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Maybe Skins Fans Actually Care About This Draft (INFOGRAPHIC)

Earlier I wrote, “This draft has no buzz for Redskins fans.” It appears I was wrong. In response to that post @olsonchr put together this fancy data visualization:

Now, this may not be the most accurate way of gauging team-by-team fan interest in this particular draft, but it is a way of doing it. It shows the Skins fanbase is in the top half of the league in terms of giving a shit, and that Vikings fans are crazy, clearly.

Who Should We Root For Now?

With the Skins out of the playoffs, there’s a good chance you don’t really give a shit about the rest of the postseason. But it’s still NFL football, and you’re still gonna watch. So you might as well try to come up with some half-baked rooting interests. We’re here to help.

In order of least to most rootable:

Patriots. I would throw my support behind an NFC East rival before I’d root for New England. In fact, I did last February.

Texans. I don’t think I can stand to watch another Texans game after last weekend. Also: From Texas.

Seahawks. Much like the Cardinals after the Nats’ meltdown, I want nothing more than for Seattle to be completely and totally embarrassed. Plus, Matt Ufford — the Internet’s Seahawks fan — wrote 20 reasons to hate the Redskins, which included calling me a “bitch-fighting child.” I still don’t know what that is, but I TAKE OFFENSE.

49ers. I’m not sure you’ve adequately considered the RETURN TO GLORY bullshit we’d hear for two weeks if S.F. makes the Super Bowl. It’ll be Notre Dame 2.0. And their loyal fans from across the country who have never stepped foot in California but “have liked them since I was a little kid” will come out in force and you’ll remember why you hate this franchise: They’re the Dallas Cowboys of the West.

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Peyton Manning Skins Roundtable (With Bonus Peyton-Skins Poll!)

The hype machine is out full-force on the Peyton Manning to the Redskins rumors. Any major news outlet you look at is reporting on the possibility, and the Shanahans remain mum on the topic. There are plenty of questions on Peyton’s health and what it will take to sign him, but the bigger question for Skins fans is if Peyton is the right fit. Some folks say they should, others say no way. We opened the Peyton issue up to our team of “semi-rational homers” for analysis and want your take in the comments.

Andy Peden: I guess it’s 20 years of shit that has me believing that this would only go badly. If healthy we could get Peyton for three or four years without giving up any draft picks. We could also use the No. 6 pick for a playmaker on offense. And hopefully spend an early-round pick this year or next on the QB of the future. But this is the Redskins so I’m guessing if we were to sign him he would immediately tear his ACL.

Jack Kogod: Signing Peyton Manning would be a step backwards. Even if he is healthy (hard to believe) bringing him in would go against everything they’ve done to rebuild the roster over the past two years. The team still needs a lot of pieces. Most important among them is a young quarterback.

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Super Bowl XLVI Predictions

JP had the idea to rejuvenate Predictions for the Super Bowl, so here it is, along some additional prognosticators. Share your prediction in the comments, and he/she who comes closest to predicting the score gets to make a guest post. What a prize.

Matt Terl: Patriots, 31-29

I think the most important thing is to somehow rebrand Super Bowl Sunday as The End Of Redskins Preseason — now all the stuff that’s meaningless in D.C. is out of the way and we can start moving and shaking again. The real season starts Monday! Wooooooo! Man, I’m so depressed.

JP Finlay: Patriots, 31-23

The last time these two asshole teams met in the Super Bowl, the Pats were overwhelming favorites. New England came into the game as villains, and I really hated Belichick and Brady for that 52-7 they hung up on Coach Gibbs.

This year it’s different. The Pats are hardly villains. They have no pass defense, none, and the Giants are better at every position but quarterback, where Big Blue is still damn good.

But for whatever reason, New England wins this game. This time, the Giants come into the Super Bowl with the hype, and most of the public believes the G-Men to be the better team.

I’m going with Brady, Belichick and a little thing called revenge that plays very well in the NFL.

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DMV: Friday Before The Super Bowl Smorgasbord

So the Super Bowl is this weekend. No big deal. [WaPo]

Skins not developing players like Super Bowl teams. [CSNW]

Four years after his murder, still no justice for Sean Taylor’s murder. [WT]

Nats GM Mike Rizzo explains the Edwin Jackson signing. [Nats Journal]

Reason for skepticism and optimism for Nats after E-Jax signing. [SB Nation]

The Nats may be actively shopping John Lannan now. [Nats Blog]

Good effort from Nats brass to keep Philly fans out. [Bog]

Mike Green is skating again, so that’s good news at least. [Caps Insider]

New Cap Joel Rechlicz wants to dance with Rene Borque. [Caps Insider]

Roy Helu’s tackler-hurdling TD up for NFL play of the year. [Capital Games]

Damn good analysis of Maryland’s recruiting haul. [Testudo Times]

Hokies smoked at home by Duke, drop to 1-6 in ACC. [WaPo]

Tony Kornheiser changes a water cooler. Yep. [TV Shark]

News for Metro riders: Red Line to suck for many more years. [WashEx]

Photo: The 1987 Redskins Out Picketing

I already confessed on Twitter that I don’t give a shit about the NFL lockout, or at least not yet anyway. What I do give a shit about is the Super Bowl XXII champion Washington Redskins. Here they are back in ’87, led by Jay Schroeder, protesting that ass (SI via DocJ):

Check out the full SI gallery of photos, including this beaut of Skins fans:

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Rex Ryan’s Message for DeAngelo Hall

The Jets are this year’s subject of HBO’s “Hard Knocks” series, and they played the Redskins last Friday, so this week’s episode has some Burgundy & Gold cameos. Kissing Suzy Kolber has the top-five moments, including this one, starring Rex Ryan on DeAngelo Hall:

For those who may not be aware, Rex’s brother Rob was the defensive coordinator for Oakland when the Raiders cut Hall just seven months after signing him to a $70 million deal. Of course, The Redskins signed him to a $55 million deal just three months after that.

So, in a way, Oakland > Washington, and that’s no place to be.