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DMV: MASN’s Bob & F.P. Show Renewed For Another Season

Sounds like Bob and F.P. will call Nats games in 2013. [Capital Games]

The Nats have played 32 guys in center field since 2005. [Nats Insider]

Denard Span was actually born in DC, but not on purpose. [Nats Journal]

Span once hit his mom with a foul, which is incredible. [Nats Enquirer]

DeAngelo Hall fined for unspecified infractions in the Dallas game. [PFT]

Alfred Morris had to bum a ride to work because his ’91 Mazda. [Bog]

Chevy dealership will give away cars if the Skins shut out NY. [Bog]

Jordan Crawford: Wiz have the best fans. (This is full of nuggets.) [Bog]

Jeff Probst of all people reunites Robin Ficker and Isiah Thomas. [Bog]

Caps are the NHL’s 11th-most valuable franchise in 2012. [Caps Insider]

DMV: Kristina Akra Is MASN’s New Debbi Taylor Upgrade

MASN’s new Nats sideline reporter, Kristina Akra, is a former Heat and Gators dancer who comes to Washington via FoxSports South, where she covered SEC football. [Nats Inquisition]

Strasburg’s spring is done, and he’s ready to start at Wrigley on Thursday. [NJ]

A long-read look at the development around Nats Park. [WaPo]

Caps win another shootout after blowing a lead. [JR]

Caps fans creatively celebrate Backstrom’s return. [RMNB]

Looking at the Caps’ various playoff scenarios. [Capitals Watch]

Video of Robert Griffin III attending Jon Gruden’s QB camp. [Hogs Haven]

RG3 met Redskins faithful at a memorabilia show in Chantilly. [The Insider]

Davey Johnson says Jim Palmer’s awesome delivery was the worst. [BSR]

Five observations about your “new-look” Washington Wiz. [We Love DC]

The Nats Make Peter Angelos Even Filthier Rich All the Time

иконографияI think most of us knew this already, but a recent article in the NY Times on regional sports networks lays it bare:

Major League Baseball knew in 2004 that its plan to move the Montreal Expos to Washington, D.C., was angering Peter Angelos, the owner of the Baltimore Orioles. A personal injury lawyer known for litigating asbestos cases, Angelos feared that he would lose business to the team, now the Nationals, if he shared the Baltimore market with them. It was clear to baseball that he would sue if he was not placated.

The solution, reached after six months of negotiations, was an unusual one that proved just how valuable regional networks had become. It featured the creation of a new network, solely to make Angelos happy. Or at least mollified. […]

The Mid-Atlantic Sports Network, then, was formed to carry the Orioles and the Nationals. Angelos got 90 percent of the network, an interest that is being diminished a bit each year, and $75 million from baseball for a 10 percent stake that it gave to the Nationals. But Angelos’s stake will never go below two-thirds. […]

SNL Kagan estimated that the network’s revenue should hit $158.7 million this year.

Remember that when the O’s try and fail to sign Prince Fielder or any other big-ticket free agent this offseason.

DMV: MASN’s Next Rob Dibble Is Near

MASN’s close to replacing Rob Dibble as “Ray Knight, F.P. Santangelo and Joe Magrane are among the candidates” to be the new Nats color guy. I’m unfamiliar with the other two, but I like Knight. Any would be an upgrade. [NatsTown]

Sounds like the Nats offered Greinke $18 per for five years. [Nats Blog]

Stephen Strasburg has a sweet Abe Lincoln beard now. [Nats Inquisition]

New Nat Adam LaRoche is a big-time hunter. [Nats Enquirer]

Hey, former Oriole Roberto Alomar made the Hall of Fame. [O’s Insider]

Cal Ripken and Alex Ovechkin, two great 8s together as one. [Bog]

Very fine recaps of a very fine “24/7 Pens/Caps” series. [Bog, Puck Daddy]

Disposed Skins CB Tryon is now starting for the Colts. [Redskins Insider]

The Wiz lose their 17th straight road game. Holy shit. [Wiz Insider]

Andray Blatche’s new haircut is really bad. [Truth About It]

Something strange about Peter Vecsey, Wes Unseld and Ted Leonsis. [Bog]

Santana Moss named the Redskins Player of the Year. [Redskins Blog]

Thomas Boswell: What Steve Carlton Was to Lefties, Rob Dibble Is to Idiots

Just stumbled upon this excerpt from yesterday’s Washington Post chat (via Chris Needham):

Tommy John: Can we get that surgery performed on Rob Dibble’s mouth?

Thomas Boswell: One Nats exec, on hearing of the comments, called another Nats executive and just said one word, “Idiot.”

They both knew, with no names mentioned and no other context, what was being discussed and who.

They used to say that you knew how good Steve Carlton was because if you said “Lefty” everybody in baseball knew who you were talking about. Dibble?

That’s probably the best takedown yet of the guy who just keeps digging, and it comes from Washington’s preeminent baseball writer. Well done, Boz.

Introducing the Bob & Rob Drinking Game

This isn’t the place to debate the merits of MASN’s Nats broadcasting duo of Bob Carpenter and Rob Dibble. Just know that we don’t like them, nor do a lot of D.C. sports fans, nor does GQ, apparently.

Here’s the thing though: We do like the Nats, and MASN has the games, so we’ll keep watching. And if we can’t get Dibble fired, we can at least try to kick back and enjoy it.

With that, here’s the Bob & Rob Drinking Game, which, as you can see, was tested by our brother Beef, Da Meathook bobblehead and I last Friday night to the tune of 14 Amstel Lights in nine innings. Your mileage may vary.

