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Mike Wise: Trade Mike Green

The Post’s Caps coverage is an ongoing debate, one that’s sure to be stirred by Mike Wise’s latest column:

It feels like it’s time to break up the nucleus, to shake up a roster with just three players not under contract for next season. It can only happen through a substantial trade, and that is why it is time for Mike Green to go.

Provocative! Russian Machine has the rebuttal:

Trading Green will solve exactly none of [the team’s myriad] problems. It will just introduce more.

For the final word, my spirit leader for all things Caps, @japersrink:

DMV: Caps Bring Back Mike Green

Mike Green re-signs for 3 years, $18 million. Now stay healthy. [RMNB]

A look at all the questions surrounding the Caps and Mike Green. [PD]

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Considering Nats shut down ZNN in 2011, expect the same with Stras. [NJ]

Look who’s back in DC: The Chief Chad Cordero. [Nats Enquirer]

Nats land at No. 3 in recent MLB Power Ranks; O’s at 15. [Grantland]

O’s get absolutely rocked by Twins 19-7, Tillman doesn’t last an inning. [BS]

Jim Thome makes good impression in Oriole clubhouse. [Yahoo]

Team USA takes down Brazil at Verizon Center in sloppy 11-pt. win. [CSNW]

For a big hoops fan, Pres. Obama may not know what the Kiss Cam is. [TAI]

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Five Caps Players That Benefit From Dale Hunter’s Departure

Caps correspondent Brad Parker returns to look at the post-Dale Caps.

Dale Hunter told us he was heading home
on Monday. Our former captain is now also our former coach. His time in D.C. (well, this time) was short, but he made a major impact. Here’s a look at which Caps will benefit now that Hunter’s heard London calling.

(Ed. note: Brad will be back later today with five that will suffer.)

1. Alex Ovechkin

Hunter’s system was not developed to highlight Mr. Ovechkin’s talents. Despite that fact, what Ovi did in the playoffs had his biggest detractors looking at him in a new light. Even Mike Milbury was praising his leadership and defense. But seriously, is that what we want out of the most talented offensive player on the planet?

It’s great that he’s blocking shots and leading by example, we want that effort to stay, but the Caps would be much better served by him making opponents adjust to his talent. Who knows who the new coach will be, and what sort of system he’ll employ, but I’d wager that it gives Ovi a little more freedom to create oh-fense.

2. Mike Green

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Twas Twitter That Killed The Caps

Caps Correspondent Brad Parker returns with a new conspiracy theory.

We all know that the Caps are sitting outside the playoff picture right now. A season with so much hope hangs in the balance. So what went wrong? There are many theories:

• Ovie’s slump
• Injuries to Green and Backstrom
• A lack of secondary scoring
• Less than stellar goaltending
• Another season without a true second-line center
The fired coach that’s now leading the not-so-mighty Ducks on a charge

Each of these things probably plays a role, but are we missing the obvious reason? Is it the bane of modern sports? Has a Twitter jinx killed the Caps? There are other examples of Washington players and coaches using this sinister form of social media and suddenly faltering, but here are the five most egregious.

Nicklas Backstrom — @backstrom19

Sample Tweet: “Hey everyone! I never thought I would be on twitter but I guess some people can convince me!Maybe @kbackstrom85 will shut up now! Haha”

There was no doubt Backstrom was the best player on the team this season. And then he sent that fateful Tweet. At the time he was already injured, but he was expected back any day. He hasn’t stepped on the ice since.

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Mike Green Is Getting All Kinds Of Weird On Twitter

This one is from Capitals Correspondent Brad Parker, who’s pretty good at this.

It has to be difficult to watch your team play and fail badly enough that the coach gets fired while you’re rehabbing yet another injury.

Mike Green’s life has been altered and there was nothing he could do about it. He played for Bruce Boudreau in Hershey and won a championship. Now BB is 2,700 miles away.

He had a fantastic start to the season. He got hurt yet again.

The Caps are 8-0-0 when he plays. They’re 7-12-1 when he’s watching from the gym in his apartment building (or on some other television).

While the season seemed to be collapsing around him, he’s powerless. All he can do is live the Green Life.

The last time Mike Green played was a 3-1 win over New Jersey on 11/11/11. His Twitter account, @greenlife52, had been silent for a month. On that day, though, he sent four retweets and then two more the next day. Then he disappeared again.

The Caps went 2-8 over their next 10, and Boudreau got canned. There was nothing Greenie could do on the ice, but he could win at Twitter.

Last Wednesday the Caps looked like a new team and beat Ottawa 5-3. That night on Twitter, Mike Green became a new man:

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Washington Post’s Disturbingly Illustrated Start To Caps Season

As announced the other day, Brad Parker is one of our two new Capitals Correspondents. Here’s his first post; it’s a doozy.

For some reason this offseason seemed excruciatingly long.

Maybe it was being swept by Tampa Bay. Maybe it was actually feeling sorry for Sidney Crosby for eight months. Maybe it’s because the NFL tricked us into being worried about football every day this summer. Whatever, it seemed long.

Then to top it off the season starts on a Thursday but the Caps don’t drop the puck till Saturday night.

So when the Washington Post came on Thursday (Yes, I still get the paper. Printed on paper. And every couple of weeks I read some of it. Suck it trees!) I was probably more excited than I should have been to see that there was a “Four-Page Pullout Guide to the NHL Season” inside.

What did I learn from this glorious gaze into the months-long battle for hockey’s Holy Grail that gets underway this weekend? Not a fucking thing.

Why you ask? Because I was so frightened by the monstrosity on the front page that I dared not enter.

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DMV: Mike Green Shows His New Tatties

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