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DMV: JaVale Dunked On Andray

Ex-Wiz-on-ex-Wiz crime! Click thru for more with Vale and Dray. [SB Nation]

Wizards’ four-game win streak snapped by a 96-85 loss at Detroit. [WaPo]

The Caps “are in serious jeopardy of missing the playoffs.” [Caps Insider]

Matt Hendricks thinks he’s broken his nose at least five times. [RMNB]

Redskins get bad PR for ridiculous PR campaign. [Deadspin, PFT, Sally Jenx]

Jayson Werth will play right field, Bryce Harper left field. [Nats Insider]

Drew Storen showed up in Viera and discussed Game 5. [Nats Journal]

A new UnderArmour commercial with Bryce Harper and others. [Bog]

Detwiler adorned Zim’s locker with Internet Photoshops. [Nats Enquirer]

Vegas is predicting a losing season for the O’s. [Baltimore Sports Report]

The O’s won’t be shutting Bundy or Gausman down, Strasburg-style. [BSR]

106.7’s Holden and Danny interviewed Kate Upton. It’s really awful. [Bog]

A Fan’s Goodbye to JaVale and NY

All things end, whether good or bad. The trade that sends Nick Young and JaVale McGee to Denver concludes the run for two of the more interesting characters to ever play pro hoops in DC.

Both of these players were homegrown, first-round picks drafted by the Wiz. I remember my reactions to each pick; in 2007 with Young I wondered why the hell Ernie would take another guard, and in 2008 with JaVale I remembered being intrigued by his potential. If nothing else, JaVale was “long,” a characteristic much fantasized about on draft night.

Looking back, my reactions seem fairly accurate. Nick Young had some great games, but after five years in the league, he is just another guard. He can shoot. He cannot pass, he can defend on occasion, and he can certainly be entertaining on and off the court. He will never be an All-Star, and his lackadaisical attitude had been for too long a liability.

Losing JaVale is a bit more sad. The potential is still there, and JaVale showed flashes all the time. The guy has incredbile athleticism and a 7’1″ frame. He is still as long as the day Jay Bilas first described him. I remember Bullets trade of yore, giving up young, talented big men, and the prospect of a redux frightens me.

But no matter how much potential he had, JaVale just didn’t get it. He just did not get it. Maybe it was the coddling, maybe it was a mental block. Whatever the problem, the results simply did not work. Defensive lapses. Offensive miscues. If he can only put it all together, and he still can, he could dominate. But it was not going to happen here, not on Fun Street.

In the end, JaVale had to go. Nick had to go. If sunshine is the best disinfectant, you need to get rid of two players who could never get out of their own way, two players who rarely saw the big picture. If this is John Wall’s team, and it needs to be, the knuckleheads had to go.

JaVale and Nick, it has been quite real. Best of luck in your next spot. But can I say I’ll miss you? #CANTSAYIDO

DMV: ‘Can’t Say I Do’ Movement

Hey, JaVale McGee, do you know why you were benched? “Can’t say I do.” [Wiz Insider]

“Can’t Say I Do” is now a full-fledged thing, hence this custom jersey. [SBN D.C.]

For the full “Can’t Say I Do” experience, see WizzNutzz. [@wzzntzz]

It’s time to let JaVale go, either via trade or free agency. [Bullets Forever]

Nats kick off a clumsily-named marketing campaign. [Bog]

Boz targets April for Harper’s call-up. [Thomas Boswell]

MLB’s expanded playoffs benefit the Wild Card-ish Nats. [Nats Journal]

Predicting which Nats will soar and which will crash in ’12. [Nats Baseball]

George McPhee says Ovie is lighter than he’s been in years. [Bog]

Ted Leonsis’ Caps’ rally poncho really is so ugly it’s beautiful. [Bog]

Draft experts think QB Ryan Tannehill could go top-10. [The Insider]

A look at the CAA Tournament, which starts today. [JMU Sports Blog]

A touching tribute to John Thompson as he walks away from radio. [Bog]

DMV: JaVale McGee’s Goaltend Is The Most JaVale McGee Goaltend

JaVale McGee committed the most ridiculous goaltending violation you’re ever going to see last night, and then he got benched. [BDL, Bog, SBNDC]

The Wiz lost to the Kings, by the way, to go into the break. [WaPo]

The Wizards’ hotel aliases are rich (e.g., “Rich Blackman”). [Capital Games]

The Caps lost 5-2 to the Sens, continuing downward spiral. [Japers’ Rink]

Matthew Perreault did score a goal with his tongue, though. [Puck Daddy]

Dale Hunter disses Vokoun, Vokoun’s agent responds. [Caps Insider]

A pretty exhaustive and bitter takedown of the Caps. [On Frozen Blog]

Ryan Zimmerman contract talks end Saturday … for now. [Nats Journal]

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Two Very JaVale McGee Videos!