Drink when …

Rob says “we,” “our” or “us.”
Bob cracks a corny joke.
Rob refers to his playing career.
Bob refers to the Cardinals.
Bob or Rob spouts a cliché (e.g. “you have to be strong up the middle”).
Bob or Rob is just plain wrong (e.g. “Juan Pierre is an excellent player.”).
Bob or Rob uses one of the following nicknames: “Gentleman Zim, “The Goozer,” The Capper,” “The Hammer,” “The Body” or “Big Bad Dunn.”

Drink twice when …

Bob or Rob praises Ivan Rodriguez for intangibles such as leadership.
Rob complains about pitchers throwing too many offspeed pitches.
Bob or Rob complains about Adam Dunn taking too many pitches.
Rob is shown wearing bitchin’ transition eyeglass lenses.
Sideline reporter extraordinaire Debbie Taylor appears.
Debbie talks to you like you’re 2 years old.

Drink three times when …

Rob yells, grunts, claps and/or laughs maniacally.
Rob’s tattoos are visible on the broadcast.
Rob suggests the Nats throw at someone.
Rob complains about balls and strikes.
Rob complains about and/or mocks those who use the Internet.

Chug when …

Debbie asks a tough question. (Note: This will not occur.)
Bob says, “See. You. Later.” (Note: This means the Nats have hit a home run, and Rob is probably yelling as well, so just finish your drink.)

(Our thanks to those who contributed to the rules and regulations here, including Chris Needham and Dan Steinberg as well as numerous Mr. Irrelevant commenters and @MrIrrelevantDC followers.)

Rob Dibble Is the Absolute Worst

Quote and screen cap from MASN’s broadcast of today’s Nats-Mets game:

“This is below the knees on Bernadina. It’s brutal. Brutal strike zone today. Here’s the pitch right here, below the strike zone.” — Rob Dibble

And lest you think we’re picking on Dibble by putting just one pitch under the microscope, not a game goes by where he doesn’t complain about balls and strikes only to be disproved by the on-screen “Pitch Track.”

In closing, fire Dibble.

DMV: Buy Dibble’s Priceless Treasures


Nats color man and real-life Kenny Powers Rob Dibble is selling some truly hideous attire, not that you’d expect anything less. [CSTB, Walkoff Walk]

O’s receive higher TV ratings than Nats … in D.C. [D.C. Sports Bog]

Clinton Portis addresses his run-in with Mike Sellers. [D.C. Sports Bog]

Sonny Jurgensen is talking mad shit. [Leonard Shapiro]

Wilbon thinks Snyder should bring in one of the Polians. [Michael Wilbon]

Chris Samuels being out means Chris Cooley stays in to block. [TWT]

A column calling for Todd Collins to start. [Thom Loverro]

An unfortunate Washington Post headline. [Player Hater’s Ball]

The Caps all-decade team. [Japers’ Rink]

Wiz win in Detroit, and Epic Vale has another good game. [Wiz Insider]

After being fined for not speaking, Gil kinda speaks. [Wizards Insider]

Caron Butler picks up where Gil left off, begins blogging. [Hoops Hype]

Greivis Vasquez is apparently now on Twitter. [@gvasquez21]

Soccer’s Charlie Davies suffers an awful crash on the GW Parkway. [TWT]

Cornel West will be at Busboys & Poets tomorrow night. [We Love DC]

The 50 most powerful people in D.C. [GQ]

Rob Dibble Breaks Out the Claws, Goes After ESPN’s Rob Neyer

Last week, Adam Dunn struck out looking with the bases loaded vs. Randy Johnson, who you may recall was going for win 300. It was obviously a huge play in a game that eventually led to Johnson reaching his historic milestone. Dibble took issue with the call, as you surely remember, saying, “You can’t just call strikes because a guy is going for his 300th victory.” This prompted ESPN’s Rob Neyer to write a blog post about Dibble’s outrage (over a pitch that was actually a strike), which was highlighted by several beautifully crafted back-handed compliments:

Really, I just wanted an excuse to write about Rob Dibble. For years, I was less than a fan of his work at various networks. So you can imagine my shock, when I realized that I sort of like him in his current role with the Nationals. Yes, he’s still a blowhard who believes that if you didn’t play the game, you don’t know anything about it. But he’s got a good voice, he’s quite a bit smarter than you probably think, and he’s not been pulling his punches while the Nationals have become the biggest joke in the game.

Dibble, equipped with his typical no-nonsense sass, replied to Neyer with two tweets around 12:30AM today, which he has since deleted. Luckily, Twitter search kept the evidence intact:


See, what he did there was mock Neyer for something he did about 20 years ago. Or around the same time Dibble was finishing up the second of his four productive seasons in the big leagues. Hard to say whose career path has trended upwards since then: the ESPN senior writer or the color analyst for the Washington Nationals.

(H/T: Federal Baseball)

MASN’s Latest Attempt to Lure Nats Fans

That would be Hall of Famer Don Sutton with the peace sign and eternal optimist Bob Carpenter with the come hither stare, both dressed as stereotypical 1960’s hippies on ’70’s Night at Nats Park. A for effort, F for historical accuracy and self respect.


League-worst TV ratings or not, that’s just depressing. But at least hardly anyone was watching, and, for those of us that do tune in, we don’t have to endure any more lame jokes about bell bottoms and disco music.

(For a look at what Don Sutton really looked like in the ’70s, click here. And to see MASN sideline reporter Debbie Taylor get in on the act, here.)