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O’s Stars Turn FanFest Into FashionFest

That would be Brian Roberts, Adam Jones and Nick Markakis at O’s FanFest this weekend. As you can see, they must’ve gotten different memos on what to wear (douche chic, formal and outdoorsman, respectively):


I love that Bob Roberts is a little fashion plate, and I love that Adam Bomb showed up in a suit, but the greatest love of all is for Markickass’ beard. It looks like it’s been a long, long lonely winter for that man. He looks like a lumberjack who just got done recording an indie-folk album in a tree stand, which is to say he looks like a pretty chill bro.

For more on FanFest, head over to Camden Chat. They’re smitten as well.

DMV: Nick Markakis Can Grow a Beard

markakis-beard.jpgMarkickass appears to be moonlighting in an indie rock band this offseason, seems like a chill bro. [The Sun]

Nats have one of the five-worst farm systems in baseball. [Federal Baseball]

Nats don’t figure to do much in free agency. [WaPo]

Nats hire Mike Rizzo’s dad to be senior adviser to Mike Rizzo. [Nats Journal]

The hire reeks of nepotism, and may not be the smartest move. [FJB]

Caron Butler dunks on Andrew Bogut. [Bullets Forever]

Caps stomp Panthers, get four points from Alex Semin. [Caps Insider]

Ovi: “I sit in the back of the bus. That’s where the beer is.” [Japers Rink]

It was Snyder, not Spurrier, who drafted Patrick Ramsey. [Hogs Haven]

Danny Rouhier’s latest video, in which he plays Snyder’s admin. [YouTube]

Sounds like Haynesworth will play on Sunday. [Redskins Insider]

Skins backup tackle D’Anthony Batiste was a La. sheriff’s deputy. [TWT]

Cooley makes a video inviting Tiger over for the holidays. [Chris Cooley]

Maryland-Nova game is big, features Greivis vs. Reynolds. [Testudo Times]

Talking to Byron Mouton, and remembering his Terps. [D.C. Sports Bog]

Bill allowing D.C. fans to get personalized plates is introduced. [DCist]

The National Zoo’s giant panda cub is going back to China. [DCist]

Long-time blog that interviewed Chris and I shuts down. [The Big Picture]

‘Fan’ Gets His Bartman on at O’s Game

The Orioles are in the process of losing the final game of their opening series against the Yankees. It’s 9-2 in the seventh, but had it not been for this asshole, it would be 7-2, which is closer than 9-2, or so I’ve been told:


Several replays showed that the ball was headed directly for Markakis’ mitt. But it wasn’t to be because of the dickhead in the yellow shirt, who may or may not be a Yankees fan. We’ll never know because, well, he wore a yellow fucking polo shirt to an O’s-Yankees game. Nowhere in those teams’ colors will you find canary. Enjoy that free souvenir you got to go along with the free ticket your buddy gave you for the bleacher seats to a game you otherwise never would’ve gone to because you don’t give a fuck about baseball. Shithead.

As for you, Markickass: We know you had that one, baby. Don’t fret. Those two runs didn’t matter anyway. Although, sure, you wanted to be on Web Gems tonight. We know, we know. But you’ll be there plenty throughout the summer. Mkay? Smooches.

Six More Years of Markickass in Baltimore

markickass-666.jpgSix years and $66 million is a lot for a guy who doesn’t do any one thing exceptionally well, unless you count getting on base as a “thing”. But that’s the objective, isn’t it? And Nick Markakis achieved it 41 percent of the time last season, good for third-best in the American League.

He’s also, along with Brian Roberts, one of only two position players Baltimore has developed since Cal Ripken Jr. who’s actually worth a shit. Plus, at 25 years old, Markakis is a five-tool player whose dad worked at Lockheed, and he’s just getting warmed up, really.

The good ol’ OPS shot up 49 points in his second season, and another 49 this past season. At that pace, here’s what Nick’s career looks like through the duration of his new contract:


Easy peezy! Eleven million per suddenly doesn’t seem like so much, does it? He’ll be in A-Rod/Pujols territory by 2010 and years beyond!

For real though, if he just maintains current levels of production and good health, this is a win for the O’s. And lord knows they need a win.

In other B’more news, the O’s signed Gregg Zaun and traded for Felix Pie. These do not seem like wins, but at least Zaun’s website ROCKS.

(Mark of the beast Photoshop via ‘Duk Sauce over at Big League Stew)