a chicken head sitting on a sweet Redskins crotch rocket. I’m pretty sure I want that too … the bike, not the chicken head.

Thanks, Beef.

DMV: Gary Clark To Coach Women Playing Football In Underwear

Redskins (and JMU!) great Gary Clark is head coach of Baltimore’s lingerie team, and Mark Rypien’s daughter is his QB. Heartwarming. [Hogs Haven]

FedEx’s turf will be re-sodded throughout the season. [Redskins Watch]

Bruce Allen on the name: We’re not “trying to upset anybody.” [The Insider]

Caps beat Lightning in Tampa to win third straight game. [RMNB, Japers’ Rink]

Still, the Caps are the NHL’s most disappointing team so far. [Puck Daddy]

Gio Gonzalez was tested two days after his PED report broke. [Nats Journal]

Bryce Harper reported to spring training at 230 pounds. [Nats Journal]

A big bird dropped a big fish right on the Nats’ practice field. [Bog]

David Falk eviscerated John Wall’s game for reasons unknown. [Mike Wise]

The Skins have signed ex-New England NT Ron Brace. [Real Redskins]

Kornheiser was 21 years out in front on the Redskins name change. [Bog]

DMV: Ovechkin Put A Ring On It

Ovi got engaged to his tennis-playing girlfriend, Maria Kirilenko. [RMNB]

Kyle Shanahan won’t interview for HC jobs before the Skins lose. [TWT]

There’s reportedly preliminary interest in Jim Haslett as HC. [The Insider]

Five reasons Seattle is dangerous, five they’re beatable. [DCSN, DCSN]

A Redskins player’s bare ass ended up on Redskins TV. [The Big Lead]

The Cardinals may or may not be hiring Andy Reid. [USA TODAY Sports]

The 49ers signed Billy Cundiff to kick, for some reason. [USAT Sports]

Wiz lose to Dallas at home, are 4-25 on the season. [Bullets Forever]

Gauging whether DeMarcus Cousins would be good for the Wiz. [BF]

JaVale McGee hit his first career 3. Here’s what that looked like. [TBL]

Maryland beats IUPUI, heads into ACC play 12-1. [Testudo Times]

Redskins Great Pat Fischer Signing Hooters Girls (VIDEO)

With Steve Sabol passing earlier this week I was hoping to post the great piece he/NFL Films did on 1970s Skins cornerback Pat Fischer. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find it anywhere. (Please send it along should you have better luck.)

I did, however, find the clip embedded above, which is just strange enough to post instead. It’s a 2008 video, shot at the Card Cellar in Fredericksburg, Va., of Fischer autographing the shirts of four very game Hooters girls. Fischer is clearly up for the task himself, even (especially?) at 68, despite the deep-core mouth-breathing of whoever it is working the camera.

Also, watch for the guy at the table behind Fischer, who may or may not be the real-life inspiration for Comic Book Guy. I love card shops.

Nat Gio + Mark Rypien’s Girl?

I can neither confirm nor deny Larry Brown Sports’ gumshoe social media report that Mark Rypien’s lingerie football-playing daughter, Angela Rypien, is dating Gio Gonzalez, but I want to believe it. So, until Reliable Sources or some such proves otherwise, they are hereby the first couple of D.C. sports blogging, destined to have beautiful, Super Bowl MVP/NL Cy Young award-winning children.

Update: Gio denies that they’re an item.

(Image of Angela Rypien and RGIII taken from Instagram via a previous post.)

DMV: Kristina Akra Is MASN’s New Debbi Taylor Upgrade

MASN’s new Nats sideline reporter, Kristina Akra, is a former Heat and Gators dancer who comes to Washington via FoxSports South, where she covered SEC football. [Nats Inquisition]

Strasburg’s spring is done, and he’s ready to start at Wrigley on Thursday. [NJ]

A long-read look at the development around Nats Park. [WaPo]

Caps win another shootout after blowing a lead. [JR]

Caps fans creatively celebrate Backstrom’s return. [RMNB]

Looking at the Caps’ various playoff scenarios. [Capitals Watch]

Video of Robert Griffin III attending Jon Gruden’s QB camp. [Hogs Haven]

RG3 met Redskins faithful at a memorabilia show in Chantilly. [The Insider]

Davey Johnson says Jim Palmer’s awesome delivery was the worst. [BSR]

Five observations about your “new-look” Washington Wiz. [We Love DC]

DMV: Lenny Dykstra’s Son Is With Tony Soprano’s Daughter

Nats minor leaguer Cutter Dykstra is dating actress Jamie Lynn-Sigler and also prefers tanktops, it appears. [Nats Enquirer]

Storen starts 2012 on the DL, opening door for Lidge, H-Rod. [Nats Journal]

Morse will start on the DL too, but shouldn’t be shelved long. [Nats Journal]

Five bold predictions for the Nats in 2012. [Nats Blog]

This guy’s unhappy about Mussina going into the O’s Hall of Fame. [BSR]

Allen on Fletcher: “We want him, conversations are ongoing.” [The Insider]

RG3 going No. 1 over Luck is still “a major longshot.” [Redskins Confidential]

On Dan Snyder kinda sorta Tebowing in front of NY reporters. [Bog]

Steinz reports on the family with the “RG32DC” license plate. [Bog]

Yet another RG3 plate emerges, this time “RG3SKNS.” [Burgundy Blog]

This Wizards Marvel Comics fitted is not hot, not one bit. [Bog]

Gary Williams on the Wizards vs. Kentucky at Rupp Arena. [SBN D.C.]

Ex-Terps QB/ACC ROY Danny O’Brien heads to Wisconsin. [Terps Insider]