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A Perfect 14-Song Playlist For The 2014 O’s Playoff Experience

Mr. Irrelevant reader ODA won a guest post for accurately predicting the Redskins’ opening loss at Houston. Here it go.

Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 2.50.06 PM

Mix in a few new ones between “Thank God I’m a Country Boy” and “Orioles Magic” this October.

1. My Morning Jacket – “Holdin On to Black Metal”

You may recognize it as the newest addition to Camden Yards’ mix of “O”-themed sound bites, a list which also includes snippets of “Icky Thump” and that creepy Wizard of Oz chant. Jim James, leader of the legendary Louisville band, also bears a pretty remarkable resemblance to Wild Bill Hagy.

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Bryce Harper Has An Awesome A$AP Rocky Shirt

The first-place Nats won in 16 at Milwaukee last night on Ryan Zimmerman and the bullpen’s heroics, and Bryce Harper homered in a rehab start at Potomac, but this is what I choose to blog about:

If you can’t read it, Bryce’s t-shirt says, “I LOVE BAD PITCHES THAT’S MY XXXXX PROBLEM.” And if you don’t know what that’s a reference to, here’s A$SAP Rocky’s “F**kin’ Problems,” which is a jam:

And if it’s jams you want, here are my top three candidates for the 2014 Song of Summer, with a primary assist from Rubie Edmondson:

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DMV: Caps Made A Xmas Video

Happy holidays from Christmas sweater-wearing goofball Caps. [RMNB]

Mike Green had 18 penalty minutes the other night. Eighteen! [Bog]

Shanny has burned through QBs, and this doesn’t include JC. [Bog]

Jake Plummer has good perspective on Shanny-RGIII. [USAT Sports]

Vinny Cerrato suggests Snyder should hire Hue Jackson as HC. [Bog]

Jordan Reed may miss his fourth straight with a concussion. [Keim]

After trading closer to OAK, O’s may sign OAK’s closer. [O’s Insider]

The O’s need to start spending if they want to win. [USAT Sports]

Dez Wells went off last night to get Maryland a win at BC. [Testudo]

Your unofficial list of JMU head football coach candidates. [JMUSB]

Some local beermakers got into it over a naming issue. [DCist]

It’s Academic host Mac McGarry died yesterday at 87. [City Desk]

Five Suggestions For The Capitals’ New Party Anthem (POLL)

Back with another guest post is Caps correspondent/DJ Brad Parker.

The trade deadline is a distant memory. Filip Forsberg is not coming to DC. Any significant changes the Caps make for the postseason (if we’re fortunate enough to make the playoffs) will not involve on-ice personnel. But that doesn’t mean it’s too late to do something that can have an impact.

It’s time for the Caps to get a new goal song. No, more than a goal song – an honest to God rally song. Something that makes the fans go nuts. Something we can play in our headphones all afternoon on game day. Something that tells others you’re a Caps fan.

The fact that we don’t already have the perfect song is not for a lack of trying. There have been tunes associated with the Caps before, but none stuck.

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Wizznutzz Have Fun With John Wall Being Unaware Of Bon Jovi

In the fourth or fifth grade I kept having the same argument with the same girl about Bon Jovi, which I was not a preteen fan of. That was a thing we did then, because I hadn’t yet understood the brilliance of “Bad Medicine.”

John Wall, on the other hand, is not 35 years old. He just turned 22, and he has not heard of Jon Bon Jovi. Take it away, Wizznutzz:

Head to the @wizznutzz timeline for more, because they’re still going.

JMU’s Marching Royal Dukes Has Upside-Down Drummers (VIDEO)

I’m fully aware that a post about JMU is only interesting to about three percent of you, and that a post about the Dukes band is only interesting to about one third of them, so here’s to the one percent. It’s a JMU drumline, featuring two guys playing drums UPSIDE DOWN (wait for it).

Semi-related: JMU hoops has some new old school-looking uniforms.

(Clip found via Fourth President & Long and JMU Sports Blog. Two JMU blogs!)

DMV: Chuck Brown, 1936-2012

D.C. legend and Godfather of Go-Go Chuck Brown died yesterday. Here he is playing halftime at FedEx in ’10. Wind me up, Chuck. [WaPo, Hogs Haven]

Nats beat Pirates thanks to a four-RBI game from Adam LaRoche. [WaPo]

Great TV photos of Mike Morse creampie-ing Xavier Nady. [Nats Enquirer]

Wilson Ramos and his torn ACL are done for the season. [Nats Journal]

Some Nats fans sacrificed a chicken at Nats Park for some reason. [Bog]

Junkies bro puts Icy Hot on his junk, even if Strasburg didn’t. [Bog, Bog]

O’s beat Royals in 15th on Adam Jones’ 12th homer. [Camden Chat]

RIP, Kevin Hickey, who was part of the magic ’89 O’s. [O’s Card o’ the Day]

Caps’ instability behind the bench bodes ill for 2012-13. [Caps Insider]

Caps must move on without Evgeny Kutznetsov until 2014. [Caps Watch]

Wiz campaigns get caught up in Jon Bois’ NBA sloganalysis. [SB Nation]

Get to know incoming Maryland freshman Sam Cassell Jr. [Testudo Times]

I found Beckett’s 1995 letter announcing its new website. [Mottram Station]

Watch SOJA Recruit Vincent Jackson For The Redskins (VIDEO)

This ship sailed with Tampa Bay signing Vincent Jackson and the Redskins signing Pierre Garcon, obviously, but here’s video from Sunday of SOJA (Soldiers of Jah Army, bumbaclot) taking time out from their San Diego show to try and persuade V-Jax to come play for their hometown Redskins. RG3 references abound, as do some pretty amazing dreadlocks.

Programming Note: I’m saying this a lot lately, but posting is light around these parts right now. Sorry about that. We’ll be back to normal soon.

(Many thanks to reader Peter Stuart for the tip on this one.)

Bill Murray Digs George Mason’s Brand Of Bon Jovi [VIDEO]

Bill Murray was at yesterday’s George Mason-Towson game and got a special rendition of “Livin’ on a Prayer” from Mason’s Green Machine band (see above). It wasn’t Murray’s first rodeo with the Green Machine, and, seeing how his son coaches for Towson, it probably won’t be his last. Hopefully next time they play some Roxy Music.

Mason won, by the way, as did Georetown. Maryland lost, as did JMU, of course. And Va. Tech plays at UVA tonight. Thus concludes your mid-Atlantic college hoops roundup.