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DMV: The Great 8’s Mustache Is Not Great

So glad Ovechkin is participating in Movember. [Bog, @danny_favret]

Taking Ray Emery and the ref to task for the Holtby beating. [Puck Daddy]

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Here’s a wonderful history of all-time Caps goalie fights. [Caps Outsider]

Ted Leonsis likes to mix it up in Facebook comments, which is odd. [Bog]

Chimera named NHL’s third star after his six-point week. [Caps Insider]

Phillip Daniels upset about not being invited to Redskins homecoming. [Bog]

Darrell Green thinks the Skins should re-sign Contract Year D-Hall. [Bog]

Snyder’s house has a burgundy & gold Redskins basketball court. [Bog]

Sean Taylor’s shooter found guilty of second-degree murder. [Miami Herald]

Seven problems the 0-3 Wizards are dealing with right now. [Bullets Forever]

Randy Wittman fined $20k for swearing during his presser. [Wiz Insider]

Programming note: I’ve been offline for most of four days and didn’t get to watch the Skins game, hence no Winners & Losers. Glad they won, though!

First Look At Nick Johnson’s Mustache In Orioles Uniform

Nick Johnson was a favorite of ours during his star-crossed years with the Nats, and after a few years of kicking around with the Marlins, Yankees and AAA Columbus(!), he’s back in the DMV, this time with Baltimore. And, as he did four years ago, he’s growing some delicious lip fur.

Johnson and his mustache made their O’s debut Saturday, and he ended up starting two of three games in the opening series (one at first base and one at DH). Here’s to many more in 2012, so long as he can somehow stay healthy and continue getting on base at his career .400 clip.

Now, more pics of Nick Johnson and/or his mustache in Orioles uniform!

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If It’s A Mustache Fight San Fran Wants, It’s A Mustache Fight They’re Gonna Get

The 49ers are growing lip fur to go along with their throwbacks for Sunday’s finale with the Skins in San Francisco. It’s a tribute to players past, and a damn fine one, but they clearly don’t realize who they’re dealing with here.


(Clockwise from top left: Doug Williams, John Riggins, Jason Campbell, Jeff Hostetler, Russ Grimm, Chris Cooley, Art Monk and Charley Taylor. Photos via Getty Images, and the Internet.)

Update: Steinberg has a history of Redskins mustaches. Of course he does.

Kevin Millar and His Hitler-Style Mustache


The only thing funnier than Mr. Millar’s lip fur on this Sunday afternoon was the commentary provided by MASN announcers Jim Hunter and Jim Palmer. Somehow the always topical Mary Poppins was referenced while a certain German dictator was not. Somewhere Charlie Chaplin made sad eyes.

And in some ways the follicular folly reminds me of Crash Davis’ advice for Nuke LaLoosh in Bull Durham: “If you win 20 in the show, you can let the fungus grow back and the press’ll think you’re colorful. Until you win 20 in the show, however, it means you are a slob.” Sadly for Millar, he’s far closer to the latter at this point in his fading career. Nice ‘stache though.

Sherrill Debuts ‘Stache, Keeps Sucking


Just look at that thing. It belongs on a late-’80s baseball card. And, I’m not gonna lie, I like it. I like how he makes it modern with the soul patch there. What I don’t like is him giving up a freaking walk-off walk after the O’s score four runs in the 9th to tie it up. But it wasn’t his fault, no. Just ask him about the 0-1 pitch in Chone Figgins’ decisive at-bat:

“I don’t know what [umpire Fieldin Culbreth] saw. I don’t get it. It’s a lot easier to pitch 0-2 than it is, 1-1. Figgins is up there and does the little [Derek] Jeter thing with his hands up and he calls it a ball. I know for a fact that pitch caught the plate.”

Nice jab at Jeter, but really?! You’re going to walk a man to load the bases, then walk another guy and still complain about a blown call on a 0-1 pitch? I saw the pitch, and it was borderline. What wasn’t borderline were the not-close fastballs that followed. You blew the game, bro. Deal with it.

Not that a blown game from Sherrill is much of a surprise. Despite his 30 saves and the flat-brimmed sensation, he’s been terrible three out of four months this season: 4.63 ERA in April, 2.25 in May, 4.15 in June and 6.75 in July. His track record suggests he’d do well in middle relief, sure, but the O’s need a new closer if they want out of the basement.

Nick Johnson Is an Attractive Man

Nick Johnson, who earlier in the season shaved lightning bolts into his head, has been growing an outstanding ‘stache this year, as we’ve mentioned several times, but there has been no decent visual evidence. Apparently AP and Getty don’t focus their lenses on Nick with much frequency. Thankfully, one ambitious photographer finally snapped a pretty good shot of the lip fur:


This isn’t the perfect shot we’ve been longing for, and unfortunately, Agent Steinz doesn’t know how to operate a camera, so we can’t rely on him. Hopefully more photogs become enamored by the ‘stache’s glory and provide us with something more substantial.

Also worth noting: In my “research” for this post, I came across two items of interest. First, Nick Johnson was never meant to be a Yankee. The clean-cut thing just ain’t him. Second, this photo comes up on page 1 when you search “Nick Johnson” in Google images.

The American Mustache Institute vs. Jason Campbell

Steinz and I discuss the American Mustache Institute’s best sports ‘staches of all time on Blog Show XVI, with Bog Man Dan charging AMI with unfairly including only one black athlete (Clyde Frazier) on the ballot. Fortunately for African-American mustaches everywhere, Skins blog Hogs Haven tells the AMI to stick it and stumps for Washington QB Jason Campbell’s inclusion in the proceedings.

Jason Campbell Mustache

Much to their credit, AMI responds:

“Campbell, as Billy Dee Williams-smooth as he may be, would never be considered as he also sports hair on his chin thus nullifying his candidacy. A true ‘stache – a delicious ‘stache – is one that needs no complimenting chin hair.”

“A delicious ‘stache” you say? Thanks for the laugh (and the Billy Dee comparison), but JC has honest-to-goodness lip fur that should be recognized as such. Fortunately, there’s a write-in option on AMI’s ballot, so we can rock the vote in an attempt to right the wrongs of oppressed facial hair everywhere. And, you know, white man or not, I wouldn’t mind it if you nominated Jeff Reboulet while you’re at it.

Update: Seems that AMI saw us on Blog Show and responds via email to Steinz (after the jump):

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