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Some Sad Jason Campbell News

Seeing as how any Jason Campbell news clearly falls within our purview, here’s pretty much the worst thing ever:

Oakland Raiders Star Jason Campbell was all set to be married to his beautiful fiancé’ Jenny Montes this past weekend but he stood her up just hours before the ceremony was to take place. Guest had flown out to the Dominican Republic where the bride to be is from to watch the nuptials take place.

Being the JC apologists that we are, though, here’s a conflicting report:

[Campbell] and his fiancé, Jenny Montes, mutually decided to hold off on taking their vows because of personal reasons.

Campbell told CSN’s Kate Longworth that he did not leave Montes at the altar, as had been reported. He said that was not in his character.

Believe what you will, but here’s Jason and Jenny’s wedding site, as well as a “JC” tattoo on Jenny’s right shoulder (oof):

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Alex Smith and Jason Campbell, Peyton Manning and the Redskins

Two years ago the Redskins and 49ers were healing from varying degrees of disappointment. The Redskins had won four games under the recently-fired Jim Zorn, with 2005 first-round pick Jason Campbell. The 49ers had won eight games under Mike Singletary, with fellow ’05 first-rounder Alex Smith. Both franchises, bastions of greatness in the 20th century, continued to muddle through the 21st. Then they diverged.

The Redskins traded two picks for Donovan McNabb and shipped Campbell to Oakland. They struggled in ’10 before realizing what they’d done, cutting their losses and starting to rebuild in ’11, finally. The 49ers stuck with Smith, who improved slightly in ’10 before improving mightily in ’11.

What happened in San Francisco Saturday was not only a great game but perhaps the crescendo of Smith’s career. It was the manifestation of what I hoped Campbell would become, and the success Washington could have had they stuck with him. San Fran won 13 games this season and plays in the NFC Championship this week.

The 49ers have a top-shelf defense, very good special teams, a reliable running game and a quarterback who doesn’t fuck it up. That’s who Alex Smith is. He’s not Aaron Rodgers, and he’s not Tom Brady. He’s not Drew Brees either, but he did beat Brees, and he had a hell of a game in the process. This was always Jason Campbell’s ceiling, if the Redskins hadn’t pulled the rug out from underneath him.

Today, the Redskins are at another quarterback crossroads, but this time there’s no gradually improving first-rounder on the roster. There’s Rex Grossman, the draft and an offseason crop that includes Rodgers’ backup Matt Flynn and possibly Peyton Manning. Many picks need to be given to draft Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin III, and not much is known of the nearly unknown Flynn, so it’s Manning that seems to be the most likely option. Redskins reporter-turned-SportsCenter anchor Bram Weinstein even says it’s “VERY likely,” with caps lock and everything.

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DMV: Jason Campbell to Stephon Heyer, You Guys!

Watch Jason Campbell complete a 14-yard catch-and-rumble to fellow Raider/ex-Redskins offensive turnstile Stephon Heyer. [Bog]

Alex Ovechkin discusses his physique, among other things. [Puck Daddy]

A Nats park beer man saved a child, then went about his business. [Bog]

Another awesome tribute to Flanny, this one by Jane Leavy. [Grantland]

Gilbert’s Twitter avatars do not paint a flattering portrait of Gilbert. [TBJ]

Programming note: Apologies for this being tardy and incomplete. My PC died the true death this morning, so. We do have a Q&A with Editor-in-Chief/D.C. sports fan Rob King coming later today though.

Jason Campbell Keeps Twisting the Knife

In our interview with Jason Campbell, he said he was the “scapegoat” for the Skins’ failings during his time in Washington. Fast forward eight months, and he’s saying pretty much the same thing to Mike Wise:

“So, you think they found out yet I wasn’t the source of all their problems?” said Campbell, whose 2009 line gave up the same number of sacks (46) as the 2010 line protecting first Donovan McNabb and then Grossman. “It really doesn’t matter who’s back there if you can’t protect him.”

Now, I don’t disagree with JC; the line was awful. Probably still is. But here’s the thing: Stop talking about it. He’s in a better place now. He should enjoy it, make the most of it. Because everybody knows this is nowhere.

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Ten Questions With Ex-Redskins QB Jason Campbell: ‘I Was the Scapegoat’

We don’t really interview athletes here, and I think the last athlete interview I conducted at all was for Sports Bloggers Live. That show ended four years ago, so pardon the rust.

Also pardon the fact that I botched this recording, so there’s no audio, and some of the answers aren’t relayed in full. I can only type so fast, even if I took typing class in high school. Please do trust, however, that I talked to Jason Campbell and haven’t misrepresented any of his answers here.

Looking at the archives, we’ve made 38 blog posts about Mr. Campbell, many of them contentious and therefore hotly debated. This is the 39th.

Mr. Irrelevant: First, as someone who has been called a Jason Campbell apologist, I’d just like to say, on behalf of the Redskins organization and many of its fans, I’m sorry.

Jason Campbell: Appreciate it. (laughter)

Mr. Irrelevant: Do you think you got a fair shake in Washington?

Jason Campell: No, I don’t. Just because the fact that last season I put up really good numbers, and my star running back was out. Clinton Portis was out for most of the season. Then Ladell Betts came in and got hurt. We lost Chris Samuels. We lost our right guard and our right tackle.

So you’re still out there fighting hard in every game … (something I didn’t pick up) … and there were a lot of close games we should’ve won.

The fact that I was the scapegoat for all of that, it really stung a little bit. It was tough.

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On McNabb and Campbell, Two Weeks In

There was a moment Sunday when the Redskins were flying high, up 27-10 on the strength of a command performance from Donovan McNabb, while Jason Campbell was hitting rock bottom, benched by the Oakland Raiders. You can bet I was hearing a lot about both via just about every form of modern communication.

Which leads us to this morning’s Thomas Boswell column in praise of McNabb. Seeing as how it pretty much summarizes every point of the pro-McNabb/anti-Campbell camp, I’ll give it the call-and-response FJM treatment:

“This defeat will, in time, be seen as the day when the Redskins realized how much they’ve improved since last year at the game’s most important position.”

The Redskins blew a big lead and lost, despite having the ball in a tie game at the end of regulation and again in overtime. Wasn’t that always the knock on Campbell? (He doesn’t “find a way to win.”)

“McNabb didn’t just complete 28 of 38 passes with no interceptions or fumbles. He also heaved a 65-yards-in-the-air bomb that slipped through Joey Galloway’s fingers in the end zone for a should-have-been 54-yard touchdown. Mike Sellers could have caught another deep pass up the sideline.”

Yes, it was the receivers’ fault that those balls were overthrown.

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Sorry, Jason Campbell-Hating Skins Fans, You Still Have to Root for Jason Campbell

Remember how the Redskins traded Jason Campbell to Oakland for a fourth-round pick in 2012? Well, John Clayton is reporting that the pick is contingent upon some long-shot conditions:

For the Redskins to get that fourth-round pick, the Raiders would either have to make the playoffs or Campbell would have to go to the Pro Bowl. Odds of that are about as good as JaMarcus Russell being on the Raiders’ roster this fall.

So Washington only gets the fourth-rounder if a team that has had a losing record for seven straight seasons makes the playoffs or a QB who was just traded for next to nothing makes the Pro Bowl. Sweet.

Rick Maese’s information disputes the report, but if it holds up Redskins fans will finally be united on something that has divided them for years — rooting for Jason Campbell.