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30 Minutes of Ambient O’s Spring Training Stuff

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 9.39.47 AM

FTW OG Ted Berg is ripping through the Grapefruit League, airing “Facebook Live” videos at each stop. So far he’s done the Tigers, Astros and Orioles, and every time he’s worn the same burgundy sweatshirt. It’s very strange.

It’s also a very cool look at baseball in February and, as Ted would say, “baseball guys doing baseball stuff.” He just kind of watches the players go through the motions, providing color commentary from behind his iPhone.

It’s mesmerizing, in a way, and it’s a good wintertime companion, as you sit at your desk tapping the keyboard, or what have you.

Enjoy Saturday’s stop, where Ted watched the Orioles take fielding practice in Sarasota, Florida.

DMV: One Of JMU’s Finest Tweaks One Of The Biogenesis Boys

Former JMU pitcher Dan Meyer, who had a five-year MLB career, is not happy about having lost his job to a PED user. [FTW]

Nats lose series opener to Atlanta, fall 13.5 games back. [CSN Washington]

The kinda-hurt Jayson Werth named NL Player the Month. [Nats Journal]

Gio dodged the Biogenesis bullet. So that’s something. [Nats Journal]

Nick Markakis has really declined and is now overpaid. [Camden Chat]

Our old friend Luke Scott has an amazing rat rail now. [FTW]

Mike Shanahan has a plan for RGIII, and he’s sticking to it. [The Insider]

Chris Cooley sounds genuinely excited to be on sports talk radio. [Bog]

John Wall will work out with Gary Payton. Awesome. [ProBasketballTalk]

Stefon Diggs showed up at Terps media day with some Tupac hair. [Bog]

Three storyline for JMU football heading into the season. [JMU Sports Blog]

UVA’s offer letter contained a spelling error, which is funny. [FTW]

Washington Post sold to billionaire. At least it wasn’t Snyder. [WaPo]

Manny’s Viral HR Was Off Ex-O’s Torture-Pitcher Daniel Cabrera

I love this viral clip of Manny Ramirez homering in his first Dominican Winter League at-bat. It spread all over yesterday, but what I didn’t notice was that the pitcher who gave it up is none other than Daniel Cabrera. If you’re an O’s fan, or just a fan of baseball curiosities in general, you remember him.

He was 6’7″ and threw about 100 mph. You saw a lot of him for Baltimore, as he pitched 169 innings per season from 2004-08, leading the league in walks twice and losses once. Just when you were ready to give up on him, though, he’d go out and flirt with a no-hitter or something. He was that kind of pitcher, until the O’s actually did give up on him.

I’d forgotten that the Nats took a flier on him in ’09. He was awful, walking 35 in 40 innings and posting 5.85 ERA. Cabrera hasn’t seen Major League action since that season, undergoing Tommy John and bouncing around the minors. And now he’s in the DR, serving up 91-mph meatballs.

Daniel Cabrera is 31 years old. He’s done too much, much too young.

Why St. Louis Is A Terrible, No Good Place (GUEST POST)

Here’s another guest post from @J_D_P, who previously shared some tough love for Ted Leonsis.

There hasn’t been enough hate of the Cardinals in the discussions of the NLDS series so I thought I’d lend my hand. I lived in St. Louis the past three years and was very happy to escape back to civilization.

Not all of it is bad. The baseball stadium is great, their sports talk generally blows ours out of the water, and the cost of living is cheap as hell. But now that that is out of the way, it’s time to get into the hate.

1. Crime

Any discussion of why St. Louis sucks has to begin with the crime rate. Take your pick of lists of violent crime in America and St. Louis is consistently in the top-three. The latest FBI survey put St. Louis at No. 3 behind Flint and Detroit Michigan. Congrats St. Louis, you aren’t worse than Flint!

I was mugged in St. Louis, and nearly everyone I knew there had either been jumped or had their car broken into. Obviously this happens in any big city, but the scope of it is more in St. Louis. There’s no clear demarcation line between good and bad area. Just bad and worse areas.

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Nats Park Does At Least One Thing Well (Spoiler: It’s Beer) recently published their Major League Baseball Craft Beer Guide, which lists microbreweries on tap at each stadium. Like anything else, some ballparks are better than others, and you’ll be pleased to know Nats Park ranks quite well.

Before getting to that, though, know that I’m no craft beersman. I’m just a guy who enjoys craft beer, probably more than the next guy, but maybe not as much as other guys (like Chris, who contributed to this ranking). I also haven’t sampled all of these breweries, but of course I hope to remedy that someday. Soon.

1. Great American Ball Park (Reds)

21st Amendment Brewery, Anderson Valley Brewing Company, Avery Brewing Company, Bell’s Brewery, Inc., Christian Moerlein Brewing Co., Founders Brewing Company, Great Lakes Brewing Company, Rivertown Brewing Company, Stone Brewing Co.

Wasn’t expecting this from Cincy/GABP, but that’s quite a lineup. Hard to beat the holy trinity of Anderson Valley, Bell’s and Founders, not to mention pretty much everything else they have to offer. Continue reading Nats Park Does At Least One Thing Well (Spoiler: It’s Beer)

Mike Schmidt Is Sad About Bryce Harper’s All-Star Appearance

Mike Schmidt wrote a thing about the demise of the All-Star Game, which is fine, because I like Mike Schmidt, and he played in another time, a time in which of course the All-Star Game had more meaning. But I can’t agree with this:

Enter the selection of Bryce Harper as a replacement in this year’s game. First, understand I have a great respect for Harper’s game and his presence as a first-year player, and believe in time he has what it takes to become a perennial All-Star. The greatest compliment I could give him is to say he plays the game the way Pete [Rose] did. I also understand that he has nothing to do with the selection process, that he is just going along with the program and will have to absorb the accompanying negative reaction.

Baseball just doesn’t get it. Jason Kubel has 15 home runs and 60 RBIs, Aaron Hill has 11 and 40, Hunter Pence has 16 and 50, Aramis Ramirez has 10 and 52 and Jason Heyward has 14 and 41, just to name five players who deserve it. These guys, based on their first-half performance, must give way to a player the fans want to see in a game. It’s not consistent with such a heavy reward for winning the game. Each manager really wants to pick a team he can win with, balanced and able to create the right matchups in late innings.

The fundamental point behind Schmidt’s thinking seems to be that this game means something, so each roster should include the very best players and the very best players only. His underlying point, though, is that the All-Star Game is for those players.

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