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Peyton Manning Skins Roundtable (With Bonus Peyton-Skins Poll!)

The hype machine is out full-force on the Peyton Manning to the Redskins rumors. Any major news outlet you look at is reporting on the possibility, and the Shanahans remain mum on the topic. There are plenty of questions on Peyton’s health and what it will take to sign him, but the bigger question for Skins fans is if Peyton is the right fit. Some folks say they should, others say no way. We opened the Peyton issue up to our team of “semi-rational homers” for analysis and want your take in the comments.

Andy Peden: I guess it’s 20 years of shit that has me believing that this would only go badly. If healthy we could get Peyton for three or four years without giving up any draft picks. We could also use the No. 6 pick for a playmaker on offense. And hopefully spend an early-round pick this year or next on the QB of the future. But this is the Redskins so I’m guessing if we were to sign him he would immediately tear his ACL.

Jack Kogod: Signing Peyton Manning would be a step backwards. Even if he is healthy (hard to believe) bringing him in would go against everything they’ve done to rebuild the roster over the past two years. The team still needs a lot of pieces. Most important among them is a young quarterback.

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