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Five Hogs On The Beach (PHOTO)

John Riggins shared this photo yesterday, and I have no context for it, other than our previous *REPORT* that Riggo and Joe Jacoby were spotted in the Outer Banks earlier this summer. Can you name the other three Hogs in this photos? I’m thinking Joe Jeff Bostic, Russ Grimm and some other big honkey. Maybe Donnie Warren?

30-Year Anniversary of The Diesel Running Over The Dolphins

Thirty years ago today the Washington Redskins celebrated their first ever Super Bowl victory. The seminal play of that game was a gutsy fourth down call from coach Joe Gibbs that gave the ball to all-awesome running back John Riggins. Riggins got much more than the first down, the Skins won, and Riggo would go on to party with Supreme Court justices.

Many thanks to William World News for the reminder on the anniversary.

Two Old, Boozy John Riggins And Mark Rypien Stories For You

Here with a guest post for nailing his Eagles game prediction is Mr. Irrelevant reader/commenter Donk Donkerson.

I have a confession: I’m a band nerd. But there are perks to being in a band.

I spent 10 years in the Redskins Band, from 1986 to 1996. During that time, I never missed a home game. Not even if I had the flu.

The last time I played was the final game at RFK, when we beat the Cowboys in a meaningless game. I couldn’t stomach the fact that my team was moving to Landover, Maryland, even if I was from Maryland and a graduate of College Park. It just didn’t seem right.

All band members had an ID card that allowed you to park for free and enter the stadium through a side entrance. Every year I tried to get a player to sign the back of it. These are the two best stories from those attempts.

‘Holy Shit … It Is Rypien’

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Watch The Trailer For NFL Films’ New John Riggins Documentary

Set your DVRs for NFL Network, next Wednesday at 8 p.m. as they debut a new John Riggins doc, which includes this quote from Riggo about Joe Gibbs:

“I would not recommend this to anybody — meeting the boss with a beer in each hand, but, me being me … so, I drank my beer and I drank Joe’s, and we sat down and ate breakfast.”

Head over to NFL Films for the full trailer.

My Bro Thought This Was Dexter Manley

When played the audio of this clip and asked to name that D.C. Sports personality, Chris guessed Darrell Green. When given a chance at redemption, he went with Dexter. Yeah, no.

Hear for yourself on Blogs With Balls Radio, which Chris went on to discuss his role at the new SB Nation among other things. And join us in Vegas in a few weeks for Blogs With Balls 2.0, where we’ll talk about blogs, balls, etc.