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Mike Morse Is Taking On A Two-Year-Old Debate

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After an injury-plagued 2013 that saw our old hero Mike Morse bottom out, he’s having a dream season, posting a .295/.351/.574 slash line for the league-leading Giants. Oh and he’s still not over the great Stephen Strasburg shutdown of 2012:

“A lot of people don’t realize you might only get one shot,” Morse says. “One shot. That could have been the only shot. I just wish we could have given it everything we had, but we didn’t.”


“It was such a weird feeling,” Morse says. “I kept watching Stras throwing bullpens, still running, still doing his thing. I thought, ‘Man, maybe he’s going to come out of the bullpen.’ Or in Game 5, the lights are going to turn off, the spotlight is going to come on, he’s going to run out.

“I remember talking to guys like Mark DeRosa, and they said, ‘This could be your one and only shot.’ It made sense what they were saying to me.”

The piece, reported and written by Bob Nightengale of USA TODAY Sports, says the shutdown “still haunts several of [Morse’s] former teammates today.” To which I’d say, get over it.

Washington didn’t lose because they didn’t have Strasburg; they lost because they choked in Game 5. Also relevant to the discussion: Strasburg has had good health and been one of baseball’s best pitchers ever since.

Anyway. I still like Morse quite a bit and wish him all the best in San Francisco. I just wish he’d quit bringing up old shit.

Michael Morse May Be Returning To The DMV, Where He Belongs

Michael Morse, traded by Mike Rizzo a year ago and having a shitty season in Seattle, may be coming back to the DMV, this time to Baltimore. He’d probably DH for the O’s, who probably won’t have to give up much, and they probably wouldn’t bring him back next year, either. This would be a one-month rental, if the two teams can make a deal.

And here’s to it working beautifully. I’d like nothing more than to see the O’s pull out a Wild Card spot, with Morse Code in a starring role, so long as they don’t start playing A-Ha at Camden Yards.

In any event, let’s remember Morse’s time in D.C. via these images from the past, all previously published on this site.

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The Nats Got Something For One Year Of Mike Morse’s Beastliness

The other shoe from the Adam LaRoche re-signing finally dropped: Washington traded Mike Morse to Seattle in a three-way deal with Oakland that nets them right-handed starter A.J. Cole in return. Cole, you’ll recall, was one of the four prospects swapped for Gio Gonzalez last winter.

Cole lost some of his luster after an up-and-down year in A ball, but he’s only 21 and was recently rated as Oakland’s third-best prospect. It’s nice to have the bonus baby back.

That said, it’s sad seeing Morse Code go, extraneous though his services had become. He was a lot of fun these past two-plus years, especially in 2011 when the franchise was still in the Dark Ages and he had one of the best seasons in Nats history. Remember him partying.

This deal also presents two interesting dilemmas: 1) Do the Nats continue to play Morse’s at-bat song, A-Ha’s “Take On Me,” or is it 86’d? 2) Does Morse get to keep the Beast Mode moniker, considering Seattle has the original, Marshawn Lynch? I say yes and no, respectively.

The Nats receive two other players in the deal, but I don’t know anything about them, so that’s why they’re stuck way down here.

Related: Mariners fans REALLY aren’t happy with the deal.

Nats Get LaRoche For Two Years

Washington is signing Adam LaRoche to a two-year deal, and not the three-year deal he was seeking. It’s a good scenario for Nats fans, although not so much for Mike Morse.

The dollars are unknown ($25 million?), but we know ALR, health willing, is holding down 1B for the Nats until 2015.

As for Morse, he has one year and $6.75 million left on his contract, and the expectation is he’ll be traded. He doesn’t seem happy about it, which is a shame, because I like Morse.

But this is probably what’s best for the Nats, so long as they can still cheese up the stadium experience with “Take On Me.”

DMV: Morse Goes Full Beast Mode

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Appreciating Mike Morse’s 2011

We previously looked at Jordan Zimmermann’s 2011, deeming it one of the best a Nats starter has ever had. That tells you how brief — and unimpressive — Nats history really is. So will this: Mike Morse may be having the best offensive season any Nat has ever had. For real.

Coming into today, he had an OPS+ of 146. Here’s how that stacks up against the best campaigns in Nats history:

1. Nick Johnson (2006) — 149 OPS+
2. Mike Morse (2011) — 146
3. Adam Dunn (2009) — 144
4. Ryan Zimmerman (2010) — 143
5. Adam Dunn (2010) — 139
6. Nick Johnson (2005) — 137
7. Alfonso Soriano (2006) — 135
8. Ryan Zimmerman (2009) — 133
9. Dmitri Young (2007) — 129

My first reaction to that list is, “Holy cow, Nick Johnson had not one but two of the best seasons?” On the one hand, that is so very sad. On the other, he was probably better than we gave him credit for, brittle though he was.

My second reaction is, “Oh, how Adam Dunn has fallen.”

My third? “Ryan Zimmerman is the motherflippin’.”

And my fourth: Da Meathook!”

But back to Morse. We checked in on his season in June, deeming him a “good hitter.” That was true then, and, after a torrid summer, it’s true now.

He has come back to Earth in September, but he still has a shot at posting the best Nats season ever, and I don’t think he can drop out of the top five. Plus, it’s been a lot of fun. The Beast Mode shirt and subsequent All-Star campaign, dancing to A-Ha, the weird practice swing thing, the blown suicide-squeeze, the black-tie mullet … Morse is an easy guy to root for.

Plus, he knocks the cover off of the ball. For real.

DMV: Mike Morse Keeps Being Amazing, Is Moving Back to Leftfield

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