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Another Post in Which We Remember the Greatness of Doug Williams has put together a feature that is actually not horrible (note: “not horrible” is the best possible ranking anything ESPN does can achieve). They have listed all 82 Super Bowl quarterback performances from best to worst. Coming in at No. 3 — right behind Joe Montana and Steve Young — is Doug Williams:

3. Doug Williams, Redskins, Super Bowl XXII (1988)

Stats: 18-29, 340 yards, 4 TD, 1 interception in 42-10 win over Broncos. Williams started only two games in the 1987 regular season, but he was in top form, rallying the Redskins from an early 10-0 deficit. The Redskins scored touchdowns on five consecutive drives in the second quarter.

Other notable Redskins: Mark Rypien’s XXVI MVP performance, which ranks 20th all-time, and Billy Kilmer’s 0 TD, 3 interception showing in a Super Bowl VII loss to the most obnoxious team never coached by Belichick, which earned him the prestigious honor of 75th all-time. Joey Sunshine’s Super Bowl win and loss come in at No. 44 and 64, respectively.

Also worth noting is Kerry Collins’ horrific game against the Ravens in ’01. His stat line from the last time the Giants were in the Super Bowl: 15-39, 112 yards, 0 TD, 4 interceptions. I’m confident that Eli can be even more pathetic than that.

Dallas Goes From 12-1 to Done-in-One

There aren’t winners or losers when the Cowboys and Giants matchup (because both suck), but I’ll still take this opportunity to tell Jerry Jones to stick it.


There. That’s better. So it’s Giants at Green Bay and Chargers at New England. With any luck, it’ll be a Packers-Patriots Super Bowl, or else XLII will be even lamer than XLI. Of course, if it’s Giants-Chargers, we’ll at least get a laugh with Eli and Philip (and Norv!) under the bright lights.

Either way, it promises to be infinity times better than the BCS title game.

Update: Video of TO crying at the press conference.

Update No. 2: Tony Romo’s choker reputation is in bloom.