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The 13 Best Tweets About Mike Shanahan Benching RGIII

Shanny benched RGIII earlier today, turning Twitter into a Redskins comedy factory. Our favorite tweets, in no particular order …

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Should The Skins Extend Shanny? (POLL)

I didn’t realize anyone was considering extending Mike Shanahan’s five-year, $35 million contract beyond next season, when it’s set to expire. If anything, I thought the logic went one of two ways: a) fire him now/after this season or b) let him coach out the deal/see how 2014 goes.

But today is Mike Shanahan Extension Day, apparently, kicked off by Jason Reid calling for him to be extended and continued by Shanny himself fielding extension questions. Reid’s thinking is as follows:

The Redskins could have $20 million in salary cap room for the 2014 season. Assuming Shanahan is brought back, he’ll determine how the money is spent. And since Shanahan’s decisions will set the Redskins’ course for years, he should receive a contract extension to complete the journey with them.

Given Shanny’s record with the Skins (24-33) and this season’s raging dumpster fire, I don’t see why Dan Snyder would extend him now. Then again, Snyder did bankroll Shanny’s decision to extend a broken-down Donovan McNabb three years ago.

So what do you think? Would love to gauge public opinion on this one as of right now, before circumstances inevitably change.

DMV: Mike Shanahan Still Can’t Find His Shit, Says It Was Stolen

Contrary to yesterday’s report, Mike Shanahan is still missing his passport and $3,700 cash, last seen in the Pittsburgh locker room. [USAT Sports]

Pierre Garcon may play on Sunday, but don’t bet on it. [The Insider]

Robert Griffin III is a Redskins captain now, which is nice. [The Insider]

Sorry, Steinz, I’m with RGIII on Team Redbox — it’s the new Blockbuster. [Bog]

DeAngelo Hall was fined $30k for flipping out on that ref. [The Insider]

Wiz lose at Dallas, become the NBA’s only winless team. [Bullets Forever]

Jordan Crawford’s hijinx remind us how bad Jan Vesely is. [Truth About It]

Gio finished third for NL CY behind Dickey and Kershaw. [Nats Journal]

One reporter left Gio off the CY ballot. He’s from St. Louis. [Nats Enquirer]

Ex-Oriole/Expo Tony Tarasco is the new Nats 1B coach. [Nats Journal]

O’s closer Jim Johnson actually got some CY votes. [O’s Insider]

Enjoy some vintage Craig Laughlin, Dale Hunter and Joe B. [RMNB]

Nicklas Backstrom netted a hat trick over in Moscow. Yay. [RMNB]

Maryland football wearing “black ops” unis Saturday. [Capital Games]

JMU opens hoops season at UCLA tonight. Here’s a preview. [JMUSB]

Ivan Carter is leaving Comcast SportsNet for reasons unknown. [Bog]

The Secret Of Mike Shanahan’s Lack Of Personnel Success

From an otherwise unremarkable Yahoo! Sports story on Mike Shanahan comes this frightening bit of insight into Shanny’s talent evaluation process:

Around the league, the biggest criticism of Shanahan is that he doesn’t listen to his scouts. He has always insisted on personnel control but doesn’t heed good advice on players. Several former coaches and executives who have worked with him say he scouts off highlight tape. He wants to see a player’s 10 best plays. He says he will coach him to that.

Those former workers say Shanahan believes he has the magic answer for that player. A favorite line, they say is: “He hasn’t been coached by me.”

Because if last night’s election results and Nate Silver’s spot-on predictions taught us anything, it’s that sample size doesn’t matter. (Sarcasm.)

“A player’s 10 best plays”? That’s shocking. DeAngelo Hall would look like Champ Bailey if you’re using that to judge. Rex Grossman would be positively Drew Brees-esque. Donovan McNabb could be young again.

Maybe I’m not going off of enough data and making too much of this, though. It was just one portion of Shanahan’s process, as told by colleagues. Digging a little deeper may reveal who he really is as a personnel director, identifying his strengths as well as his weaknesses.

Or maybe folks like Shanny and Stephen Colbert have it right. Over-analysis is wrong, and “the truth lies right down here in the gut.”

Anonymous Source: Raheem Morris Is ‘Another Set of Eyes’

Do the Skins have another Sherm Lewis situation on their hands? If Hogs Haven’s single, anonymous source is to be believed, yeah.

Head over to the report, which says Mike Shanahan stripped D coordinator Jim Haslett of play-calling duties, handing them to secondary coach Raheem Morris in the fourth quarter of Sunday’s meltdown at St. Louis. If true, this team is a total mess, at least on defense (not to mention special teams).

Update: Shanny refutes this report completely, for what it’s worth.

Report: Shanahan Preferred Beck to Cam Newton, Andy Dalton, Etc.

From Jason Reid’s SHANAHAN FAIL column for the Washington Post:

[Mike] Shanahan actually believed [John] Beck, whose vision seemed to extend no more than 10 yards downfield, was better than any quarterback he could have selected in the April draft, Redskins people say.

Really, that’s all you need to know.

That tasty nugget really stood out. Because it can only mean a few things:

1. Shanahan liked Beck more than Cam Newton, Andy Dalton, etc. That would be ridiculous, especially in hindsight. It’s important to note, though, that this is how the column was written. Shanahan preferred Beck to “any quarterback he could have selected in the draft.” Sounds similar to how Kyle Shanahan felt back in 2007.

2. Shanahan liked Beck and draft picks more than Newton, etc. If this is the case, that’s reasonable. They would have had to trade a lot to get Newton at No. 1. They couldn’t have had Ryan Kerrigan if they took Christian Ponder, Blaine Gabbert or Jake Locker. Dalton and Colin Kaepernick weren’t there when they took Jarvis Jenkins in the second. And that’s okay, because the Skins needed a nose man too.

In fact, of all the things wrong with the Redskins, the 2011 draft does not seem like one of them. It’s probably the only thing Shanahan has done that has my full approval. They got a stud at a position of need (Kerrigan) and ended up with 12 picks to fill out a depleted roster. That seems better than, say, Gabbert, no Kerrigan and fewer picks.

3. Jason Reid is overstating things. You know, he has a track record of that when reporting/columnizing on Beck and the Shanahans. In this case, it seems that he heard the Shanahans liked Beck enough to draft elsewhere and go into the season with him and Rex Grossman. That’s different than liking Beck more than Newton or anyone else straight-up.

It is true that Beck can’t see further than 10 yards downfield, though.