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DMV: Matt Wieters Will Block That Plate

Pittsburgh’s Andrew McCutchen has a silly beef with Wieters for blocking the plate and applying a hard tag in spring training. [BSR, O’s Insider]

Losing B-Rob would hurt, esp. if Izturis bats leadoff. [Dempsey’s Army]

M. Johansson scores twice, Caps beat Habs for 9th straight. [Japers’ Rink]

Bruce Boudreau steps in it a bit with the Canadian hockey media. [Bog]

The Redskins don’t want the Washington Post using “Redskins”. [City Desk]

Having fun with Mike Wise’s Vinny Cerrato column. [Kissing Suzy Kolber]

A photo-heavy telling of Cooley’s road trip to Wyoming. [The Cooley Zone]

Crawford scores 27 and JaVale blocks 12 in Wizards loss. [Wiz Insider]

JaVale actually recorded a kinda rare triple double. [SB Nation D.C.]

JMU bounced by Davidson in the first round of the CBI. [JMU Sports Blog]

A G’town blog interviews Bill Clinton about G’town hoops. [Casual Hoya]

A brief bit about what Maryland’s uniform changes mean. [Testudo Times]

DMV: Wieters Isn’t Panning Out Just Yet

Matt Wieters facts: He’s batting .253 with four homers. Is it time to worry about last year’s version of Strasburg? [Krem’s Sports Blog]

Matusz continues to struggle, O’s lose 6-1. [The Sun]

Ten things to like about these awful O’s. [Kevin Cowherd]

Guthrie and Millwood have been good. [Roar From 34]

Nats catch Tim Lincecum on an off night, win 7-3. [WaPo]

Nats plan on Pirates series (June 8-10) for Strasburg’s debut. [Nats Journal]

What a Nats deal for Roy Oswalt looks like. [MLB Trade Rumors]

Santana says he was injected but didn’t know what it was. [Skins Insider]

McNabb buys a Great Falls home for $2.1 million. [D.C. Sports Bog]

Cooley is the Skins’ backup holder, apparently. [Redskins Blog]

The Skins have made news most days this offseason. [D.C. Sports Bog]

One of the more sensible ACC expansion plans. [Rush the Court]

Readers think George Michael is D.C.’s top sports anchor. [D.C. Sports Bog]

George Michael and George Will had their own SNL sketch once. [Fatpickled]

This summer’s Screen on the Green lineup is announced. [DCist]

Recommended: The Besnard Lakes at the Black Cat tonight. [We Love DC]

DMV: Wieters Goes Deep, Gets Creampie

DMV is a daily roundup of District-Maryland-Virginia (mostly) sporting links.

Wieters hits his first, Huff reaches Eutaw to beat the Mets. [Camden Chat]

I’ve never seen anyone more into dudes getting creampied than your 2009 Orioles. Roch has the video (see above), which is at least the fourth such celebration this season. Imagine if they were any good. [Roch Kubatko]

John Lannan owns not just the Yanks but all of New York. [The Nats Blog]

Mike McDougal’s 97-mph heater saves one for the Nats. [Nats Journal]

“Nats and O’s win on the same day for the first time since May 9. FML” [@jamiemottram]

Not only did Sosa use PEDs, but he was a dick in Baltimore. [Toy Dept.]

Pros and cons of bringing Brandon Marshall to D.C. [Skins Insider]

A bowling podcast takes issue with Smoot’s hopes and dreams. [Skins Blog]

Ovi recreates his stick-on-fire celebration in a mo-cap suit. [Puck Daddy]

A thorough attempt to find a backcourt mate for Gilbert. [Bullets Forever]

Nick Young is not that mate, but he is “doin’ work”. [Wizards Insider]

DeShawn, also not that mate, is growing out his ducktail. [D.C. Sports Bog]

It took nearly five hours, but UVA gets eliminated from the CWS. [WaPo]

Va. Tech’s Seth Greenberg may be on USC’s short list. [Jeff Goodman]

Excellent story on how hoops is the power game in D.C. [Wright Thompson]

The political version of our guide to D.C. sports on Twitter. [The Atlantic]

Today: U.S. Open (10 a.m. ESPN), Nats-Yanks (1:05), Mets-O’s (7:05)

DMV: Hey, Jesus Took Sunday Off, Too

I’ll be handling DMV every morning this week while Jamie is in Cali for official Yahoo! business. Expect a marked decrease in links and effort.

Matt Wieters fails to win the World Series for O’s in his big league debut, going 3-for-11 in his first series, including an 0’fer on Friday and Sunday. He received some advice from Aubrey Huff though. Don’t listen to anything he says, Matt. [Baltimore Sun]

Elsewhere in Birdland, Luke Scott hit six homers over the past week and claims that his shoulder still isn’t 100%. [Baltimore Sun]

Curtis Granderson appreciates Scott’s power surge, and notes that he never “pimped” any of his five home runs in the series. [Big League Stew]

Good news: Nats’ television audience is up 50% from last season. Bad news: They still have the lowest ratings in the majors. [D.C. Sports Bog]

D.C. weekend schadenfreude: LeBron fails; Pens lose Game 1 and 2. [BDL; Puck Daddy]

Off day for the Nats following (another) long losing streak leaves Manny Acta’s job security shakier than ever. [Nationals Journal]

Mason eliminated swiftly from NCAA Tournament, goes 0-2 in Greenville Regional. []

The U comes out in force, as usual, for Santana Man’s 30th b-day party. [D.C. Sports Bog]

Real World: D.C. will begin filming on June 20th in Dupont. [We Love D.C.]

