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Introducing The ‘KD To DC’ Shirt For Hopeful Wiz Fans

Most Wiz fans fall into one of three categories, all of them sad.

The first is children of the ’80s, myself included, reared on the duo of Jeff and Moses Malone. Those were not good teams, and they never won a playoff series. They’re probably most-remembered for having 7’7″ Manute Bol and 5’3″ Muggsy Bogues.

The second bucket is ’90s kids, who got to enjoy C-Webb and Juwan, for three years at least. They almost took a first-round game off of the Jordan Bulls. It was the only time they made the playoffs all decade.

Those raised on ’00s Wizards basketball were slightly more fortunate. They got Gilbert, who was great, especially during the Agent Zero thing. Then they spiraled into five seasons of 27-55 basketball.

But things are looking up! The Wiz lucked into Wall and Beal, and they’ve been two wins shy of the conference finals each of the past two years. To get over the hump, though, and be a true contender, they need another major piece.

That piece hits the market next summer, and he makes all the difference. Here to commemorate the occasion is a fresh design from our friends at Sneeki’s Tees.


It may be a longshot, but fans should dare to dream about more than 45-win seasons and early playoff exits. Plus, this is just a really good looking shirt. Go get it for $25 in navy or royal blue.

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How Realistic Is KD-to-D.C.?

Here with a look at one of our favorite fantasies is Mr. Irrelevant contributing writer Bryan Frantz.

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 12.40.31 PM

Those of you watching the Redskins’ glorious 41-10 beatdown of the Jacksonville Jaguars last week may have seen Wizards point guard John Wall taking in the game at the same time as a very special guest.

Naturally, seeing reigning NBA MVP Kevin Durant at a Redskins game with the face of D.C. basketball, both decked out in Redskins gear, had some fans rather giddy. Perhaps excited enough to forget about the face of D.C. football getting hurt again? Continue reading How Realistic Is KD-to-D.C.?

Durant-to-D.C. Is Not Completely Irrational


There are probably better texts regarding Kevin Durant’s free agency in the summer of 2016 and the possibility of him signing with the Wiz, but this is one I happened to read. From a Sports On Earth exchange between Michael Pina and Patrick Hruby, here’s Pina:

Washington has flexibility, especially when you consider the projected salary cap bump to $80 million in 2016. Nene’s contract expires then, and it’s tradable if they need to move it. This team is on a path to incrementally improve from within, while building around the margins. The foundation is set. And from a team-building perspective things aren’t too different from the Oklahoma City Thunder. Washington isn’t as talented, but they successfully used the draft to find their core. I’m not a Grunfeld fan by any means, but the Pierce signing is significant. This team will be attractive in two years, with Beal and Wall hopefully All-Star Weekend regulars by then. If they keep the cap sheet clean enough to offer Durant a max contract, there’s honestly no reason to assume his interest heading East won’t be piqued.

There’s also this, from CSN Washington:

The hiring of David Adkins, who coached Durant in high school, from the University of Maryland’s women’s team as assistant coach to player development for the Wizards this past week isn’t a coincidence.

See? The Wizards will have a decent team, cap space, his old coach … WHAT MORE COULD YOU WANT, DURANT? COME HOME!

I’m sure he won’t tire of hearing that for the next two years.

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All You Need to Know About Durantula

Wale, the unofficial recording artist of Mr. Irrelevant, released the “More About Nothing” mixtape yesterday. If you’re familiar with Wale, you’ve already downloaded it. If not, start with the prequel, “Mixtape About Nothing”, and then come on back.

I’m still working through “More About Nothing” (it is 21 tracks after all), but I had to share the lyrics/words of track No. 13, “The Best in the League”, starring Kevin Durant:

DJ Omega: “You gotta do this thing for the tape!”

Durant: “Man, I don’t really be doing that, man. But since you dragged me in here, dawg … Shout out my brother, my main man, Wale. It’s “More About Nothing”, man. Straight out of D.C. Oklahoma City Thunder in the building, man. So once again, it’s KD. About to bring in this hot shit, man. Wale. Boy, we all out here. Man, shout out my man, DJ Omega, man. From the beginning. Dragged me in this joint, man. I be chillin’ though. You all know me. I play for OKC Thunder, No. 35. Come check us out.”

Omega: “What else, man? You gotta talk to the people. What else?!”

Durant: “Man, what I do?”

Omega: “Something light. C’mon, man.”

Durant: “Youngest scoring champ ever.”

Omega: “And?!”

Durant: “2010 NBA All-Star.”

Omega: “And?!”

Durant: “Led my team to the playoffs.”

Omega: “What else, man? What else? Above all and everything, what else, man?”

Durant: “Man, I’m from D.C. That’s all you need to know.”

Me too, KD! Me too. Well, Vienna, Va. actually. But, still.

Hear the track here. Download the mixtape here. Support Wale all over.