It’s a point of pride that we allow few JaVale McGee videos to slip past our blognet. Unfortunately for the Wizards, but fortunately for the Internet, there are lots of them, including two more today:

1. As seen above and detailed by the D.C. Sports Bog, JaVale was featured by ESPN’s Sports Science thing. This was the perfect marriage of auteur and subject — both are equal parts fascinating and goofy. They also think they’re the future of their fields, I bet. Give it a watch; it’s sufficiently JaVale.

2. Also, as seen in last night’s game and on blooper reels of the future, JaVale was inadvertently racked by Channing Frye. What makes this clip particular JaVale is not that he took one to the groin (not very JaVale), but the histrionics shown afterward (very JaVale). Can’t say I’ve seen a grown man act like that, at least not in public.

Thus concludes this edition of very JaVale videos. More soon, probably.

DMV: The JaVale McGee Version Of A Hustle Play Is Hilarious

This may be the most JaVale McGee play of all time. Visit SBN to see it in GIF form, or click the video above (via BDL) to play it in full. The ad is worth it see the failed alley-oop at the end. [SB Nation D.C., Ball Don’t Lie]

The Wiz won, by the way, in OT over Toronto at home. [Bullets Forever]

DeAndre Jordan may have stared down JaVale’s mom. [Grantland]

This guy actually ordered an Andray “Baltche” Wiz jersey. Respect. [Bog]

Caps play Florida tonight for first place in the Southeast. [WaPo]

Bruce Allen says the Skins want London Fletcher back. [Redskins Blog]

Just a picture of Devin Thomas with the Lombardi Trophy. [Homer McFanboy]

Nats sign Mark Teahen to a minor league deal, so you know. [Nats Journal]

Maryland assistant starts a Tebowing-type thing that’s actually cool. [Patch]

Ryan Pearson has a “Fear the Beard” sweatshirt. [George Mason Basketball]

Some JMU bros made the best ad of Super Bowl XLVI. [JMU Sports Blog]

The Junkies’ producer is leaving to run his family’s business. [Bog]

Two-Win Wizards Campaign For Four All-Stars (New Traditions!)

I was going to link to this but decided it needs its own post. Do the Wizards really think a 2-15 team deserves four All-Stars? Do the Wizards really think any of these four have played to the level of an All-Star?

I understand marketing, and engaging the fan base. I get that. BUT, I think the majority of fans and media think Nick Young and Andray Blatche need to be cut, dismissed, or bought out from the team. Immediately. Sentiment is split on JaVale McGee, but either way the guy isn’t an All-Star.

That’s right, most fans want those two gone, but the Wiz brass wants you to vote for them as All-Stars. I know because of gumshoe reporting the image above was taken from the front page of the Wizards’ website.

John Wall is the only cornerstone this team has. He has been playing well of late. But with point guards like Deron Williams, Derrick Rose and Rajon Rondo in the East, Wall isn’t an All-Star. Yet.

If I’m voting for anybody, it’s Jan Vesely. Just so he brings his girlfriend.

JaVale’s ‘Unecessary Staredown’ (VIDEO)

You may have already seen this dunk from last night’s Wiz-76ers game on D.C. Sports Bog and The Basketball Jones. My observations:

— The new unis are still new, still excellent.
— This was Wall-to-McGee, which may occur more often than Paul-to-Griffin, meaning Washington is the real Lob City.
— The dunk was only kinda sorta on some kid I’ve never heard of, and there was very little contact.
— JaVale stared him down for a full five seconds, while backing away.
— JaVale gave his signature military salute almost 10 seconds after kinda sorta dunking on said nameless kid in a preseason game.
— The announcer says JaVale is 7’3″ or 7’4″, which sounds about right.

For another awesome JaVale video, click over to TBJ or the Bog and watch him airball a three-footer. It’s gonna be another fun season.