Today: Andy Roddick vs. Gael Monfils (sometime today); O’s-M’s (10:10)

Matt Wieters Day Is Finally Here

We’d normally never direct your away from our own fine line of Mr. Irrelevant T-Shirt Shop products, but today is a special day. It’s Matt Wieters Day. The Orioles savior makes his Major League debut this evening against Dontrelle Willis and the Tigers at Camden. Expect the D-Train to be sent into a head-on collision with Wieters’ bat, which will be made out of the famous Baltimore smokestack, or so says this outstanding tee from

Friendly reminder: Someone (hint, hint) has a birthday today, so if you’re looking for any last minute gift ideas, I’d love one of those sweet Affliction Warrior Redskins shirts so my bros know how much I love MMA and the Skins. And kicking ass. But if that’s too expense, a Wieters tee will do. After all, he is the reason I comes before E, except after C. And the only thing more menacing than AFFLICTION gear is grammatically rules.

DMV: O’s Matt Wieters Era Begins … Now

DMV is a daily roundup of District-Maryland-Virginia (mostly) sporting links.


Finally! O’s super prospect Matt Wieters, AKA “the Can’t Miss Kid”, debuts at Camden on Friday. The 23-year-old was batting .305/.387/.504 in Triple-A Norfolk and figures to be the finest Baltimore backstop since Chris Hoiles, and maybe even Mickey Tettleton! [The Sun]

“The 2009 season … is suddenly relevant again.” [Peter Schmuck]

Adam Jones and Nolan Reimold power Baltimore to victory. [The Sun]

Jason Berken gets cream pied for winning his ML debut. [Roch Kubatko]

And it was O’s blogger night at the Yard to boot. [Camden Chat]

O’s prospect Jake Arrieta talks crabs, baseball, beats. [Right Off Russell]

Ten things learned during the Nats latest loss, when Z-Man’s franchise-best 43-game on-base streak was ended by Livan Hernandez. [Federal Baseball]

Daniel Cabrera gets the boot and some ill words from GM Rizzo. [FJB]

Nats are scouting Mets prospects for a Nick Johnson trade. [Gordon Edes]

Fla.-based steroid dealer claims Nats and Caps were clients. [Puck Daddy]

Maybe Sergei Federov isn’t leaving the Caps for the KHL after all … [WaPo]

… but it sounds like Viktor Kozlov is. [Japers’ Rink]

Rumblings about Starbury coming to play for the Wiz. [Bullets Forever]

Some of the NBA’s top talent is borne out of the DMV. [Rumors and Rants]

From ’95 to ’08, the Skins are the NFL’s most average team. [Real Redskins]

Our friend Dan Steinberg will be posting over at Chris’ old joint. [TSB]

A new Lost Dog opens in my old South Arlington ‘hood. [We Love DC]

Bravo’s “Real Housewives” franchise is coming to D.C. [DCist]

WJFK may switch to all sports talk in mid-July. [DCRTV]

Today: Blue Jays-O’s (1:35), Nats-Mets (7:10)

It’s Official: Wieters Is the Can’t Miss Kid

matt-wieters-beast.jpg“All-Star Games played” is a meaningless stat, but it’s quick and dirty so let’s do it anyway. Since 1981, the average Minor League Player of the Year has made 2.3 All-Star teams, and that includes a half-dozen guys who may increase that number as their careers continue. Of the 25 former winners, there are more future Hall of Famers than flat-out busts. All of which is a long, odd way of saying O’s catching super-prospect Matt Wieters will be very good.

And whaddaya know, Wieters is Baseball America’s 2008 Minor League POY, thanks to a season split between Single-A Frederick and Double-A Bowie in which he hit .355 with 27 HR and more walks than strikeouts. That’s sweeter than Yoo-Hoo, and his performance actually improved after promotion, as evidenced by a .460 (.460!) on-base percentage at Bowie. And it’s not just offense either, as Wieters calls his own game and is regarded as a good defensive catcher. Hell, he’s even a solid citizen, and I bet his family values are impeccable.

Basically, he’s the perfect player in-waiting, and is now off to the Arizona Fall League. For what, I don’t know. Other than to terrorize more aspiring pitchers, I guess. Meanwhile, current O’s catcher Ramon Hernandez plays out the third year of a four-year, $27.5 million deal. I suggest rooting for him to pad those stats this September and increase his trade value to make way for the kid next April. No sense in delaying the inevitable.